Elena, my love

The look crossed with mine, we were sitting each with our husbands in that summer terrace, blonde, short hair, about 45 years old, small, pretty, looking with her eyes lost some entertainment while her husband read the newspaper, he was a fat guy, rude, sometimes he answered something and returned to look at the newspaper.

When they left I watched her leave, with a tight skirt, good body, white legs and marked by the heels, I felt that something of mine was leaving.

The next morning we were on the beach and I saw her get into the water, with a blue bikini, I watched her get lost among the hundreds of people who were bathing.

When I saw her come back I got up and went into the water, as clueless but in her direction and I raised my eyes when she was near, she looked at me and we rubbed each other as we passed, it was something electric and she also felt it, because she turned her head to keep looking at me.

It was about twelve o’clock when I went to the shower and toilet stall and while I was there she entered, it could not be a coincidence, I looked her in the eyes and she kept looking at me challenging me, I could not help it and I hugged her kissing her and taking her against the door to prevent anyone from entering, her tongue made me crazy, I wanted more of her saliva while our hands slid all over our skin, her wet pussy opened easily to my fingers, it was big and fleshy, her fingers also rummaged through my panties and then someone pushed the door, we separated and she gave me the address of her house and I gave her my phone.

That afternoon she called me at five o’clock, her husband had returned to the city, I found an excuse and left the hotel, the villa was not far, I was greeted by a quiet German shepherd and immediately Carmen appeared with a sarong and her eyes lit up, we entered and she offered me something to drink, we were both holding back the desire, but immediately she threw herself on me, It was as if we had always been looking for each other, she undressed in front of me showing me an enviable body that I ate with desperation, my tongue entered her pussy with ease while she screamed and caressed me, it was a big pussy with a big clitoris that reacted to each lick, her sweetness and mine were lost,

The fingers now entered our pussies with force and the nipples suffered painful bites that did nothing but make me a thousand.we ran rubbing our pussies like two little girls and we kissed for a long time.she invited me to accompany her to the bedroom,seeing her walk naked like that made me shudder,I followed her with the cup in my hand.

Do you like this? She had on the bed a harness with a huge cock, I did not know if I could handle it but I was tremendously excited, I would have done anything to make her happy, she put it on and laid me on the bed, her kisses and those frictions were opening the way, it was a huge cock that opened and tore me, there was no end, He pumped slowly at first, driving me crazy with pleasure and when I was already wet he turned me around to put it in from behind, in that position that cock went much deeper inside, it made me scream with pain and pleasure, the increasingly strong lunges and a few lashes made me run like I had never done before.

You should see what it’s like to have it in your ass while your husband fucks your pussy,” he said after licking me while he pulled out that big cock from inside me.