10 Sex Facts You Didn’t Know

It is no secret that any carnal pleasures should bring people pleasure. However, besides this, sex has other advantages. Consider intimate moments from a scientific point of view.

Here are 10 scientific facts about sexual pleasures, about which you probably have not even heard:

#1. Men also have the presence of a “G” spot . So, we all know that women have this point, and quite recently scientists have discovered the secret that men also have a similar cluster of nerve endings that allow them to achieve maximum pleasure. The ā€œGā€ spot in men is located near the bladder, and its correct massaging will allow to increase the pleasure from sex several times.

#2. Men think about sex less often than women. Previously, women were perceived as modest, who have no need for sexual pleasures at all, but only men need it. As a result of the survey, it turned out that women think twice about intimate caresses. In addition, more than half of the respondents admitted that they wanted to have sex more often. And a third of them want the sexual life to be about 3-4 times a week.

#3. Orgasm – not a frequent occurrence. This expression mainly suits women. So, according to statistics, only 30 out of 100 women get an orgasm. Men are easier with this, however, there are those who are not destined to reach the peak of pleasure with their partner every time.

#4. Memory improves thanks to sex. This statement applies to women. Regular intimate relationships allow the female brain to memorize long new words. Memory improves due to blood flow to the brain. Improving memory also occurs at the time of performing sports exercises, however, sex is the most enjoyable thing to remember.

#5. The speed of sperm can reach up to 5 mm / min.

#6. Size does not matter. Often a big dick can only cause discomfort to a woman.

#7. Dick can grow through oral sex. This, of course, is only an assumption. However, men note that after oral sex, they really notice the growth of their sexual organ.

#8. Apple is an aphrodisiac. Scientists note that eating apples every day affects sexual attraction to a partner.

#9. During ovulation, the woman is most attractive.

#10. Socks will help achieve orgasm. So, it is believed that if the feet are warm, it will be easier to reach the final point of enjoyment.

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