In my parents’ bed

A girl is seduced by her babysitter and they use her parents’ bed to unleash their passion .

Sara is a very pretty 18 year old girl with brown eyes, straight black hair in pigtails, cuddly with small breasts that were beginning to develop, nice legs and a pert little tail.

Her parents were hardly home because of work, so much so that they hired a nanny named Alina, a 24 year old woman, beautiful but not voluptuous, brunette with black hair, brown eyes, bulging breasts, not so flat abdomen, long, fleshy legs and an unenviable ass.

Sara’s parents had given Alina a lot of trust, so much so that they planned and went on their second honeymoon leaving Sara for a week in Alina’s care, and since Alina loved Sara she decided this was her chance to have sex with her.

At noon on Monday, Sara came home from school, she bathed and changed while Alina prepared lunch, they had lunch and Sara did her homework while Alina put the house in order. In the evening Alina prepared dinner for Sara, they had dinner and as always after dinner Sara used to have dessert, she finished and asked: what about dessert?

– It is a surprise.

– Alina answered.

Then she started to caress her and Sara said:

“What are you doing?

– At first you will be hesitant but let yourself go and you will even want more,” answered Alina. Then he started to kiss her forehead and then he went down to kiss her lips and then Alina stopped and said

– Not here, I have a plan and you will come with me. And she took her to her parents’ room, which she locked and started kissing Sara with a lot of passion, she introduced her tongue in Sara’s mouth, then she went down and kissed her neck, Sara started breathing harder and a moan escaped her, Alina continued, she took off her blouse and shorts, leaving her completely naked, showing a little pink and virginal vagina, Alina got very excited, she pounced on Sara and sucked her breasts, Sara began to moan, Alina ran her tongue through her navel and down to her vagina, which she began to kiss, and then to suck and while Sara screamed with pleasure and asked for more until she came in an orgasm, her first orgasm, to which she smiled – Did you like it? – Alina asked.

– Yes, I did. – answered Sara.

Alina got up and started to striptease Sara and to undress, Sara watched her and was left with her mouth open, Alina was completely naked showing her big breasts and a vagina with a good hair well groomed.

– So you asked for dessert, here is your dessert.

– Alina said and before Sara could answer something she kissed her and took her hair in her pigtails and forced her to suck her breasts, they almost didn’t fit in Sara’s mouth, Alina got more excited and came up with an idea, she put a submission collar on Sara and stood up, she forced Sara to crawl and lick her feet while she was going up, when she got to Alina’s vagina, Sara seemed unwilling but Alina grabbed her hair pigtails and pushed Sara’s head into her vagina, Sara opened her mouth, and went in her tongue the vagina and part of the hair, the taste she felt it exquisite and started licking and then sucking, Alina was on cloud nine but then she forced her to go to her ass, she opened her butthole and ordered her to suck.

At first Sara didn’t want to but Alina again grabbed the pigtails and stuck her face between her ass, Sara stuck her tongue out and started licking Alina’s butthole, the taste pleased her and Alina got turned on and kept moving, but before she reached orgasm she stopped, made Sara stop and made her lay on her back on her parents bed, then Alina climbed on top of her putting her vagina on Sara’s face, then Sara started to lick and suck while Alina grabbed her hair and started to move moaning, so it wasn’t long before she came in Sara’s mouth, a lot of vaginal juices and also creamy, Sara drank it all and her face was stained white.

– I liked the dessert.

– Sara said ecstatically.

– When you want more let me know. – replied Alina.

– But if you want this dessert from now on you will be my slave and you will do what I tell you and you will obey me by answering yes mistress, understood?

– Yes mistress,” answered Sara.

– That’s the way I like it,” said Alina.

From then on Sara became her nanny’s sex slave until she became of age and they didn’t need her anymore, Alina would later find another home with another girl that she would enslave as well …..