Erotic massage. How to give an erotic massage

Erotic massage is a great way to dilute your personal life. However, it is important to know what is an erotic massage and its basic rules.

Erotic massage

Erotic massage review

Erotic massage is a great way to get closer to your loved one, and to convey your feelings through bodily touch. Thanks to him, partners can move to a new level of relationships, awaken new feelings in themselves and experience a range of emotions.

Before you go directly to the erotic massage, it is also important to tune in to it correctly, to do this, follow these tips:

  • The right atmosphere. Regardless of whether you are massaging a man or a woman, in order to fully dive into the mystery of this art, you need to create special conditions. At the same time, it is not worthwhile to make the task much more difficult for you, just dim the lights a little or light candles and turn on romantic music.
  • Comfortable place. Many people do not take into account this moment, but a convenient place plays an important role. The one to whom you are doing the massage should be pleasant to lie, which is why make (sofa, bed) a pleasant blanket or bedding. In addition, it is also necessary to provide an open space so that it is comfortable to move for the person making the massage. Also make sure that no one enters your room, otherwise strangers can kill the most important point.
  • Be safe. Erotic massage should bring a lot of pleasure, nothing should distract a person – including his stomach. It is not necessary to gorge before a session so as not to cause an attack of nausea.
  • Arms. If you do not know how to make a man an erotic massage, then remember the most important advice – prepare your hands. Nails should be short or sawed, so as not to cause skin irritation. They should also be soft, for this, before the session, apply a cream. And be sure to make sure that they are warm, otherwise your partner will experience a lot of stress initially.
Erotic massage
Erotic massage

Erotic massage creams and oils

Not everyone knows that erotic massage is not just a special technique of movements, but also a special selection of additional funds. For home use, it is best to use not ordinary, but special creams or oils. They can be purchased at cosmetic stores or pharmacies.

Here you also need to consider several features:

  • the aroma should not be harsh. Erotic massage lasts a sufficient time, so the funds should not have a very strong and suffocating odor, otherwise the partners can easily get a headache. The same applies to candles (incense). Before this, ventilate the room and leave the window slightly open;
  • the smell should please both of you. In order for pleasure to be experienced by everyone, it is necessary to take into account the tastes of everyone. So try carefully to inquire about the preferences of your loved one;
  • no allergic reaction. Some people may have a strong allergy to certain odors and oils. If you fail to find out about this in advance, it is necessary to monitor the status of your partner. Make sure that the skin does not appear redness, rash or severe itching. In this case, stop the session, wash off the massage agent and take an antihistamine tablet;
  • discard the mineral base. Proper erotic massage is the lack of funds with mineral supplements, as they block the effect of essential oils and prevent their absorption into the skin.

Erotic massage how to start

Pre-warming up, you should also consider this in order to know how to make an erotic massage to a girl or boyfriend. This will help your partner to relax and will not cause pain at the beginning of a massage session.

To do this, warm hands a little rub the skin in those places where you are going to do a massage. If you are going to cover the whole body, then it will be right to start with the limbs. We recommend initially making light stimulation of the skin in the wrist and ankles. After all, these are the main erogenous zones in most people. Massaging limbs, slowly go to the upper body. This will stimulate blood circulation, which will bring not only pleasure, but also a positive effect on human health.

Remember that at first we do only light stroking, and only then you can do gentle kneading exercises. Heated skin can be done with the side of the palm or fingertips.

Erotic massage

Erotic back massage

After the limbs are stretched, and the skin is warmed up, you can proceed directly to the massage. The back area is the most popular, as there is a large area for manipulation, as well as many sensitive places. For example, women have a so-called “cat” place. It is located between the shoulder blades and has a high sensitivity, making it necessary to massage there gently and lightly. In the remaining areas you can already show a little strength. Replace strong movements with relaxing.

Many girls are often puzzled by thought, erotic massage for a man – what is it? After all, they are not so strong connoisseurs of such “sacraments” and do not particularly spread about their sensitive areas. However, they possess them in sufficient quantity. For example, to the erogenous point, can be attributed zone of the neck and sides. The least sensitive is over the buttocks, since there is the greatest thickness of the skin.

Erotic massage the abdomen and chest

Female erotic massage in the area of the abdomen and chest should be extremely careful. In no case can not exert strong pressure or bursting. Only light touches that can alternate with kisses and strokes will do. Movement around the chest should also be as gentle as possible. Pulling and pinching nipples can not, your fingers should resemble a feather that gently slides down the skin of your beloved. Invisible go to the massage of the ears, especially the lobes, the girls adore it.

A recommendation on how to make an erotic massage for a girl in the chest area is also suitable for the stronger sex. After all, they have this place is also very sensitive. Movement must be filled with tenderness, you can use a feather or a piece of fur. Under the smooth rhythm of romantic music, make a relaxing impact from the abdominal area, chest to the neck and back of the head. Be sure to complement it all with kisses and caresses tongue.

How to give an erotic massage

There is no direct and clear rule regarding the technique of execution of intimate massage sessions. Here you just need to relax and immerse yourself in this atmosphere. Be sure to follow the reaction of your partner to any action to avoid unpleasant consequences.

As a recommendation for how to properly do erotic massage, you just need to consider the following points:

  1. Initially a classic. At the start, you need to provide relaxing movements to liberate your partner and adjust it to an intimate setting. Already after five minutes you can go directly to the erotic, starting to massage the erogenous areas.
  2. You can use everything. If we are talking about massage, then you should not stop only on your hands. To help connect the lips, tongue, hair, feather, ice cubes, silk scarf and so on.
  3. Variety in movements. Erotic massage is not a set of monophonic movements. With them you just put your partner to sleep when you need to relax and excite him. Therefore, change the pace and technique.
  4. Standard flow. If you are doing this for the first time, then you can use standard techniques for a massage on the abdomen. To do this, sit on top of your partner and start moving from the neck, then move to the shoulders, reaching to the fingertips. After that, go back to the neck and move along the back to the waist. You can complete the procedure by stimulating the ankles and feet.
  5. Sex organs. Still speaking, about erotic massage, it is difficult to omit the zone of the genital organs. There is no need to hold the greatest number of sensitive points here, but with their stimulation, otherwise the massage will end sooner than you expected.
  6. Female “weapon”. The girls for service, that erotic massage to a man, is the use of their additional “improvised” means – hair and nails. Believe me, this will give a special piquancy to your sex and give your partner unforgettable feelings. Confident and bold movements, change to affection and tenderness.

Erotic massage conclusion

Based on this article, it can be understood that erotic massage is such a special sacrament between two partners. Indeed, thanks to him, two people are getting closer to each other, both physically and emotionally.

Erotic massage can be used as a variety of intimate life, as well as try to give a new “breath” fading feelings.

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