For reasons of my work I have to be traveling, once I was on a trip and I was supposed to stay a week away, plans changed and I had to return in the middle of the week, I did not want to communicate this to my wife to give her a surprise.

That Thursday I arrived home at about three o’clock in the afternoon, it seemed to me that no one was home, anyway I opened the door very carefully to avoid making noise and when I was going up the stairs I heard some moaning, it was clear that someone was having pleasure.

I was paralyzed I did not know what to do, I went down to the kitchen with the suitcase grabbed a knife and was ready to kill whoever it was, when I got to the second floor the door was open and through the mirror of the dresser was clearly seen the two people was my wife with the neighbor, I think that the morbid feeling I got made my rage go away and I looked for a location where I could see the maximum without being seen, it was an extraordinary show, I decided to take my suitcase and go for a ride in a cab and I called my wife and told her that I would be home in an hour, it is more or less the time it takes from the airport to the house.

When I arrived she was all dressed up, as at that time there is no one at home I decided to take her to bed to see what her response was and the truth is that we had wonderful sex, for me it was something spectacular because I remembered the images that had stayed in my memory of her with the neighbor.

I got advice from someone who helped me to put some cameras strategically placed in the room and that recorded with motion detection. It was spectacular because the first videos I had was having sex with my wife, it is curious to see yourself as a porn actor and more with the woman as an actress.

I was out of the house for a week and when I came back I looked for the recordings and I started to watch them, there was one where the scene of my wife with the neighbor was well recorded, they entered the room, they kissed passionately, caressing their breasts over their clothes, they stuck their tongues out and rubbed them against each other, they sucked each other, my neighbor took off my wife’s clothes and she was left with only her underwear.

She started to take off her neighbor’s clothes while they caressed each other, the neighbor was left in white thongs, she lay down and my wife rubbed her finger all over her slit while she also sucked her nipples, ummm I can’t even remember.

They did a 69 and licked each other really good, they moaned and even screamed, then they hugged and rubbed nipple against nipple, kissing and touching each other’s pussy.

Then they intertwined their legs and each one hugged the other’s leg and rubbed their cunts against each other, they must have been very wet because the sound you hear in the video is crazy, I saw how my neighbor began to tremble and almost immediately my wife also went into a trance.

Each one clung tightly to the other’s leg and rubbed against each other, the sound you hear is a spectacular melody, you could feel the moisture between their legs when they separated, they lay down next to each other and kissed slowly without haste, they caressed each other and fell asleep for a while, then they went into the bathroom and I regretted not having put the camera there, because the moans that could be heard were phenomenal. They return to the room with wet hair completely naked, get dressed, give each other a kiss and leave.

Watching all the sex videos I noticed something and that is that they never put anything other than their fingers or their tongues, just by rubbing their cunts against each other you can tell that they have spectacular orgasms.

Of course this observation has served me well when I have sex with my wife sometimes I skip penetrating her and I caress her, I just pass the tip of my dick all over her slit and I see how she shudders with pleasure and gets all wet with the amount of vaginal juices she spurts, when I do that after she finishes I get a blowjob that leaves me seeing little stars.