I bust Angelica’s ass while she’s sleeping

Angelica had laid down and fallen asleep from the fatigue of all this morning hustle and bustle. Seeing her like that made me lie down behind her to hug her and rest, I also fell asleep.

Probably an hour or two passed, something short but restful, I woke up earlier and with a big erection in between incited, in large part, by the position in which I was. I was hugging Angelica from behind and had her buttocks right at the height of my penis, and with every breath or any movement, no matter how small, I felt her big ass rubbing against my penis. Plus I had her wrapped around me, my hand was just within reach of her breasts, I couldn’t help but start playing with her round boobs and soft nipples. I had my nose stuck in her neck, between her long hair, I could brush her skin and feel her scent.

It was a mixture of sensations that caused my cock to wake up faster than I did. On top of that I had Angelica’s pelvis very close to me, so I used some saliva as a lubricant and directed the tip of my cock to the ass that brought me like crazy. I made a little pressure and surprisingly my cock overcame her anal sphincter almost without difficulty, it slid slowly until my testicles rubbed her skin.

It’s absurd to believe that you can spare someone’s ass while she’s sleeping and she’ll never notice.

-Mmm, what are you doing? -said Angelica as she felt her asshole fill with warm flesh.

-Nothing, you go back to sleep,” I answered absurdly, motivated by horniness.

That said, I slowly pulled my penis halfway out and reinserted it not so slowly, it was a rough thrust.

-Mmm, wait, wait, wait,” Angelica couldn’t open her eyes, she had that sleepy heaviness.

-Relax, keep sleeping,” I said as I continued to penetrate her ass without respite.

I started a gentle but constant back and forth, Angelica woke up and purred, she let me do it with few complaints, it seems that the two subsequent encounters had already taken their toll on her, but she did not give in.

-Go on, but do it slow for a while, I’ll tell you when she’s ready,” said Angelica pushing her buttocks against my pelvis.

-Yes, you relax and enjoy, just give me your ass baby,” I said without paying much attention to her warning.

-Softly, softly, don’t be so rough,” she said, but she kept moaning despite the pain I was supposedly causing her.

-I need to fuck you Angelica, it’s your fault for leaving your ass so close at hand.

We were in spooning position, and that made penetration much easier, I felt my cock rubbing all the folds of her sphincter. With each insertion her asshole dilated and her breathing became more agitated, and I felt my cock swell inside her.

Angelica was asking me to do it soft and slow, but if I stopped a little I felt my cock throbbing forcing me to continue.

-I’m sorry baby, but I can’t, I swear I can’t stop, I need to fuck you hard.

-It’s ok, go on, go on, don’t stop, I’m already dilated, do whatever you want with my ass.

I continued to penetrate her, but with her new indication now I took advantage to please myself, I penetrated her fast, I went in and out and she moaned.

-Mmm, mmm, that’s rich baby, that’s rich -AngĂ©lica had awakened and now she was asking for cane -give me, give me, give me, tear my ass, it’s yours, tear it.

I took her neck with my lips and kissed and sucked it with pleasure. With my free hand I squeezed her breasts and pulled her nipples. I continued the penetrations, I enjoyed fucking her in that position.

-I love your ass baby, I love it, I wanted to let you sleep, but I could not avoid the temptation to fuck you.

-I don’t want you to ever resist the temptation, I love having you inside me, my ass is yours to do whatever you want with it.

-Then I’m going to fuck you until we can’t take it anymore, I don’t want to stop penetrating you, here baby, take it all.

Angelica was very receptive, after her initial refusal she now gladly received my onslaught and even separated one of her buttocks to give me more room to work.

Sweat was showing on her forehead, her body felt hot, her moans excited me and incited me to continue, the room was again charged with an intense aroma of sex.

I was getting more and more frantic, I increased the speed and roughness of my thrusts, I needed to unload soon, my cock was burning because of the little previous lubrication but it was not an impediment to continue fucking her ass.

-Move, move, move, I can’t take it anymore,” I told her when I felt a new ejaculation close.

Angelica, still a little clumsy from sleep, only managed to lie on her back, but that was perfect.

-Open your mouth, swallow, swallow, swallow, swallow!

I said, as I sat on top of her, brought my cock to her mouth and began to unload inside. I could have unloaded in her loins, but I was won over by the morbid desire to ejaculate inside her mouth after having been inside her ass. I put my head inside her mouth and unloaded as much as I could, I even fucked her mouth for a while and Angelica never complained, on the contrary, she was grateful that I had had that attention with her.

-I thought you would come just as you were, and I was sad because I thought I would run out of bottle this time -she said honeyed while she re-lipped her lips.

-It was a last minute decision, one more second and I would have come inside but I wanted to feel your tongue,” I answered as I smeared my cock on her lips.

-Well, I’m glad you changed your mind, I was sad because even though it was so good I hadn’t tasted your rich cock this time, you know I love to eat it,” she answered flirtatiously.

Angelica kept sucking my cock while we were talking, only releasing it to answer me from time to time.