He couldn’t she could

Hello friends and friends I had already sent a story before I must tell you that I am a very kaliente woman and I enter into all kinds of sex.

My name is Erika and I am married and very kalenturienta that my husband knows and he has always given me free rein to everything and I have confidence in this sex.

And this is what I’m going to tell you and I also told him about it and it made him very excited. Well it turns out that as in all companies always takes place the Christmas party and we all dress the best we can and I did not know what to wear and with the good taste of my husband he bought me some black tights with ornaments on the ankles he told me that those tights with a Japanese type blouse and heeled sandals would make me look very sexy and pretty I listened to him and I dressed like that when I saw myself in the mirror I could not believe what I saw that clothes completely highlighted my I was feeling very hot I modeled it for my husband and he poked me and caressed my buttocks and my butt over my tights I was getting hot and so kaliente accompanied me taking me by the waist to wait for the transport to go to the party the trip was incredible to see how many men looked at me and tasted me but none of them dared to touch the merchandise.

Well once at the party I met with my friends who looked at me envious and made me give them a little turn and some gave me carisias on my legs and my buttocks to not make me eye we went to sit talk drink and everything suddenly came a companion who went directly to me to ask me to dance I accepted and went to the dance floor and as soon as we arrived he wasted no time and grabbed my buttocks He put his fingers in my slit and pushed me until he touched my pussy with his penis that was already well erect and thick, then he turned me around so I could feel it in my ass while he caressed my dick and told me in my ear that we better leave the party and go over there, I smiled at him and discreetly started to masturbate him, I did it so well that I made him leave at that moment, I made him masturbate over his pants.

And I told him very flirtatiously and smiling in his ear that I like him to hold me and not to come, then I smiled at him and gave him a kiss and left him.

I went to sit down and only one of my friends was there because the others were dancing, I sat down, crossed my legs and my friend discreetly caressed my legs and buttocks and invited me to go to the dressing table, we went and I was in front of the mirror and she stood behind me and started caressing me all over, telling me that I was beautiful and that she wanted to caress my dick and put her fingers inside which was already wet because of the previous thing, she took her fingers out and sucked them and took my juices.

She started to pull down my tights until she discovered my asshole covered only by the string which made her very horny and she started to lick it so much that she managed to make me sigh with pleasure and she introduced her fingers now in my asshole she turned me around to have my dick at her mercy she put aside the front part of my thong and started to give me a delicious oral she pulled up my blouse to give me a good sucking on my boobs.

She opened her shirt and showed me hers, they were beautiful, I touched them, kissed them and sucked them as good as she had done it to me. She pulled down her pants and I sucked on her pussy, it was so wet and curly that I took all those juices as we could, we put our pussies together so that we could feel our warm fluids, we pushed each other as if we had penises and feeling how our bellies and pussies collided heated us up a lot until we both had a nice orgasm and we came at the same time. It was beautiful to see how our juices came together.

When we separated, we cleaned each other’s balls with licks, put our clothes back on and got out, but not before giving each other a huge tongue kiss and joining our mouths and tongues was wonderful.

We left and continued enjoying the party until it was over we said goodbye and the trip back was the same but as it was a little dark now if there was one or another that sr atravio to grope me getting home I told my husband how it was I did not tell him that I made love to a woman I told him about the partner he made fun of him and pretended that he was my ckmpanero clarifying that my husband if that I endure as I like.

I hope you liked this story and later I’ll send another equally horny kisses friends and girlfriends