Hot anal sex story narrated by a friend of mine

I was then eighteen and tempestuous years old because it was at that age that my most important sexual experiences began and that has left a mark on me for the rest of my life. I was at that time a very well-formed girl, too well developed for my age. My breasts were already large and voluptuous, bigger than those of my friends; I loved to show them off to them because they were crowned by swollen nipples that looked like balloons, which became hard and untilted at the slightest caress. I was fascinated by smearing them with cream at night and caressing them for a long time, lulling myself to sleep with the fantastic sensations I felt when I did so. There were countless times I ended up masturbating. My legs and ass were also nice and shapely, and that was the reason I hardly ever wore pants. I loved to wear stockings and a pleated mini skirt with a wide flounce as short as possible until it almost showed the beginning of my buttocks when I walked. My parents continually reprimanded me for that and did not allow me to do so, but when I went out on the street, I would immediately raise the height of my skirt and pull it up around my waist.

But among all the vicissitudes of a sexual nature that happened to me at that time, there was one in particular that is worth describing in detail.

I’m on vacation, one week. I went away with a group of my girlfriends from school with the purpose of having a lot of fun, and we did it. But it has gone on for too long now and my parents are demanding that I return home as soon as possible. I hide from them and prevent them from locating me and making contact with me, but one of my friends answered the phone and had the misfortune to call me screaming to answer the call. I had no choice but to pick up the phone and answer the call. My parents went ballistic when I told them I wanted to stay a few more days; of course, they did not allow me to do so and ordered me to take the bus back home that same day, at whatever time it was, and that they would wait for me at the terminal. I had no choice but to do so, as they threatened me with serious consequences if I did not obey.

None of my friends wanted to come back with me. I arrive at the terminal and buy a ticket for the bus that leaves at 7:00 p.m. and tell my parents by phone that I will arrive approximately five hours later. When I get on the bus I notice that it is almost empty, with very few people. So I sit in the window of one of the rear seats to doze a bit without being disturbed by the people on board. At the last minute, very close to departure time, a handsome guy of about 25 or 30 years old, light brown, tall and muscular, covered with a sports coat and wearing jeans, gets on. He looks at me and asks if the seat next to me is taken. With a grimace of annoyance, I answer no, but I try to hint with my eyes that there are other seats available. He ignores me and sits down next to me. I lean my head against the window glass and try not to look at him to eliminate his intentions of making small talk. I’m upset about my parents’ decision and I don’t feel like talking. My seatmate takes a book out of his backpack and starts to read. I ignore what he does.

The truck finally starts and by the time we get out, it is almost dark. The interior lights of the truck that were still on go out as we leave the city. Some reading lights come on and among them, my seatmates. I let out an annoyed snort. I let out a snort of annoyance that he picks up on and immediately turns off the light. The interior of the truck is dark, not completely dark; we can still make out the silhouettes of the people by the lights of the oncoming vehicles. The boy then reclines his seat and gets ready to sleep and when he does, stretching his legs, he prevents me from changing seats so that I can travel alone. Again I am obfuscated and decide to hold on to my seat so as not to disturb him; besides, I think that in trying to change my seat I would have to pass between the space between the front seat and his knees, which would cause my dress to rise up, leaving my bottom entirely exposed before his eyes. I don’t dare to do it. I lean my head against the window glass again, thinking about what my parents will say to me when I arrive.

After a while, I don’t know how many minutes, I notice that my companion’s hand has slipped from his leg and fallen between us, lightly touching my bare thigh. I separate immediately and turn to look at him, he seems to be perfectly asleep. I keep thinking about how pleasant the warmth of his fingers on my thigh feels. Driven by something I still can’t define, I bring my thigh back into contact with his fingers, very lightly, barely touching them. I love his touch, it excites me, I stay like that for a long time. Suddenly, I perceive that one of his fingers moves, imperceptibly caressing my skin. I swallow saliva. I look at him again and he seems to be perfectly asleep, he even snores a little. I don’t know what to do, I stand still as a statue, but I don’t withdraw my leg. I assume that this last action was taken by him as a sign of acceptance on my part because the knuckles of his fingers began to caress my thigh with greater force. When I turned to see him, I noticed that he was staring at me with a smile on his face. I didn’t know what to do. My reaction was to turn back to the window and let things happen.

