Friends forever: Resurrecting passion

The situation seemed a bit surreal to me. My two best friends, the happy couple with whom I had shared so many meetings, weddings and baptisms, were there giving me pleasure. Seeking their own through my body, a body that they used at will to bring morbidity and desire back into their lives.

However, I found nothing strange in that. I was as comfortable fucking them as I would have been watching a movie, the three of us lying on the couch like we used to do when we were young.

I had been a little afraid of Rachel’s reaction. After all, it’s one thing to fantasize and quite another to live it. I had my doubts that in the end, when she saw me in her husband’s arms, she wouldn’t feel strange and jealous but the truth is that there was nothing else to see. I was by far the one who was enjoying the most of the three of us.

Mario gave me another slow, deep orgasm before Raquel dragged us into the bedroom. She seemed ready to be the conductor of that impromptu symphony.

She laid me down on the bed, on my back, with my knees right on the edge and instructed Mario to sit next to my head. When he knelt behind me, sitting back on his heels, with his legs ajar so that his balls almost rested on my forehead and his member hovered over my face, she handed him my ankles leaving me bent in a clamp and fully exposed.

-Open it for me, honey,” She told him with a feline drawl in her tone of voice that caused the room to instantly fill with eroticism.

I was his toy, his gift, and he was ready to enjoy me. He spread my legs wide, heels staring at the ceiling like two monoliths in a fetish paradise. My lips parted letting the accumulated fluid from my previous ecstasy drip out. She bent down and began to lick me very slowly, looking into his eyes, her tongue tracing a maddening path. She moved up from my anus, past my labia to my swollen clitoris where she lingered to circle it once or twice before returning to the starting point.

His tongue drew deep moans with each of his strokes, it was delicious torture, so slow and sensual, so warm. I was writhing with pleasure as my body convulsed trying in vain to speed up the process, to satiate my anxiety that was growing by the minute bordering on madness.

He took pity on me because he suddenly plunged his face into my sex and penetrated me with his tongue making me touch the sky. His wet appendage swirled inside me, rubbing me with his face, with his chin, with his nose…. My hands tangled in his hair, I needed to control that head, to know he wouldn’t suddenly pull away. I opened my eyes, Mario’s cock stood erect before my eyes. Droplets of pre-cum slid down his glans and dripped onto my open lips. I wanted to taste him, I lifted my head trying to reach him, my tongue sliding down his shaft to his balls and back up again, with a similar punishment to the one his wife had recently subjected me to.

I was again on the edge of the precipice. All my muscles contracted, my will bent to that mouth that dragged me through lubricious universes. Mario couldn’t take it anymore, his testicles were hardening in my mouth by the minute. I could feel the wild eruption brewing inside him. I took a hand to his cock and started to masturbate him at the same rhythm as his wife, my friend. I could feel his incandescent lava rising and I let myself go in a brutal orgasm as his cum poured down my body. Raquel drank from me and lifted her head with her mouth open in time for Mario’s nectar to stream down her face. She had an intensely lascivious look on her face, her lips were smeared with my fluids and she was still insatiably seeking her husband’s semen to enter her mouth.

The three of us collapsed on the bed, her head lying on my belly, his body next to mine caressing her back and kissing me tenderly. We were a perfect union of relaxed and exhausted bodies.

-God guys, what a blast! -I sighed, “Good thing we discovered this now and not a few years ago or none of the three of us would have finished school.

-Hahaha, can you imagine? All those years of high school fucking like monkeys. -Said Raquel with laughter as Mario repositioned himself on the bed with one of us on each side.

-You girls are so crazy, but you’re amazing. Hey, I can’t tell anything about all this, can I?

-Mario! -We both shouted in unison, hitting him in the chest.

-Okay, okay,” he said laughing, “Who the hell would believe me?

Raquel and I started tickling him while he squirmed. We were back to being the same three friends we always were, laughing in confidence about anything.

We let Mario rest for a while while we played like little girls on the bed. We tried to pin each other down in a mock melee, exchanging pinches and caresses, fleeting kisses and gentle nibbles. Gradually the atmosphere was warming up again.

Raquel went to the bathroom. When she returned she had the small remote control for my gift in her hand and smiled at us from the doorway.

-Who wants the power? -She asked with that naughty girlish gesture that is so much her own. The egg string was already peeking out of her crotch.

Mario and I looked at each other in amusement and jumped at the same time to try to reach the remote. He grabbed me by the hips pulling me back to the center of the bed to take the lead. I jumped on his back and we both fell off the bed in a tangle of arms and legs as Rachel’s laughter tinkled around us. She tossed the remote to us in the air. Mario caught it on the fly and stood up to the triumphant cry of: -mine!!!

I frowned in annoyance and crossed my arms in a sulk. Raquel came up to me and kissed me on the lips while caressing my head. -Poor thing, if she doesn’t have a toy….

-That’s what you think,” I said with a wink, “remember I have one identical to yours and they both work with the same remote.

I went back to the kitchen to get my bags and quickly inserted my egg, taking the opportunity to grab my new peach flavored lube too… something would come up, I’m sure.

Mario was sitting on the bed, his back against the headboard. He stretched a bit to reach for the radio on the bedside table and looked for a music station to go with the moment.

-And now, girls, let’s dance!

We didn’t hesitate a moment, we began to wiggle in front of him, stripping off the little lingerie that still covered us and leaving our bodies naked.

It was not the first time we had performed a sensual dance together, but it was the first time we had done it naked, in front of a man, her husband, my friend, who wanted us and was willing to play with our pleasure.

Mario activated the subtlest vibration of the little toys inside us and we both jumped up and down, laughing at each other’s reaction. We rubbed our bodies to the rhythm of the music as the vibration varied its patterns and became more and more intense.

