I forgot my panties in her room!

Lariza, is a very flirtatious woman and out there some people who have let slip a few words have pointed her out as a promiscuous girl and some have said that she is a typical climber. She occasionally works for my sister’s company, as her older sister is one of the top real estate saleswomen in her company and Lariza has not taken a position, as she seems to be somewhat irresponsible.

I definitely know that this girl doesn’t have to do much to attract any male, as she has a spectacular body where everything stands out: an angelic face, breasts that look like two medium sized melons and a dreamy ass. The only time I’ve seen her in a bathing suit, she really has a waist like she had it made. I thought… that’s why they’re envious of her.

Truth be told, as time went on I realized what others were talking about in regards to this girl. My sister every year for the end of October throws a party for all the employees. If it’s not cold, some get in the pool, there’s music and food…and of course, lots of drinking. That day I was having a few drinks alone while I watched everyone, about sixty people in the courtyard of my house from the terrace of my room. From downstairs I hear her say to me: Don Antonio, won’t you buy me a drink?

I invited her to come upstairs and showed her from above how to get to my room. I was in a pair of sweatpants and a t-shirt with the sleeves rolled up. She was in a white miniskirt, a fuchsia blouse that made her look young and she was wearing leather sandals. I found her walking up the stairs, as there are six rooms on the second level. She gave me the usual compliments about my house and I could see those beautiful legs as I let her walk ahead of me up the last stairs where we had met. She entered the room and I asked her what she wanted to drink.

I had already had four whiskeys that afternoon and poured Lariza a double. I think she had already had a couple of beers, because I looked at her quite in tune with the first sips of the drink. We talked a bit about trivial things, but then moved on to what she is known for and what she is well known for.

-You must get a lot of exercise… you have good tone in your muscles. You look very imposing with those well-developed pecs. Don Antonio, how old are you?

-I’m already an old man… I’m going to be 50,” I told him.

-Unbelievable! You look so young, I swear I was going to say 40.

-You’re not even 20,” I said.

-I’m 25,” he replied.

The truth is that I forgot that I had attended his 21st birthday party that same year and I didn’t remember me because I only went for about 20 minutes. I was contemplating my drink and also the beautiful legs that this woman has, because she was sitting on the couch with her legs crossed and she was talking to me about how decorated my room was and suddenly she said to me, “How would I like to relax?

-How would I like to relax on that yacusi?

-Well, it’s at your disposal!

-You wouldn’t mind seeing me naked? I guess you’re not the first woman you’ve seen naked, are you?

-No… not at all. If you feel comfortable, then come on in.

I thought she would think long and hard, but in seconds she stood up, asked me to unhook her bra, she pulled down her miniskirt and then I saw her little fuchsia thong fall down. She really dazzled me, I never imagined I was going to have her naked in front of me as I had imagined one day when I saw her in a bathing suit a year ago. She has a small pussy Barbi style, and a spectacular round ass. I help her up the steps and she climbs in while I’m still sitting on a couch.

-Don Antonio, can I ask you a question?

-Tell me…

-How many women have gone through this yacusi and ended up moaning in that bed?

-Some… -I told him with a smile.

-You are a very handsome man and I don’t doubt that there are more than just “some”. Someone told me that my little sister has been here.

-You have been misinformed, and in any case, I would stop being a gentleman to talk about these intimate experiences with you.

-Tell me, Don Antonio, if I were to tell you that you have only one wish that I am going to fulfill: What would your wish be?

-I would tell you if I knew you would fulfill it.

-Tell me… I promise I will fulfill it. I guess I know what you want. Tell me.

-I’d really like to fuck that beautiful ass of yours.

I took the last sip of my whiskey and looked straight into her eyes and listened to her answer. She smiled and said to me:

-You literally want to fuck my ass?

-Yes… I would love to fuck your ass. I like anal.

-Come on… let me see that cock that wants to enjoy my ass.

I undressed in front of her and sank into the yacusi. It didn’t take long for her to start jerking me off. She asked me to sit on the edge and started blowing me. In one of those short pauses he told me: I always imagined her like that, big and powerful!

I must say that Lariza with her 21 years old knows how to suck. The blowjob was not long, it was a short and delicious blowjob of about five minutes and then she asked me to leave and asked me: Where do you want me? – I hadn’t answered when she grabbed my hand saying: -This couch looks appropriate.

