Anal fuck in the open field

It was a normal Saturday, we went out to hang out with some friends and went to an open field where there are not many people, to drink and be quiet for a while.

While we were drinking there was a big hustle and bustle of cars coming up, and the most normal thing is that being a remote open field, they were going to fuck.

My girlfriend said:

-Where are they coming from?

And the people we were with started laughing. A friend of hers said:

-“Well, to fuck. Don’t you see how the windows are all fogged up?

My girlfriend changed her face and said to me:

-Jjjjj, we already know one more place.

We were a while longer, quiet, drinking, smoking those who smoked, and it was getting late (around four in the morning). Our friends wanted to go home, so we gave them a ride because I was the only one with a car.

My girlfriend was very affectionate, and she said to me:

-Do you want to go home already?

-No. What do you feel like? -I answered.

She came closer, kissed me, and grabbed my cock tightly in her hand.

-We could go to the place before.

-That’s fine with me.

We got to the open field, parked, and made ourselves comfortable.

We got close, kissed, and started to undress. I was still in my boxers and she was still in her panties.

We began to caress each other’s sex, and I, as I could, ate her tits and touched them with the other hand.

-Mmmmm, I love the way you eat my tits,” she said.

-And me eating them,” I told her.

She reached for my cock to eat it, slowly, mmm, how I loved it.

I loved it, she moved her head, up and down, how she put her whole cock in and sucked. I couldn’t stop panting.

-Ohhhh, ohhhh, go on,” he said.

-Mmmmmm, what a nice cock.

She had the whole cock to herself and began to jerk it close to her tongue, waiting for cum.

She had the light on and her slutty face was driving me crazy.

I touched her pussy and it was soaking wet. I said to her:

-Ufff, slut, how you have it.

-Yeah, fuck me.

I spread her legs and put it in slowly. Slowly, then with harder and harder thrusts.

-Ohhh, ohhh, ohhh, ohhhhh, ohhhhh, ohhhhh, ohhhhh, ohhhhh, ohhhhh, ohhhhh, ohhhhh, ohhhhh, my panting was increasing.

-Mmmmmm, go on,” hers did too.

You could hear the sound and reach the end. We were like that for a while until he said:

-Mmmmmmmmm, fuck my ass.

I pulled out slowly and she put her back to me.

I touched her vaginal juices and brought them to her asshole, sucking it a little too.

It was starting to get light, how fast time goes by.

-I was starting to get light, time was passing so fast.

-Okay, take it easy.

I started to put it in, it was a little difficult, when a big part of it was inside she started to scream.

-Aghhhhhhhh, aghhhhh, pull it out.

-What’s wrong? -I said.

-It hurts so much, take it out and put it back in.

I pulled it out slowly and tried again. It was going in:

-Yes, yes, like this.

I could feel it was going all the way in.

-Yes, yes, yes, like that, I can feel it,” he said.

I gave one last thrust and felt that I was already inside.

-Mmmmmmmmm, yes, I like it,” he said.

-Do you want me to speed up? -I answered.

-Yes, yes, yes, yes, mmmm.

I started to thrust, faster and faster, I could feel the pressure, mmm, it was incredible.

-Ohhhhhh, ohhhhhh -I couldn’t stop moaning.

-Go on, go on,” said my girl.

At that moment ahead came to the window. It was the typical old man who got up at seven o’clock to go for a walk. We went on because of the pleasure. The old man kept going but looked back from time to time. I was not surprised that he was jerking off if it was all countryside and there was nobody there. But that was neither our business, we kept going, I was close to cumming.

I was going faster and faster, I could feel her asshole was getting a good blowjob, and I liked it. I could see that I was going and I warned her.

-Ohhhhhh, ohhhhhh, I’m coming. -I told her.

-Mmmmmm, yes, yes, cum all over my ass.

I gave a couple more thrusts and cum with all my might.

-Mmmmmm, ohhhhhhhh,” I moaned loudly.

I pulled out, we hugged and kissed.

I asked her:

-Does it hurt? Did you like it?

-Of course, I like anal she answered.

We got dressed and left quickly, it was already daylight and there were more and more people around.

It had been a great night. Besides, we had made the old man’s morning.