Anal sex in the bathroom of a bar

Chascomus is a beautiful city. It has a large lagoon, where water sports abound, small fish fishing in its waters is common and tourism visits it every weekend.

On its waterfront, you can find several shops, bars, restaurants, and a leafy park, the famous Park of the Libres del Sur.

The waterfront and its charms are part of our daily life.

A few years ago, when I was in my second decade, the nightlife in Chascomunense was divided into two big groups. Those who were followers of the downtown boliche, named after a very famous English musician with round glasses, and those who chose the local of the waterfront, which owed its name to the union of the initials of its partners.

At the end of the 90s, beginning of the 2000s, the youth of my city had a joy that marked a generation.

One of the prettiest guys of that time was working as PR at that nightclub on the waterfront. He was the chosen one for everything, events, parties, photos, and for the girls.

He had been in a boyfriend relationship with two of my friends, neither of them had been pleased by him, neither sexually, nor as a boyfriend. He was a selfish guy, they had told me.

I was a young girl with good shapes, brunette, hair almost to my waist, barely over 45 kilos, and 20 years old, with no desire for a partner, but eager to expose the guy as a bad lover. Unlike him, I was working as a card girl in the bowling alley of the competition, the one downtown, with the name of an English musician.

We were the most popular in town. He was a good young athlete, well-to-do, from a good family, the perfect son-in-law. But a disaster as a boyfriend according to my friends. Me, recently turned into a woman, sexy, young, pretty, with good curves, working at night.

However, we had never met personally, for various reasons our lives had never crossed paths.

Until the summer of 2002.

Chascomus has its provincial festival and it is the opening of the season. At the beginning of the summer recess, a festival is organized where different artists of the country come. That year we were both hired by the same company for that festival and we met.

He was hired as a public relations person and I was hired as a promoter of the event.

When I arrived that first night, they explained to me what my job was going to be and introduced me to the rest of the young people who would accompany me that night.

Pablo, that was his name, was a little older, almost 30 years old, with a little more experience, more mischief and a sex appeal that was impossible to avoid.

When we saw each other we exchanged lethal glances. We both knew how to identify a predator in each other.

We responsibly performed the job for which we had been hired, but we did our best to cross paths several times that night, and in each encounter, we got a little closer.

At one point during the show, I saw the opportunity to approach the guy, discreetly stood next to him, looked at him and introduced myself: “I’m Caro, you? He looked down at my cleavage, then at my tail, and said: “Pablo, it’s a pleasure” and we sealed the encounter with a cold but naughty kiss on the cheek.

Before going back to my workplace I told him: “would you like to know me better? I’ll wait for you under the stage”.

And I waited for him there. Between wooden pillars, which supported the boards, a black cloth surrounded the structure, and underneath the vibrations of the music playing gave the scene, which we would soon live, an extra halo of adventure.

The encounter was to be fleeting and the adventure excited me, the boy not so much.

He arrived in about three minutes, nervous, fearful of being discovered under there.

He wrapped his arm around my waist and kissed me passionately. He kissed me very well, the experience he had with women was extensive and his kisses gave evidence of that.

I slipped my tongue into his mouth, as I quickly unbuttoned his shirt. I ran a path with my tongue over his chest and reached his pelvis, at the moment I was kneeling on the grass, hidden by the bustle and the crowd.

I gave him oral sex. I stood up again and he grabbed me again by the waist, turned my body, placing my hands on one of the support beams, with his index finger he went through my vagina, opened my legs, and when he saw the moisture coming out of me, he fucked me, fast, almost selfishly.

-I couldn’t take any more,” he said, “you make me too hot,” as he took my face in his hands and looked at me with wide eyes.

We agreed to meet later and continue with what I had left pending.

And so it was, we left the event together, to the bachelor apartment that his parents rented for him. Our second meeting was really bad. My friends were right, he was a selfish person who was only interested in his own pleasure, without taking into account mine.

After that night we saw each other at more and more events, in bars, in all the fashionable places of the moment, but we never had sex again. I wouldn’t make the same mistake again, but I did think he deserved a lesson.

After a few months I found out that he worked at the bowling alley on the waterfront, one night I showed up at the box office. When he saw me, his expression and immediate reaction was a sideways smile, which he used to do as a conquest.

I was very amused by Pablo’s attitude when he saw me and couldn’t have me.

