Anal in a car

We were in my car, we left dinner and decided to take advantage of the beautiful night to go for a drive along the coast watching the scenery, I put my hand on her leg as if it were a coincidence, while we talked about the most trivial topics, I caressed her left thigh as we continued the ride, that’s the good thing about automatic cars, you can keep your right hand busy with more gratifying things than changing gears, as I moved my hand to the inside of her beautiful thighs I could feel how hot it was, she was caressing the hair on my arm, her hands are the softest thing that has ever touched me, I caressed her thighs, and she spread her legs slightly, inviting me to take my caresses to the warmth of her pussy, through her pants I could tell that there was more than just a hot pussy under there, she was very wet, so much so that not even her panties and panties were wet, She stopped caressing my arm to move to my thigh and from there to look for the zipper of my pants, I looked for a secluded and dark place to stop the car so that we would not bother or be bothered, my hand was trying to unbutton her pants, the same as hers.

Finally, I found a place to stop the car. Once stopped I could focus on caressing her pussy, wet and hot as I like, I put my hand under her panties and started to play with her pubic hair before gently introducing my fingers into her hot little pussy, before removing more clothes we decided to move to the back seat, where neither the gearshift nor the sides of the seats bothered us.

Once in the back we took off our pants, the smell of her juices flooded the car and our breathing made the windows smear, I took off her panties and brought my mouth to her pussy, she entertained herself with my hair while I caressed her lips with my tongue, I gently inserted it inside her dark and smelly vaginal orifice, feeling her juices flowing over my tongue, her taste drives me crazy, her smell, her odor, her scent, it upsets me, I introduce one of my fingers in her pussy while my tongue goes for her clitoris, I move my finger gently in and out and then in small circles looking for her G-spot, she writhes with pleasure, grips me tightly by the hair, moans, begs me not to stop, tells me how much she is enjoying it, and me of all things, to be told that they are really enjoying it, it multiplies my pleasure, my cock is stiff, still inside the boxer, impatiently waiting its turn, she gives a spasm of pleasure, she asks me to stop, her vagina is flooded by the mixture of her nectar and my saliva, I swallow as much as I can, I love the taste of it.

She asks me to sit down, that now it’s her turn, my cock is exploding, she pulls my boxer shorts aside, and starts stroking my cock, very gently, almost as if she doesn’t want to do more than rub it, she doesn’t grab it, she just runs her fingers very lightly over it, she runs it from the base to the glans, he caresses the whole glans, so softly that it is almost impossible to know if he is caressing me with a hand or with a feather, my excitement is increasing, his mischievous look meets mine that starts to be lost in so much pleasure, he smiles to see how I am enjoying what he is doing to me and tells me…. wait, there’s still the best part…

He bends down and gently kisses the tip of my dick and continues… you’ll see… she continues with her caresses, I caress her tits, they are tiny, but she has very sensitive nipples that get like little bullets that want to shoot out, I love to nibble her nipples, I caress her waist, she bends over my cock and puts her tongue on the bud, her mouth is wet as her pussy, She gently licks my glans while her hand continues to caress the skin of the rest of my cock, although now with a little more firmness, she introduces my glans in her mouth and caresses it incessantly with her tongue, describing circles on it, her hands move to my balls while her mouth is making my member disappear, her curly mane is all I see, I gently pull her away, I like to see my cock disappear between her soft lips, I shudder with pleasure, she already knows what that means, my cock is about to explode, she grabs it gently, but firmly, she waits for my spurt with her mouth half open, she loves to feel my hot milk on her face, and me, why deny it, few things turn me on so much, she comes to me, she comes to me with her mouth half open, she loves to feel my hot milk on her face, and me, why deny it, she comes to me with her mouth half open, she loves to feel my hot milk on her face, few things excite me so much, the moment arrives, my fluid shoots out on her face, her lips, her nose are covered by splashes of different sizes, with her tongue she liberated the last drops that come out of my bud, we decide that it is good time to change position and activity, but that, maybe I will tell it in another story.

