A quickie with Chacho

Hello good evening everyone, I tell you what happened to me yesterday Sunday with my neighbor (Chacho).

Like almost every Sunday I went to the Aurrera de palomas to buy things for the week, it was about 8 pm, I was at the cash register paying when someone came up behind me, it was Chacho and his wife we greeted each other, she spoke very well to me whenever she sees me she greets me very nice and everything (if she knew that I already fucked her husband) I finished paying, I said goodbye and went out to the cab stand stop there was none and if I brought several bags of errands, they were not very full, but they were like 6 small bags.

I was a little desperate because there were no cabs, at that moment I heard how they spoke to me, they shouted my name and it was Chacho’s wife, they came in their car and asked me if they would give me a ride?

Obviously, I said yes, so I got in, but first, we put the bags in the trunk and I got in, right behind her we left the Aurrera and she told me let’s go with my mother-in-law, but first let’s get some bread, so we went to a bakery in Palomas, she got out of the car and went to get the bread, he and I were alone!

-How hot you look today!

Yesterday I was only wearing an emoji leotard and a pink t-shirt and my sandals with a little bit of heel!

-Do you think I look good Chacho?

-Of course, if my wife wasn’t here right now I’d give you a fuck!

And he moved his hand back to touch my legs, I moved forward and he put his hand in the middle of my legs and touched my papaya! I got very horny because of the situation.

It was already dark and she came out of the bakery, got in, and said now let’s go!

Chacho left, and it occurred to me to pull up my shirt and show him my tits, at last I was coming behind her and he wouldn’t notice, only he could see me in the rearview mirror! I saw how red and nervous he got, but I also know he got really horny! We got to my house, I said goodbye and thanked them, I went towards the trunk when I heard her say to him, help her get her bags into her house!

He got a little nervous but he took some bags and I took others, we went into the house, I turned on the light and he came on top of me, he grabbed me by the waist and started kissing me and groping me, “Don’t let your old lady see us!

If you don’t do so many panchos and don’t scream she won’t notice, then he lifted my shirt and started sucking my nipples! I was getting so wet! Calm down, he’s going to see us! Then I pulled down my shirt and told him why are we going to get into a fight because we are horny, ok he said! Hey boy, there are only 2 bags left!

He went for them all red and nervous! When he left I peeked through the blinds and saw when he came back with the 2 bags that were missing, at that moment I pulled down my thong and my thong too and I got on the couch in the living room and I put it in doggy style and I separated my buttocks so he could see my dimples and when he came in oh surprise I was waiting for him with my ass open and well standing up for him!

I walked in and threw the bags and saw his eyes pop out. I just told him!

-Boy, will you give me for my ass? I like anal.

I saw how he unzipped his pants, took out his big animal, in fact he already had it half open! He spit on my ass and started to try to put it in me, everything was very fast, suddenly I felt his big head in my ass and then everything else, I was very hot although I didn’t want to make so much noise, I started to moan like a little bitch!

-Boy, what a nice cock you have!

-You like it!

-Of course you do! I wanted to fuck you since I saw you at the Aurrera!

-Me too! You look hot today with those emoji leggings! You’ve got some nice buttocks!

-Take advantage that they’re yours!

He started to move really fast!

-Come inside me! Fill my ass with your boogers! Throw them inside me Chacho!

Knowing that his wife was outside waiting for him and we were fucking like crazy, it made me very horny, I was squeezing and loosening my asshole to make him come faster.

Suddenly he stopped moving so fast, but now he was moving his hips backwards and suddenly he was thrusting so hard that he even lifted me off the couch! He was coming inside my ass and deep inside my asshole!

He gave me about 4 or 5 thrusts like that and then he stopped moving! He came out of my ass and I sank down!

-I said, “Let me suck you so he doesn’t smell my cock on my ass, so he won’t notice!

I pulled up my leggings and he tucked it into his pants and we walked out to the car together!

-Thank you for helping me take out those heavy boxes.

-You’re welcome, neighbor, you know what you can do!

I said goodbye to both of them and apparently he didn’t realize what happened, it took us about 5 minutes, it was a quickie, but it was very tasty and hot! Maybe sometimes I go too far with my whorishness, but when I get horny I don’t think with my head but with my ass and I do crazy things. See you guys later!