Angelica wants me to bust her ass

It was a weekend morning, quite regular, the weather was cool. I woke up too early looking for something to eat, at that time I still lived with my parents, however, on weekends they used to go on trips to visit magical towns so I stayed home alone to rest. It wasn’t even 8 o’clock in the morning when I got a message from Angelica.

-Holi, what are you doing? Are you available? -It was her way of asking me if I was available for her, to satisfy her appetite.

As I said, I was home alone so there was nothing to stop me from indulging my body and soul, but I had to use it to my advantage so I made myself a bit of a nuisance.

-Mmm, well the truth is that I’m a little busy, I have some work to do,” I obviously lied, I just wanted to see how much he needed it, after all it was very early in the morning.

-And can’t you do it later or another day? I’m very urgent!

-Well, I think we could meet in the evening, what do you say?

-No, I need you now! Let’s go to the motel, to the movies, to the beggar’s park or wherever, but it has to be now, I can’t take it anymore.

Well, it seemed she was serious, apparently her urgency was real, her need to fuck, and by the way she expressed herself and how willing she sounded it was obvious that we were going to have fun, she wanted cock and I was going to give her cock.

-All right. How soon can you be at my place? I’m alone and super available.

-You’re gonna pay for this, I’ll be there in 15 minutes.

-Hahaha ok, don’t be late.

I arranged a little bit what would be the scene of the crime, I closed windows and curtains to avoid prying eyes and I left the door half open for Angelica to enter as soon as she arrived.

When she arrived there was fire in her eyes, she was licking her lips and her blouse showed her nipples, words were superfluous, she closed the door behind her, pushed me to the living room sofa and sat on top of me. We started a very intense massage, our hands roamed our bodies without limits, the clothes began to fall off, first her blouse and then her bra, I took possession of her tits which I squeezed non-stop, I sucked her nipples which were hard as rocks, I took them between my lips and stretched them again and again, I sucked vigorously, she only smiled and moaned, and from her position she wiggled rubbing her ass on my genitals and as she could she freed my cock from my pants and started to pull it like a gear lever.

It was only a matter of seconds before she climbed down from her position, pulled my pants completely off, got down on her knees and started a blowjob of the kind that leaves you looking up at the stars. With one hand he took control of the situation, spread my legs, stroked my thighs, caressed my testicles, weighed them with his hand and occasionally licked my entire scrotum. With her right hand she performed a constant masturbation in an up and down movement, and the best part she sucked like a madwoman, her head went up and down with frenetic speed, she moved her tongue in a spiral and at times she withdrew to spit and salivate and then went back to sucking again. She was like that for 10 minutes and then she got up, took off what was left of her clothes and in one go she shoved it all the way to the bottom of her vaginal canal, the contact was as rich as painful, Angelica was super wet, dripping flow with each penetration and a splash could be heard throughout the house, which was filled with the smell of sex immediately, it was intoxicating.

At first I let her do it, but I didn’t want to be left out of the fun so I started to return her sit-downs with thrusts which increased the noise inside the house.

I grabbed her buttocks with both hands, I squeezed them, I filled her with spankings which increased her moans and she squeezed her eyes with pleasure, I approached and took her tits again and sucked them without leaving a single corner without licking, if it was possible I would have made her breastfeed, Angelica kept jumping without stopping, again and again and I was still attached to her nipples, and kept playing with her buttocks, going to her center …

I brought my index finger to her anus and started rubbing it gently, in circles, and applying little pressure, Angelica purred.

-Mmm, nice…” were her words, which motivated me to continue.

I continued playing with her anus, Angelica let me do it, I slowly inserted my index finger and, to my surprise, it dilated easily and entered almost without difficulties, I began a constant and soft in and out, I did not want to scare her, I proposed to bugger her and I did not plan to spoil it. Angelica did not reject me, on the contrary, she pushed her ass towards my penetrating finger and contracted her anus with each incursion, I advanced and inserted 2 fingers and then 3, she had it elastic, I suspect she came ready and willing.

I withdrew my hand and heard a brief moan from her, however, there were no complaints as I brought the index and middle fingers of both hands closer and penetrated her hole with the intention of opening it, I dilated it and held on to it, I forced her up and down with my fingers hooking her asshole.