I get wet just remembering all those sensations that invaded me in those moments. I cannot explain the reasons why I did not dare to remove his fingers from my thigh, and what is worse, I unconsciously brought my leg closer to his hand to induce him to increase the strength of his caresses. And so he did; his hand began to brazenly caress my thigh, tickling my knee. I tried not to see it but did not try to withdraw his hand that was already starting to caress the inside of my thigh. Oh, God…… I closed my eyes in ecstasy unable to control the tremors in my body. Slowly his hand slowly moved up under my skirt, transporting me to a world of fantasies completely unknown to me. When he touched the edge of my pantyhose I thought I was dying. I feel completely soaked. His finger lightly tantalizes my crotch without daring any further.

Then he turns to me and switches hands, hiding his left and probing between my thighs with his right. I bite my nails. I try not to see what he’s doing to me but I can’t stop one of my hands from pushing his against my sex. His fingers start to gently rub my pussy lips over my pantyhose, how wonderful!!!!! As he does so, I feel his face push its way through my hair and he starts kissing my neck, I want to scream!!! ….. I feel my breasts swell and an insane desire takes over me. I don’t know how he does it but his other hand tries to undo the buttons of my blouse. I help him and almost rip the buttons off trying to open them. My bra is left in the air and he slides it up releasing my breasts that jump out quivering and playful; his lips take hold of one of my nipples and start sucking and licking it like a calf. it’s madness! God…… his fingers are now slipping under my panties and slipping between my pussy lips looking for my clit. They find it and it makes me see the sky and the stars. I can’t suppress my tremors that have been increasing minute by minute. I pull my skirt up to my waist and raise my body in search of his hands asking to end this agony, and to finish, he inserts his fingers rotating them inside me making me writhe with pleasure. My come is huge, I feel myself emptying completely and my whole body shakes in endless convulsions. I can’t stifle my moans, but he stops me from screaming by covering my mouth with his hand. I shudder and press his hands against my anal sex trying to stop him from pulling out. I want more, so much more…. I don’t want him to pull his fingers out… I love having him inside me. Slowly, my body calms down and starts to relax. He continues kissing my neck and caressing my sex, already with his fingers out of it.

I become drowsy, limp, and sweaty, but happy. We haven’t crossed a single word, but we don’t need to, I feel he can do whatever he wants with me and there is nothing I can or want to do to stop him.

I turn outside and alarmed I realize that we are entering the city. With the lights still off I quickly fix my clothes and he changes seats to avoid suspicion. Moments later the lights come on and announce the entrance to the city. He pretends to be asleep and ignores the driver’s message.

I am very nervous; I dare to take a quick glance at him, observing his beautiful face for a few moments. He is gorgeous. I can’t figure out what made him notice a little girl like me, but I’m glad he did. I feel wet, completely soaked between my legs, but I am embarrassed to get up to the bus toilet to clean myself, I prefer to do it when the light is already off.

But if I thought that was the end of it, I was very wrong. As soon as the bus started and the lights went out again, that man changed back to the side of my seat.

-Come with me to the back seat,” he whispered in my ear.

I am ashamed to say it, but not even for an instant did it cross my mind to refuse. As if driven by a spring I obeyed him immediately without thinking about the consequences of what I was doing. Before my absolute and unconditional willingness, as soon as we sat down he proceeded to unbutton my blouse again. Trembling and nervous, I helped him to prevent him from tearing my clothes.

-Take off your bra,” she said in barely audible words.

With my blouse on, I slipped my hands behind my back and unbuttoned my bra. My swollen breasts immediately emerged trembling and anxious; he plunged between them and began to kiss and caress them delicately, without squeezing or hurting them. I close my eyes and intensely enjoy the sensations that his caresses provoke in me. One of his hands again caresses my thighs under my skirt and slowly moves up to my aroused sex. His fingers move slightly lifting the hem of my panties and slip between the lips of my vagina until they again locate the little button of my clitoris. I feel myself getting wet again and I have the sensation of my juices sliding down to wet my buttocks, but I don’t give it any more importance, I dedicate myself to enjoy the moment no matter what happens. His fingers roam my sex spreading my juices and lubricating his fingers that now touch the orifice of my anus; his caresses drive me crazy and I can’t wait for him to penetrate me. I raise my body up in search of his fingers, begging him to insert them in me. I can’t take it anymore, I start panting uncontrollably. And then, feeling in control of the situation, he takes one of my hands and places it on his member, above his pants.

