Girl 3

I wake up when I hear my cell phone.

I look at my naked body and my little girl.

I smile and stand up, open her legs and see her little entrance.
God I am so morbid, I never thought I would feel the need to see my daughter’s virgin vagina.

She is still asleep, I take my mouth to her vagina and suck, her taste is unique.

I warm up in seconds and call her big clit.
I feel my little girl’s body move and I smile.
I see her face and she is looking at me.
Her beautiful blue eyes look at me innocently.

  • Mommy, good morning.

She says and stops sucking.
I get out of bed and go to the bathroom.
I prepare the tub and get out.

My little girl is with her little legs open and touching her entrance.

  • What are you doing my love?

I ask her seriously.

She stops touching herself and blushes.

  • Me, I was touching myself, I feel tingling here.

She points to her clitoris.

I go to the bed and push her hand away.

I bring her hand to my mouth and taste her fluids.

They are delicious.

  • Daughter, you are not to touch this part again, only I can do that.

She looks at me intently and nods.
I don’t mind her touching herself, but that she learns to pleasure herself and no longer needs me.
I touch her cheek and give her a little kiss.

  • No one but me can see and touch your princess parts.

She denies and cries.

  • But my teacher does it when you’re not around, with him it hurts.

My will grows and I curse.

I hug her tight and understand why my little girl got that infection.
I didn’t think about it before, but that infection only spreads if there is direct contact.

  • What does the English teacher do to you?

I ask when she stops crying.

  • He takes off all my clothes and touches me, the last time I run his toy over here.

He touches her pussy.

I can’t believe the idiot was taking advantage of my baby.

-Daughter, today when he comes you are going to let him touch you, but only today.

She cries and denies.

  • No Mami, I don’t like it, he says that if I told you you wouldn’t love me and you would leave me alone.
  • That will never happen, today will be the last day you will see him.

Today is going to be the last day you see him.
I carry her to the bathroom and wash her body.
I spent more time running my fingers all over her parts and giving her an orgasm.

I load her up and dry her whole body, put cream and cologne on her.
I kiss her lips and caress her body.

She is so petite but she has a big wedge for her age.

I love to touch her soft white legs.

I’m sure when she grows up she’s going to be a stunning blonde.

I put cameras all over the house and lock myself in a room.

I watch the laptop screen the images of my little girl being undressed by her teacher.

As my little girl cries as that horrible guy touches her.
Her teacher holds her and spreads her legs.

  • Look how nice, you are already healthy, today I am going to use protection so you don’t get infected.

I see him put on a condom and take his penis to my baby’s entrance.
I get scared and I think that’s enough.

I’m not going to let him take my little girl’s virginity.

I call the police and give them the address.

I leave the room and the apartment.

I wait and in a few minutes two policemen arrive, knock and the teacher comes out, arranging his clothes.

  • We have received a call that a crime is being committed here.

The man turns pale and denies.

  • I don’t know anything, I don’t live alone I teach a little girl.

The policemen come in and see my baby with her clothes half on and crying.

They arrest the teacher and call me in.

I pretend I don’t know anything and tell them I use cameras.

I give him the videos and wait for many years.

My little girl the only one who can touch her is me.

Today I went to a sexshop and bought didol, dildos of all sizes, harness, vibrators, lubricants.

I’m not going to let someone else take her virginity, that baby is mine alone.

uff it would be nice to continue reading the continuation of these stories, I’m new here just a couple of days reading stories from this site.