Then we changed position, we were still in the back seat of the car, we were standing in a dark place where no one could see us, her pussy was still wet and my cock was glistening after her great fellatio, we had decided to change position, we were sitting next to each other, then she knelt on the seat facing the rear windshield, with her arms resting between the rear headrests, in that position she offered me a breathtaking view of her big white buttocks, which had never seen the sun.

I stood behind her and licked her vulva again, her sweet juices intoxicated me, I sat up a little and rested my cock at the entrance of her wet and hot pussy, I introduced it gently, it entered as if our bodies were made to measure, without friction, I felt the heat of her delicious pussy burning my penis.

I grabbed her by the hips and introduced my entire cock into her, I placed my chest against her back, feeling the softness of her skin against mine, I moved gently in and out, feeling the soft touch of her inside against the skin of my cock, enjoying every millimeter I introduced, little by little I increased the rhythm and at the same time the depth of my thrusts.

I moved one of my hands from her hips to her clitoris and began to massage it while continuing my movement, she moaned with pleasure, her pussy looked like a fountain, her fluids were abundant and came out sliding down her thighs, as I could given the relative discomfort of the position we were in, I collected with my hand part of those juices and with them I lubricated her rear entrance.

My balls were bumping against her lower lips and with each thrust I could hear the splashing sound produced by the impact of the solidity of my lower belly against the wetland that her crotch had become, she was moving her ass backward making the penetration deeper, she was asking me, between gasps, more speed, more depth, I was kissing her neck and kept caressing her clitoris.

At one point she told me… I want you to break my ass… now!

That left me very surprised, other times I had played with my fingers inserting one or two a little inside her anus, but we had never gone beyond that.

I took out my cock, soaked with her juices and rested the tip on the small orifice of her anus, I didn’t want to hurt her, so I moistened my fingers with saliva and introduced them little by little dilating her entrance, making room for the entrance of my cock, she contributed by spreading her buttocks with her hands, and asked me to put it in her now, she wanted to feel me in her anus.

I introduced my hot and wet dick in her tight hole, she moaned with pleasure and pain at the same time, she shuddered and pushed her ass against my belly, introducing my cock all at once as she let out a scream….

-I wanted to feel it all inside me… ooohhhhhh,

My cock went in and out partially from her anus, she convulsed with pleasure, she moved her ass in small circles, I felt the heat of her insides burning the skin of my cock, I squeezed her buttocks with my hands, I passed from time to time one over her clitoris, her pussy kept gushing like a fountain, I collected her liquor, and smeared with it the part of my cock that came out of her ass, thus lubricating the entrance, which was made in this soft and pleasant way, she shuddered again.

She told me that it was the second time she had orgasmed since she had my cock in her ass, that now what she wanted was to feel my hot cum flooding her inside, I was not far from cumming, and her words accelerated the process, it was not more than a minute of meta saca until I noticed how my milk was boiling and was ready to shoot out, I entered more in her anus, I leaned over her and whispered in her ear… There you go, honey….

Then I flooded her bowels with my milk, she moaned with pleasure, I was about to take my member out of her and she asked me not to do it, to leave it in until she shrunk.

That’s how we stayed, still, fused into one while my cock slowly shrunk, as it reduced in size some of the liquids that had been stored inside her began to flow out, her juices, mine, my saliva… ran down her thighs.

Finally, I extracted my penis, retracted almost completely from her anus, and sat down on the seat, rather I almost let myself fall on the seat, I was ecstatic, we were both drenched in sweat, she let herself fall to the other side of the seat and then let her head fall on my cock, she grabbed it very gently with one of her hands and kissed it very sweetly….

You have been wonderful, she said addressing my flaccid member.

Then we kissed and got dressed before we were caught in the cold, I took her home and I went to mine, it was the first time we had done it anal and we were glad that the protagonism was taken by the pleasure and not the pain we were so afraid of.