-Take it out,” he orders me.

Trembling with nerves, I start to unzip his fly. When I finish, he lifts his ass and pulls down his pants and his trunks to his knee. My eyes, accustomed to the darkness, manage to distinguish in the gloom the enormous dimensions of his huge member.

– Take it, you’re going to like it,” he says, giving me a little kiss on the corner of my lips.

I take his member between my hands and notice that it is also soaked with his pre-cum. The hot, throbbing rod of flesh as if it had a life of its own. My fingers begin to spread over his glans the thick liquids that are accumulated at its tip. It is fascinating, beautiful, and terribly disturbing to feel it between my hands and he forces me to massage it slowly, up and down and down and up, over and over again, making it grow even longer and stiffer.

-Don’t you want to give it a little kiss? -he suggests, leaning close to my ear.

He places his hands on my head and pushes it until my lips make contact with his member.

-Open your mouth,” he orders me.

I’m afraid to do it and yet I want to. I open my lips and allow his member to slide into my mouth. His taste is sweet and salty at the same time, but not unpleasant at all; on the contrary, I feel a huge excitement having him inside my mouth. I like it, and I like it very much. My mouth starts to lick him and my tongue caresses him, literally curled around his glans. My head starts to go up and down massaging that huge piece of meat that I crave exquisite, wonderful, and delicious. My lips squeeze it tightly and my tongue wraps around it as if it were a delicious treat. Up and down in an endless and beautiful back and forth. Suddenly he suddenly pulls it out of my mouth.

-Not yet,” he says, “I don’t want to feel it yet. Turn towards the window….

I do as he says and turn my back to him. Then he lifts my skirt up to my waist and pulls my panties down to my knee, leaving my buttocks completely exposed to his lascivious gaze.

He massages my buttocks over and over again dipping his fingers between them until they touch my vagina, then spreading my own juices with his fingers lightly touching the orifice of my anus. The heavens opened for me again. I anxiously prepared to wait for his onslaught by placing myself in a fecal posture on the seat, with the purpose of opening my buttocks as wide as possible to facilitate the introduction. He positions himself behind me inserting his member between my buttocks, sliding it between the lips of my vagina to lubricate it.

I close my eyes waiting for him to insert it, but he does not. Desperately I take his member with my hand and direct it to the entrance of my vagina, but also to no avail. What’s wrong? -I ask myself, “Why doesn’t he put it in me? I got the answer immediately when I felt that his member was placed at the entrance of my anus! I am stunned, motionless, and not knowing what to do. When he starts to push in, I feel him literally tearing me in two. I clench my teeth tightly, trying hard not to scream. My sphincter doesn’t give way, it refuses to open.

-It will only hurt for a moment,” he tells me….

He tries again and again without positive results, my orifice seems inviolable. I feel his penis slip back between my vaginal lips, rubbing them to lubricate itself, and then he puts it back at the entrance of my anus. He pushes again and then yes, my sphincter begins to open slowly allowing the entrance of that huge intruder. He keeps pushing harder and harder until the head of his member is inside. I cover my mouth to keep from screaming but I can’t stop some tears from streaming down my face.

  • Oh God…. Please take it out, it hurts so much,” I beg him, drowning my moans, “Don’t worry, the pain will pass.

-Don’t worry, the pain will pass soon if you don’t move,” he answers me staying still and trapping my breasts with his hands.

And indeed, the pain slowly disappears as my sphincter gets used to the thickness of his member. His fingers, meanwhile, keep rubbing my nipples deliciously. When he estimates from my more relaxed attitude that the pain has passed, he thrusts again and I feel his member slide completely inside me until his testicles are lodged between my buttocks. It hurts a little, but with less intensity. However, the pleasure of having him inside me is infinitely greater than the initial pain. I feel full, full, transported to a world of unknown fantastic sensations.

