Colombian girl left with her ass full of milk

Hello friends, next I will tell you the story of how I gave it up the ass to a little inexperienced Colombian girl who in the end left me asking for more.

A few years ago, looking for fun I subscribed to an application to meet people, I started chatting with many different people until I found a small Colombian, Colombians have a large population here in Panama, and we bring a lot of customer service, a subject that really is not given too well to the average Panamanian, anyway, she was tiny with a very nice body, not too big tits but enough to enjoy them, white skin full of freckles, a bee waist that made look very well a good ass paradise.

After we started chatting we met for a drink on a Friday night, I got ready to see her since I had seen the pictures of her, the night was promising, we went out and had a drink, we laughed, she told me about herself and her life and we had a great time, so much that we ended up in a hotel having an intense night of sex, She was not very experienced, but she was very good at letting herself go, I fucked her for a long time, changing poses continuously until I ended up unloading all my milk in her mouth, which with some difficulty she swallowed quite a bit, wanting to completely satisfy my dark desires. After finishing we agreed to meet again, we went out a few more times always with very good anal sex, the only thing she always insisted on was that I did not do it from behind, with a rather silly excuse that at some point a foolish ex-boyfriend penetrated her and it hurt her so much that she would not do it again.

Without wanting to seem too egocentric, I have always been a lucky man with women, I look pretty good, I’m funny and in bed, I always please them, but I also have a great command of the verb, which ends up convincing women to do the most perverse things possible and of course, once a woman gives in to her baser instincts with a man who makes her enjoy, However, at that time in my life I was not exactly interested in a serious relationship, so little by little I was avoiding contact, she swore that she wanted everything with me, that she was madly in love with me and wanted to be with me and I asked her to give me my space, she was rushing things to the point of losing any contact with her. After a few weeks I was feeling especially angry and decided to contact her with the surprise that very justly, she had started a relationship with another man, accepting my defeat, I wrote her letting her know that I was happy for her and that apparently she had not been so in love with me, a message that she never answered.

After a few months, almost a year, after finishing my running routine I met the Colombian woman in Ciudad del Saber, a place where I was eating something without knowing that she would be working there, we caught up a little on everything, I pretended to be upset and hurt by her early relationship and she apologized telling me that she knew it had been too soon and that she was sorry, we exchanged numbers and I left, that same night she asked to see me and I refused to tell her that I was hurt by the way she didn’t let me define my feelings and I refused.

A few more days passed until she confessed to me that things were not going too well for her in Panama and that she was going back to Colombia since all her family was returning, at that moment she asked me to please want to see me and I finally accepted, the outing ended at her house (she rented a small shared apartment) place where she asked me to make her mine one more time and I still refused, telling her that now it seemed even more unfair and unnecessary since she would return to Colombia, she kept insisting, at one point I told her that I would go for food and come back, that I would think about it, I bought some things at the pharmacy that I needed for what had occurred to me among those things: condoms, peach-flavored lube and some eating stuff, once I arrived back, she was in her underwear waiting for me, as soon as I saw her I kissed her and we fell into her bed until I told her what we would do.

Me: Well, are you sure you want me to fuck you one last time?

Her: Yes, my love, you fuck me very well and now that you are being so judicious and playing hard to get, I want you to fuck me even more, daddy.

Me: You’ve already convinced me, but we’ll do whatever I say, EVERYTHING I say without fail or buts, OK?

Her: Do it, daddy, blame me as you want.

At that moment I finished taking off what was left of her clothes and took my cock out of her pants and from her shoulders I pushed her so she could suck my cock well. Without her stopping I took off what was left of my clothes until I was completely naked, I lifted her up after a while and gave her a good oral sex session so she would finish loosening up to my perverse plans, I fucked her in all the poses I could think of until she finally ended up on all fours, surrendered to my lowest instincts, that’s when I took out the lubricant and started to smear her asshole to her surprise.

Ella: Ay papi, no me haga eso mi amor, eso no, me va a doler mucho, usted la tiene demasiado grande me va a partir.

Yo: Prometiste que haríamos todo lo que yo quisiera y yo quiero tu culo.

Con una actitud de resignación me comenzó a pedir le preparara bien el culito, abriéndose ella misma sus dos blancas nalgas, dejando a mi disposición ese culito rosadito listo para ser penetrado. Podía sentir su cuerpo pequeño temblar ante mis manos que iban explorando cada vez más su culo hasta que llegó el momento de penetrar la. Coloqué la cabeza de mi verga en su culito y empuje un poco mientras ella me pedía asustada que no, que mejor parara que me le viniera en la boca que ella se lo tragaba pero que su culo no, pero yo no me detuve y empujando un poco más me introduje dentro de ese rico culito, ella se movía queriendo evitarlo pero ya estaba penetrada y le pedí se relajara o podría lastimarla, ante lo que ella comenzó nuevamente a cooperar, poco a poco fui aumentando la fuerza de la cogida y ella comenzó a gozarlo al punto de pedirme que le llenará el culo de leche, moviéndose al ritmo de la culeada que le estaba dando, hasta hacerme venirme dentro de su hermoso culo con sus ricos movimientos sumisos entregando por completo su culo para que vaciara mi leche dentro de ella.

Después de arreglarnos y limpiarnos, me fui con la promesa de acompañarla al aeropuerto y ayudarle a dejar cualquier otra cosa en orden. La vi tres veces más antes de que se fuera y cada una terminó con mi leche en su culito, su rica vagina y su boquita, la muy zorrita se había convertido en toda una profesional al punto que la última vez que la cogí se preparó el culo solita. Luego de partir nos mantuvimos en contacto, luego de algunos meses ella comenzó una relación con un colombiano, quien seguramente ahora goza de su culito experto, está relación terminó en boda y son muy felices juntos, ella me dijo que vendría pronto a Panamá y que quería que la ayudara con algunas compras acompañándola en mi auto, le dije que seguro lo haría, ella me dijo que como podría pagarme y yo le dije que lo hacía con gusto y que si insistía, con que su esposo aportara algo de combustible bastaba y fue ahí cuando ella me confirmó que viajaría sola, entonces le pedí que me pagara con su cuerpo sobre todo ese culito tan rico que entrené y que extrañaba y ella con una risa cómplice me dijo que era casada ahora, pero que tuviera lubricante a mano, que nunca se sabía.