A woman is looking for you…

My name is Mery, I’m 23 years old and I live in Buenos Aires, in the neighborhood of Flores, long brown hair, green eyes, nice tits and a very good tail…

Sonia is the woman who lives down the block from my grandmother’s house, she has a very good body, you have to keep in mind that she is in her 60’s. She usually hangs around her door.

She is usually at the door of her house and when she passes by she greets me with a:

-Hello, or sometimes she greets me saying: -I like your tits, the truth is that Sonia is a woman who is a lesbian of the first wave.

She stood up to her family and decided to live her life as she dreamed it.

A couple of days ago a friend of my grandmother told me that a mature woman is looking for you, my intuition did not fail me, that woman was Sonia, she had said that she liked me very much, and that she would like to invite me to her house, but she did not do it for fear of my rejection.

I told my friend that she advised her to stop me and tell me straight to my face, what I did tell my grandmother’s friend, on the condition that she did not tell Sonia, was that I was also very attracted to her.

The thing is that two days later Sonia stopped me on my way back from teaching and invited me for dinner at her house on Saturday, well the thing is that I accepted with the condition that I was in charge of the dessert.

Saturday arrived, I got dressed very sexy, and so I went to Sonia’s house.
I arrived and she opened the door, she was very pretty in a knee length silk dress, we kissed each other on the cheek, I brushed the corner of her lips, that surprised her, I left the dessert on the table and we kissed, it was a soft, sweet kiss.

I felt Sonia’s foot brushing me under the table, I opened my legs and her fingers came in contact with my underwear, she gets up, takes my hand and lifts me up, she takes me by the hand to a very big armchair she has in her living room, there we sit and start kissing and caressing, slowly she takes off my clothes and I take them off, she has a beautiful body, it is maintained by diet and gymnastics.

His kisses make a path from my neck to my tits, he tastes them, gently bites my nipples, I caress his head that continues down my body, while his tongue is sucking everything in its path.

He reaches my clitoris, my pussy was super wet, I felt that tongue giving me pleasure and I did nothing but moan and ask him for more.

My tongue also did its thing, it started in her mouth, kissing her, playing with her tongue feeling the taste of my creampie, getting to her tits was great, what tits by god, her nipples were like stones, I sucked them, She got hotter and hotter when in addition to sucking her big natural tits I caressed her pussy, my tongue already separates her pussy lips, her clitoris gets hard, my tongue makes its way in and every time my tongue plays she arches her body until she can’t take it anymore and has an orgasm.

We go to her bed she wants to spend the night with me, and I want to wake up in her arms.

I’m lying down and she sits close to me, I sit up, she makes a movement placing her legs intertwined with mine, so that our pussies rub against each other, what a beautiful sensation to feel her wet, to feel her caresses, the rubbing is sometimes soft and sometimes wild, there comes a time when we start to shake, pant, say very, very hot things to each other.
She is giving me everything, and I receive everything.

I stood up to my parents and decided to assume what happens to me with Sonia, she is the woman I want for myself.

We have been living a beautiful story for a long time now.
She is everything to me and I am everything to her.