Stoya – American actress of the adult-industry, model. Actress Stoy was born on June 15, 1986 in Wilmington, North Carolina, USA. The real name of the actress Stoya is Jessica Stojadinović. The origin of such a stage name “Stoya” is due to the fact that this is a simple abbreviation from the name of the actress Stojadinović.

Stoya biography

From the earliest childhood, Jessica was not brought up as other children. Already from the age of 3 years, the father and mother were engaged in the education of their daughter. Since Stoi’s father was associated with It, she was already familiarized with DOS from an early age and happily recalls those times. Since early childhood, the girl had a love of dancing, so the parents were engaged in the development of the girl in this direction and at the age of 3 she was engaged in the basics of dancing. Since the actress did not study in an ordinary school, and studied at home, then the parents gave education to the girl a lot of time. The result of their labors was that the girl even before her sixteenth birthday received a certificate and it really surprises.

Further life Stoya went not so smoothly. The girl tried to study at the University of Delaware, but flew out from there without studying for a year. Later, the actress was trained in art, but it also had no great results. The result of the wanderings of Stoi was that she did not have anything to live for, and she had to work in a variety of spheres. It is well known that the actress worked both in the sphere of distribution of advertising and booklets, moonlighting as a secretary, worked in the service sector and as a dancer. But all these lessons did not bring sufficient income or did not suit the actress for other reasons. As a result, the girl turned up an opportunity to appear in a candid photo shoot for her friend, this was the actress’s step towards the adult industry. It is also known that the actress for some time was shot in the clips of some musical groups, but she did not acquire wide popularity, as well as large funds.

Stoya career

After the actress took part in such a photo shoot she became interested in whether it is possible to earn money on this. Later, the actress already worked as a web-model and started making good money on this. Later, the actress was offered cooperation at a higher level and she ceased to deal with webcasts and moved to the adult industry fully.

The actress first appeared in her first picture at the age of 21. She spent most of her career under the wing of Digital Playground, with whom she signed a professional contract. But apart from this studio, the actress managed to work with such studios as Vivid, X3Sixty Network, Evil Angel, SybianRides4Cash and TRENCHCOATx. In total, the filmography of actress Stoia is more than 65 paintings.

It is important to note that in the role of actress Stoya was filmed since 2007 and until 2015. The actress also tried herself in the role of director, engaged in this direction from 2015 to 2016, but the girl changed her mind, not finding herself in this.

The actress was immediately noticed by many award commissions and already since 2008 the girl received nominations of many famous industry awards and even in 2009 she took an Oscar from the world of the adult industry AVN Adult Movie Awards and after many years was nominated for the same prize. Also, the actress was nominated for the Spank Bank Awards, The Fannys, XBiz Awards, XRCO Awards.

In addition to her usual pseudonym, actress Stoya also performed under the name Stoya Doll.

After the end of filming, it was also widely celebrated thanks to a clip on Youtube service, where he reads the book in a rather delicate position, which also attracted a lot of attention to the actress.

Stoya personal life

The actress’s father is Serbian by nationality, but residing in the United States. The actress’s mother is an Irish woman, who also lived in the United States. The girl adheres to feminist views, but does not approve of their extreme manifestations.

The personal life of the actress is full of rumors and gossip. So in 2009 it became known that the actress had an affair with Marilyn Manson, but the couple broke up because of the terrible schedule of the artist. It is also known that the actress met with the actor from her “shop” under the pseudonym James Dean, but there is very little information about their relationship. In general, the actress is a media personality and a lot of information about her personal life can be gleaned from her social networks.

Stoya height weight

The growth of actress Stoi is 5 feet, 7 inches, 170 cm. The weight of actress Stoi is 57 kilograms. The figure of actress Stoi has parameters 32-23-33. The girl has a tattoo above her right breast. Also the actress has piercings.

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