A lesson

The truth is that I can’t complain, I’ve always had the guy I’ve wanted, even if I haven’t always been right in my choice ;).

Maybe because I’m blonde and I have a good body, the boyfriends I’ve had were pretty good physically, even if they lacked a little bit of brains…

Well, my last boyfriend was a muscular guy, footballer, dark and very nice, although his flaw was that he was quite conceited and very conceited.

So, when my friends told me that he strutted in front of his friends that I was in love with him, although there was a part of truth, I got really pissed off.

Although lately I was a little fed up with him, in bed I was bored and I was less and less willing to put up with his cockiness, but well, I still liked him.

So we went to Laura’s party, my best friend, bisexual recognized, I with a good pissed off and laughing inside that I was like that.

At the party we didn’t even look at each other the whole time, until Laura grabbed me by the arm and told me:

He was telling his fantasies in front of a group of 3 girls, quite vulgar, who were gawking at him.

So I grabbed Laura and we went to his room. There I let off steam, attacking my boy and letting Laura give me a hard time. Until we got to the moment when Laura got very close to me and started whispering in my ear: “You are worth a lot to be with that guy”, “anyone would give anything to be with you”, “you are beautiful and incredible”, while her hands caressed me more and more intensely.

I had already stopped thinking about my boyfriend and I only saw Laura’s lips, my friend since I was 4 years old, fleshy, moving so close to me …. her hands moving along my back, making my skin bristle …. her legs glued to mine ….

So I lost my head and found myself sticking my tongue up to her chime, while one hand played under her skirt and the other caressed the back of her neck.

I felt very excited, I had never been caressed in that way, with intensity and delicacy at the same time….

We lay on the bed, me on my back and she slightly on top of me, one hand inside my pants…… her tongue playing with mine, little by little going down to my neck, my cleavage, letting out my breasts and sucking my nipples… while her fingers, inside my panties, played with my crack, which was incredibly wet…

Before I knew it, I found myself naked from the waist down, with Laura’s head between my legs, while I heard the voices of the people in the living room, their laughter…. if they knew what was going on inside the room……

Laura’s tongue worked my critolis without equal, taking me to the climax, the maximum pleasure, while my hands grabbed her by the hair and made her sink her mouth in my dripping pussy…. until I came in a brutal way, drowning my moans with a cushion while I did not let go of the head that gave me so much pleasure with the other hand…

When I finished cumming, Laura undressed and put herself on my mouth, while her hand searched for my little slit again. When I smelled the delicious smell of her vagina, I didn’t think twice and started to move my tongue in it, looking for her little button.

When I found it, I kept licking, sucking, biting and kissing it, while her fingers plunged back into my pussy, until, moving like a madwoman on top of me, Laura came for the first time.

After that, she took a huge double-headed dildo out of the cupboard and we sucked it gladly, as if we were having our first blowjob.

Each of us inserted a head in her pussy and fucked each other until we cum twice more between muffled moans of pleasure so that we wouldn’t be heard.

After that, we walked out as if nothing had happened, each of us grinning from ear to ear. My boyfriend stood there, as if smelling something he was afraid to recognize.

Two days later I left my boyfriend and, a week later, I was dating Laura, with whom I have been dating for 2 years now, and I am happier than ever.