My cock was wet from her saliva and quite a lot of pre seminal fluid was pouring out. She emphasized it again saying, “As promised, I will give you what you want, but be careful that you have a cock that can hurt anyone. – She automatically got on all fours on the couch, I looked at that beautiful ass that I never imagined to fuck that day, I spread her buttocks and let go a spit into her asshole to lubricate it.

I knew she was a little drunk and I was also a little inebriated. I opened her asshole with my thumb and dilated it for a couple of minutes, let my tongue go to her asshole and licked all the walls of her buttocks while I watched her pussy getting wet. Lariza only moaned with pleasure saying: “How nice… you know what you are doing! -I got into position for the drilling and let my glans go and she told me: Be careful, you have a very thick head!

I didn’t pay so much attention to her and started to open that rich and tight asshole at my whim. Lariza is one of those few women who have asked me to spank them hard, something I’m not comfortable doing, but I guess that’s what colors and tastes were made for and touch, it’s not much different. Lariza associates pain with pleasure. Because of my state with a four-drink alcohol level I knew I wasn’t going to get off at first, so that drilling was constant, with violent thrusts like those in a hardcore porn movie. My cock went in and out at will and a few times I pulled it all out to see how open her asshole was and let her go with another spit.

She asked me to go to bed and she got into missionary position and asked me to pull her so her buttocks were on the edge and I could continue to penetrate her anally. Her two nice legs were spread wide and I could see my cock sinking into this rich ass. She began to masturbate her pussy frantically and was screaming for me not to stop. I knew that the hustle and bustle of all those people in the pool would camouflage Lariza’s moans and screams, but inside my room they sounded outrageous. She was screaming at me saying: Don’t stop, fuck my ass, fuck my ass baby, you’re going to make me come! – It was a constant scream and she came and I felt her bowel contract, she asked me to penetrate her pussy with my fingers and so I did. She moaned with so much pleasure and that turned me on and with a few more strokes against her buttocks, she made me come and my testicles puckered with pleasure.

She went to take a bath, dressed quickly, fixed her hair and went out without saying much to the patio. Again I went out to the terrace and looked at Lariza among all those people. Only those images came back to me that she just lived breaking that rich ass that I never imagined to fuck her. I was thinking that when my cell phone rings and I answer it. It was my friend Diana, who is one of the salesgirls who works with my sister and who I have been fucking for more than eight or nine years. She is married and we have had this relationship and she and I are very open. I answered and she says to me:

-You just fucked her right?

-What are you talking about?

-We’ve all heard the screams you’ve been getting out of Lariza.

-I don’t know what you’re talking about?

-Tony, your sister was going to say a few words to us and we all kept quiet and we could hear that fuck you were giving her. At least those of us who were near the terrace heard them.

She wasn’t lying to me, because my sister told me laughing: -I shushed everyone to thank them for their participation and it seemed that it was one of those jokes, everyone heard when that woman howled. From then on they began to identify her as the she-wolf. Then my sister also added, that Lariza’s sister felt so sorry, because ten minutes later she said goodbye to her, without doing it with everyone else in a party that was barely in its middle term.

I recently met Lariza and she told me what had happened around her sister and literally this was their conversation when she showed up after the culeada she had given her:

-Where were you? Everyone will think it was you that Mr. Zena was fucking.

-They won’t be wrong… he just gave me a tremendous fuck.

-Lariza… you really are a whore! -Let’s get out of here! I feel like all these people will be watching and criticizing us as usual.

-All right! Just give me time to go get my panties… I forgot them in the bathroom in her room.

-You really are a whore!

-Well, you’ve been his whore too… do you think your friends haven’t told me about it?

The truth is that she had left her thong on the side of the bathtub for me to find them. When I saw them, their vaginal juices were already dry. But it was also a lie that I had fucked her sister as many thought… I never fucked her. We were about to take that step and that night with Yaneth we kissed passionately, her skin bristled as I kissed her and ran my tongue down her neck… I tasted her two nipples and reached her mons venus. I know how that pussy looks, I know how those solid Yaneth’s buttocks feel, but she abruptly stopped everything saying: -I can’t Tony… I would lie to you saying I don’t want to, but I would never forgive myself… I have already failed my husband.

I left her to get dressed and Yaneth left the same party that my sister had celebrated two years before with sorrow. It was hard for her to see my face again and now with what happened with her sister, I think she lives that grief and has not left my sister’s company, because these days it is somewhat difficult to venture to leave a job.