I started to use all my charm on him, talking to him and looking at his mouth, running my lips with the tip of my tongue, adjusting my miniskirt and my cleavage, always wanting to show a little more.

As he hands me the ticket to enter, he takes my hand and kisses it.

I tell my friend to go ahead and I go in right away and enter with him to the place that served as the ticket office.

The place was very small, with space for only one person, a chair and a coat rack.

When he opened the door I pounced on him, took his head in my hands and bit his lower lip.

I quickly went inside and closed the door. As I didn’t want to be seen by anyone, I placed myself on my knees on the floor.

While he was in front of the window collecting the entrance tickets, I was performing oral sex on him, no one could see me, but I could clearly see his body expression.

When I notice that he is about to orgasm, I stand up and say: -I’m leaving. And I kiss him.

His bewildered face made me give him a mischievous laugh and kiss him again.

As I leave the box office, I fix my hairstyle in search of my friend who was waiting for me inside, at the bar I observe the expression of bewilderment, no woman had ever left him with the desire.

The night continued, we danced, had a few drinks and when it was time to return, without any need but with every intention, I passed by the box office again and greeted with a soft kiss on the cheek the one who had performed oral sex on me a few hours before.

The following Saturday I was working as a card girl at the downtown bowling alley, I started handing out flyers and advertisements and noticed that his friends arrived, they took a table at the bar and sat down, a waitress served them, they ordered a beer and asked him in which area of the bar I worked.

After a while Pablo arrives, walking upright, looking for me with his eyes and a mischievous smile on his face.

We crossed glances again but I was working and I am responsible, so I didn’t pay attention to him at that moment. I made a point of always being within reach of his gaze but ignoring him completely.

I wasn’t in love, nor did I want to be, but I knew I would be amused by Pablo’s reaction to seeing me and not being able to touch me. I just had to wait for the right guy to carry out the experience that would show this gallant guy that he shouldn’t play with women. At one point in the night, a cute guy, with a well-built body, a humble attitude but sure of his charms approaches me, we start talking, laughing, getting to know each other and I notice that Pablo is now looking more attentively at my actions. Then, in conspiracy with a friend, I accepted the compliments of the construction worker boy, I took him by the hand and we got lost in the crowd of the place, walking down the hallway that led to the bathrooms of the place.

When we entered there was no one there, it was empty, just me and him.

We started kissing. He kissed rich, tender, soft. He placed his hands on my breasts, shyly, caressing them. I unbutton my shirt and give him my nipples to squeeze and bite.

Pablo finds us and stands in the doorway of the place as if astonished.

I look at him, make a mischievous smile, put my hands on the sink and say: “Oops, will you watch the door for me, please?

I take off my underwear, open my legs and introduce the boy’s penis in my ass.

Pablo could not believe his eyes and my conquest could not believe what was happening. In front of the mirror I looked at Pablo’s face when he saw me being fucked by someone else, seeing how someone else gave me the pleasure he couldn’t and didn’t know how to give me. Through the mirror, I saw the face of the guy I liked that night and fucked me in the men’s room of the bowling alley. Through the mirror, I saw the excited faces of the other men who wanted to enter the bathroom and Pablo blocked their entrance, while he moved his head from one side to the other with a gesture of disapproval, of regret.

My conquest didn’t care about anything but my ass at that moment, I only cared about Pablo watching, and he cared about me.

The commotion at the men’s room door was getting louder and louder.

The adventure of sex in the men’s room excited me to the extreme, hearing the moans of the boy as he ejaculated inside me, and seeing Pablo staring into my eyes, provoked a strong orgasm in me that I shared with the men present there.

I smiled mischievously and returned his gaze and very pleased with my boy’s performance I left the bathroom accompanied by him and when I crossed the door I said to Pablo:

– Let me introduce you to my friend Martin, he builds houses and fucks much better than you, he is not selfish at all.

I spent the night with the guy, he was from a neighboring city so I didn’t have the pleasure of seeing him again.

Pablo tried unsuccessfully to win me back, but he didn’t succeed.

My girlfriends were very satisfied with the “revenge” against the guy.

I was never with him again, nor did I work at the bowling alley.

Months later I moved to study in another city and my anal adventures were different.

Today, 20 years later, he still tries to contact me through social networks, although his attempts of conquest are still unsuccessful.