Are You Fully Committed?

“Unless commitment is made, there are only promises and hopes; but no plans.” – Peter F. Drucker

Okay, there are two ways this can go down.
You can continue to watch porn and masturbate regularly. You can lose countless hours online searching for that perfect scene at the right angle with the perfect-looking woman. You can develop a love relationship with these porn stars where you spend more time with them, following them on social media and waiting for their next scene, than you do talking to women in the real world.
Years and years will go by and you’ll find yourself 10 years from now sitting exactly where you are now. Or maybe you’ll be using virtual porn with Oculus doing the same exact thing and feeling exactly how you feel right now about yourself.
Or you can stop all of this right here, right now. You can finish this book and significantly cut back on all porn and masturbation activity – if not completely eliminate it from your life – and instead use this extra time and energy to pursue real relationships in the real world.
If you’re single, then you can be married with an amazing woman and treat her the way you truly want to treat a woman. Or if you’re already in a relationship, then you can fall in love over and over again with your current woman and develop an even deeper and more intimate connection with that woman than you ever thought possible.
The choice is yours. The latter is harder, but it’s real life. And you have to accept that life is hard and anything worth having in life isn’t going to come easy.
Porn is easy. Living a great life is not. But which one would you like to spend your finite time working for?
Right now you need to stop developing digital relationships and get into the real world where true happiness and fulfillment can be found.
If you disagree with that, then return this book immediately. Everything else inside this book will just piss you off. But if you dare to become a stronger version of yourself then continue reading and let’s overcome this porn pandemic together.
If you turn this page you are committing to this, and there is no going back. No dabbling in with one foot in and one foot out. You’re either in or you’re out.
Got it?
On the other side of this page is the life you’ve been searching for…