With his hands on my breasts, he begins to slowly pull his member out and when it is almost out, he pushes it all the way back in, again and again, rubbing and stretching the walls of my sphincter in an exquisite and wonderful way, as I had never imagined. With each new thrust, his pace quickens. One of his hands releases my breast and places itself on the lips of my sex, gently rubbing it and inserting one of his fingers inside my vagina. My sweaty body tenses with his caresses, anxious and expectant, feeling my blood boiling from the continuous discharges of adrenaline mixed with lust and desire. All my nerve endings are about to burst while a multitude of strange and beautiful sensations run through my body. Already, I can’t take it anymore and I cum in a spectacular and outrageous way, mewling and moaning as the aftershocks of orgasm consume me. Almost at the same time, his member explodes inside me, flooding my insides with warm, luscious liquid. He embraces me and his member buries itself deep inside me.

It stays inside me for moments that seem like hours. I like it so much, I don’t want it to come out. His hands still cup my breasts and caress them delicately. My hand moves back to rest on his bare buttock; I push his body against mine in an attempt to stop him from pulling his member out of my anus. I don’t succeed. His member slips out of me dripping with our fluids. I am soaking wet but strangely calm and happy. He pulls out his handkerchief and dries his deflated, semi-erect member, I take the handkerchief from him and help him dry off. His member is beautiful, simply beautiful. I tenderly take him into my mouth and start licking him with my tongue. His taste is still exquisite.

-Enough, my love. Don’t go on because we’ll never finish,” he whispers to me.

With regret, I remove him from my mouth and proceed to try to fix myself. With my panties, I try unsuccessfully to dry my vagina and the liquids coming out of my anus. I get up and go to the toilet where, fortunately, I find a large roll of toilet paper. My panties are useless, completely wet; I have to get rid of them and throw them in the trash can. I try to dry myself as best I can and go back to my place, next to that wonderful man whose name I don’t even know. As I pass in front of him, he lifts my skirt and kisses my bare buttocks. As soon as I sit down he takes my face in his hands and kisses my lips passionately; I try to reciprocate by intertwining my tongue with his. Again he slides his hand under my skirt and his fingers rest on the lips of my vagina. I cross my leg leaving his hand trapped in that spot, then snuggle quietly and happily against his chest and fall asleep for I don’t know how long.

I wake up when the bus stops at an intersection. My hair is a mess and my skirt is rolled up to my waist, impudently revealing my legs and the hairs of my sex. I don’t mind, I am fascinated by the lustful and lascivious gaze of that man when he looks at them; I love to show myself to him naked. With my skirt up, I proceed to comb my hair as best I can while he watches me struggle with the comb in amusement. Then I fix my clothes, trying to unwrinkle them.

-My whole body smells like you,” I whisper, kissing the corner of his lips.

– I’m the same and I love it,” she answers me.

-Yes, but your parents aren’t waiting for you,” I reply.

Then, he gets up and takes a backpack from the trunk, takes out a pack of gum and offers it to me, as well as a small bottle of lotion for men.

-Thank you,” I say, accepting the gum and refusing the lotion, “but I prefer my perfume.

From my purse I take some perfume and spray it all over my body, especially on my buttocks and on my sex, trying not to overdo it.

-Oh God, …., I hope people haven’t noticed our trysts,” I tell her.

-Don’t worry,” he replies, “the engine noise is louder than your screams…..

– Why did you do it that way and not the natural way? -I ask him self-consciously without daring to look him in the eyes.

-Because that way you can’t get pregnant,” he answers me sweetly, lifting my face by my chin and giving me a little kiss on the lips. I don’t want to hurt you or cause you any trouble. I like you very much.

-Thank you,” I say, snuggling against her body.

Before the bus light came on, that wonderful man, whose name I still don’t know, changed seats to avoid people suspecting our meeting. When we arrived at the terminal, before saying goodbye in silence, with our eyes we could not avoid kissing them with our lips; then he got off and disappeared forever from my life, at least physically because I assure you Adelita, that this man will live forever in my memory.

My parents did not even suspect my affair; they reproached me for my attitude of not having obeyed them at the time, threatening not to give me any more permission. I did not even hear them, my mind was still submerged in the memories of such a beautiful adventure. When we got home, I took good care to prevent my skirt from lifting up to reveal the absence of panties, but when I touched the bed, I could not repress the desire to undress completely and masturbate I don’t know how many times until I was exhausted and completely asleep.