-Get down and get on 4 and I’ll suck your ass baby,” I told her seriously, and while she was getting comfortable I gave her a few extra spanks.

-In 4 like your little bitch baby? -she said turning her face and wiggling her ass.

-That’s right baby, you’re my bitch, and I’m going to fuck you until you howl with pleasure.

-Up my ass? Give me in the ass baby, your little bitch wants you to fuck her hard in the ass, I’ve been getting ready for you for days, this little bitch wants your cock in her ass.

-Of course up the ass, a bitch like you deserves to get her asshole fucked daily.

At last I understood the reason for her urgency, her need, she had a supernatural hunger for the asshole that she could only satiate by gobbling a hot meat bar, she was literally asking for her anus to be broken.

In 4 as I had her on the furniture I knelt behind her and started sucking her anus, it was closed, but with each contraction it dilated and closed again, I sucked it, spit on it and then ran my tongue over it to fill it with saliva, with my hands I separated her buttocks as much as I could to continue my work, only from time to time I moved away from her anus to suck all her ass crack, to kiss her buttocks and bite them too, but I always came back to her asshole to continue tasting it, Angelica thanked me by wiggling her buttocks for me and moaned non-stop asking for more.

-Baby, please, put it in me now,” she said pleadingly.

I spat a generous amount of saliva in her ass and made her lick my cock. I brought my cock close to her pussy and rubbed it to drain some of her juices, but Angelica was possessed.

-Not up the ass, baby, not there, stick it up my ass, your little bitch needs her bone in her ass.

Up the ass were her words, up the ass she wanted, up the ass I was going to give it to her. I took my cock and penetrated her in 3 seconds until my balls made contact with her vaginal lips, it was a smooth penetration, it felt hot, wet, tight and her anus did not stop throbbing squeezing my cock.

Then a brutal thrusting in and out began, if he had not told me beforehand that he had prepared himself I would surely have gone more calmly, but I was very prepared, he dilated perfectly, neither too little nor too much, his anus fit me like a finger ring, the ring was his anal sphincter and the finger was all my cock that he was going to eat, it fit perfectly.

-Give me more baby, my ass is ready, your bitch’s asshole is hungry.

-I told her as I took her hands and used them as reins to pull her towards me with each thrust.

Her breathing was very agitated, her swollen breasts rose and fell rapidly and with them her nipples, each time I pushed her more and more forward, I had her against the sword and the wall, and my cock was the sword that made her beg for mercy. But there would be no mercy, I was going to stick it in her and pierce her rectum.

-Open your buttocks for me,” I said, releasing her hands and pulling my cock out of her ass, which was open and throbbing.

I spat on her and watched as the saliva was lost in the depths of her rectum, then I climbed onto the couch and squatting over her I directed my cock back into her ass, however, it was diverted to her vagina.

-Not there, in the ass, in the ass please, if you give it to me in the ass I promise I will give it to you whenever you ask me.

Say no more, I rammed her in the ass again and again, fast, hard, her cock was swollen and red and her ass was throbbing and throbbing incessantly, squeezing me, milking me. Now I literally had her skewered like a bitch, she had given me her ass, she had asked me to fuck her, and she had promised me that she would always give it to me.

-I’m coming baby, I’m coming, it’s not possible, I’m coming with my ass, don’t stop, give it all to me, give me more, I promise I’m coming.

-Take it bitch, take cock, that’s what you wanted, well take it, I’m going to come in you.

-Come in my ass baby, pour your cum inside me, give me all your cum.

And so we both exploded in a terrible orgasm, the kind where you come and feel like you’re passing out. Angelica did not stop gushing, she contracted her anus rhythmically like a milking machine, like a mouth sucking my cock, and that made me release all my milk inside her. From that position we kissed and lay on our sides as my cock lost strength and slowly withdrew.

It was 15 to 9, and the day was just beginning.

-It was delicious baby, thank you,” she said.

-Yes, and we still have all day,” I replied.

-I thought you had work to do,” she said flirtatiously.

I lied to see how much you wanted to fuck hahaha, actually the only work I have is to drill your ass, which I remind you promised to give me whenever I wanted.

-Then you really have a lot of work to do, baby.

We laughed and kissed, she took my cock which gave a jump, and I felt her anus which throbbed again, both were starting to wake up again, but that’s another story….