Soon, more than dancing, we were rubbing each other’s feet, seeking the touch of our breasts, kissing each other, grabbing a nipple between our lips and sucking on it.

Fused in an intense embrace we felt the vibration of our respective toys, changing, at the expense of the whims of Mario who watched us from the bed and controlled our delirium.

Our hands searched for each other’s clitoris while we kissed, imitating our movements like mirror images.

It didn’t take long for us to cum. I loved Raquel’s orgasms, her whole body tensed and I could feel her melting in my hand as my own body followed her in that spiral of pleasure.

Mario was stroking his cock slowly, watching us, enjoying the view. It was almost comical to see his eyes, the expression on his face, of absolute bliss.

I positioned Raquel facing her husband, standing at the foot of the bed I bent her over making her chest rest on the mattress facing Mario and started to caress her sex again taking her fluids towards the tight hole of her ass and stopping at it, circling it, pressing it gently, noticing how the sphincter reacted and slowly opened.

-Wouldn’t you like to feel how your wife vibrates inside, Mario?

He didn’t have time to answer. Raquel slipped out of my hands, climbing onto the bed on all fours and turning to raise an indignant finger saying

-No! No way! Don’t even think about it, it has taken me years to convince Mario and I’m not going to discuss it with you now!

Mario raised his shoulders in resignation while I couldn’t get over my astonishment, I couldn’t conceive that someone as uninhibited as Raquel would refuse to enjoy anal sex.

-It’s ok, it’s ok -I said laughing- Sit as Mario is please… like this, lean your back against the headboard, make yourself comfortable.

I got on all fours between my friend’s spread legs, the little toy was still vibrating and her pussy lips were flapping before my eyes. I gave a little lick from her ass to her clit.

-Mario,” I said tossing the lube in her lap, “do you want to do the honors, prepare me carefully please.

Her face at that moment was a poem, if it wasn’t because the situation excited me enormously I would have burst out laughing like a schoolgirl.

Mario positioned himself on my back, with one hand on my hips he began to lubricate my anus with the lubricant. An intense peach fragrance enveloped us.

I kept giving little licks to my friend’s sex.

-The first thing is to apply a good amount of lubricant. There are wonderful products, the feel of this one is sublime,” I told her, pausing the back and forth of my tongue, “Little by little you feel the caress of a finger, it’s very subtle, something like that. -I picked up some of the lubricant that was sliding down my thighs and with one finger I began to replicate on my friend’s ass the caresses her husband was giving me on my own while sucking on her clitoris. I couldn’t deny that she loved it, her eyes closed and she moaned quietly biting her lower lip.

-Little by little the pressure increases, you feel the sphincter pulsing and dilating, that naughty finger begins to invade you and your body surrenders, no pain, no tension….

My finger was already freely going in and out of her. Our anuses were dilating at the same time sharing identical sensations once again. Mario had picked up my game perfectly and he was carefully matching my words.

-I can draw wider and wider circles inside you, a different, new and unknown warmth rises up your back. The nerve endings I stimulate are connected to your nipples that seem about to burst -I took one of them between my lips and sucked it for a long time while her body surrendered to these new sensations.

-See, there are already two fingers that I can put in, gently. Do you feel how your body opens up, how it dilates and asks for more?

I started to fuck her with those two fingers. It was driving her crazy.

-If you wanted to, right now you could feel that soft, hard glans coming up to your ass. Just like I feel it now. You’d feel it much hotter than my fingers and you’d feel how it’s slowly going inside you. Centimeter by centimeter…

Mario’s cock was going into my ass and it was getting harder and harder for me to keep talking, I kept pounding with two fingers on Raquel’s ass who was writhing with pleasure. Mario entered completely inside me, making me moan. -Ohh fuck Raquel if you could feel this…. Fuck me Mario, fuck me hard, I want to feel you deep inside me.

Mario started pumping at a crazy pace. He was snorting behind my back like an animal in heat, he was out of control drilling me over and over again. My legs were shaking and I couldn’t think of anything else. Raquel looked at me hallucinating, with my fingers still inside her ass but immobile because I could only think of that cock that was drilling me and making me go crazy. I screamed for more and more. I felt it all a hundredfold, the vibration in my pussy, his cock in my ass, his balls resounding against my buttocks… and I came, I came in an outrageous and brutal way leaving my friend speechless.

I quickly stepped aside leaving Mario with his cock pointing directly at his wife’s spread legs, his expression was feverish, his face was unhinged and beads of sweat were running down his forehead. He took off the condom in a flash and approached her, hesitantly, almost as if asking for permission. It was she who pulled on it, it was she who aimed for his dilated ass, it was she who plunged into that immense pleasure they had denied each other for so long. I saw them writhing, surrendered to each other, her screams rising to madness. Looking at each other as only lovers know how to look at each other. Lost in the sensations of two bodies that fit together perfectly. I couldn’t stop smiling at the sight of them like that.

I went out quietly, my legs were still shaking. In the kitchen I reached into the fridge for a juice, the floor was large and their moans came to me in a muffled murmur. I took the egg out of my vagina and washed it carefully in the sink putting it away in its container. I gathered my things, dressed as best I could and left the house.

It was dawn, the window of my car was pearly with dew drops, I sat down and put the radio on, giving myself a few moments of reflection…. I thought about my partner, my love. He had probably already left for work. I was also willing to do anything to keep our flame alive. I was sure that the weekend we were planning to escape would give us back the desire and the passion we had lost. But if that wasn’t enough, I could always ask a good friend for help, because friendship can do anything, don’t you think?