Her first time

Hello! my name is Chrisy I’m 20 years old, I want to tell you about an experience I had recently with a friend that left me perplexed!

About a month ago i met a woman called maria fernanda through a social media (FB) she is short, white complexion, long straight hair and a body of desire, very nice tits, a perfect ass and she is 18.

One day we arranged to meet in a park to get to know each other and go somewhere, that day my parents were not at home so i told her we could go there, there was no problem and she accepted.

All the way I couldn’t take my eyes off those tits that made me want to throw myself on her and eat them all until we got to my house, I told her to make herself comfortable and if she wanted to eat something which she refused, after a while of talking stupid things I noticed that she was very nervous and that made me even more insistent!

She just stayed still and let me do whatever I wanted with her body, I told her to go to my room to be more comfortable, I took off her blouse and bra when I heard a car arrive, they were my parents…

They arrived and went to sleep immediately because they were coming from a walk, which I took advantage of! I kept eating her perfect tits, grabbing her nipples with my teeth and running my tongue quickly up and down, she only responded with a very low moan, after that I threw her on the bed and took off her pants that let me see that beautiful white bra, I approached her vagina that let me see some light hairs between her crotch when she began to tremble, I asked her if she felt good and she didn’t answer then I knew it!

I asked her if it was the first time and she said yes, she didn’t know what to do and she had never touched herself, I thought what a WASTE OF BODY!

I told her to just relax and let me act and she accepted, I took off her butt plug and for a moment I stopped to observe that rich boy that I was going to eat, I pulled her to the edge of the bed and leaned in to be more comfortable, she put her legs on my back and just closed her eyes.

I started giving her soft tongues to her clitoris which couldn’t be more red and erect, then I started to run my tongue all over her vagina while she was just gasping for breath, when she least expected it I stuck my tongue deep inside her vagina and she let out a moan of pleasure that could be heard all over the room so I started to suck her faster and faster changing from her clitoris to her vagina from time to time, after about 5 minutes she came for the first time but I didn’t want to stop so I ate all her orgasm and kept sucking her clitoris which was getting more erect and richer!

I kept on sucking her clitoris which was getting more and more erect and richer! in certain occasions I pressed it with my lips and I sucked it, every time I did it she moved at the speed of my tongue until she had a second orgasm! I stopped and asked her if she wanted me to continue and without words she just grabbed my head and put it between her legs, this time I had a surprise for her….

I continued sucking and in an oversight I put one of my fingers deep inside her, she only opened to receive me, I started to move it gently from the inside out while with my hand I pinched her nipples and with my tongue I continued sucking her, then I continued with a second finger, she complained a little but she didn’t say anything so I decided to continue!

Every time I put my fingers in her I felt her contracting more and more and the moans of pleasure turned into moans asking me not to stop, at that moment I remembered my parents and with the hand I had on her tits I covered her mouth so she wouldn’t scream.

That made me even more excited to know that she was all mine and that she was almost finishing in my face so I started to suck and penetrate her faster and faster, she just grabbed my head and from time to time I heard a moan that my hand could not shut up, she told me not to stop because it was going to water and at that moment I took my fingers and stuck my tongue deep inside her…. … mmm what a rich orgasm!

It was the best I’ve ever tasted in my life!!! she was lying on the bed unable to move or speak so I went up and gave her a kiss to taste her own juices!!!! after she finished dressing with my help, I went to leave her at home and when I said goodbye she gave me a nice kiss on the mouth and told me: I hope it happens again! because I want you to suck me again like today!!!!

I just smiled, turned around and went back to my house.