In the apartment under construction

Hello again with a story of how hot my ex and I were.

Friday morning she dialed me very early at home, and asked me to go drop off some money that her dad had to give to the bricklayer who was building some apartments. So I told her to just let me take a bath and I would pick her up at her house.

During that week, we had seen each other every day, almost always at lunchtime and sometimes in the middle of the day, and as I told you we were both very horny, every time we had the opportunity we liked to have sex wherever we felt like it, but during those days we had not been able to, since it was school vacation, her brothers were at home and my brother was also at mine, and since her dad was working in the mornings, he would not let me go out with her in the afternoons. So it was just a few frolics that left us both very horny.

When I arrived at her house she was already waiting for me at the door, she was dressed as normal, with jeans and a purple lycra blouse, she got into the car and we had a very wet and long kiss.

I: I’m glad you didn’t take too long, my dad just talked to my mom and told her that maybe I would be able to see the bricklayer.

Me: Well, didn’t he have a double shift?

I: Well, that’s what he told us yesterday when he left, but the friend who had asked him to cover for him always came.

Me: ok, well let’s go and I hope he doesn’t come when we are there, you see he doesn’t like us to be alone for a long time, who knows why? hahaha.

I: well if you see how he takes care of me, we better go.

So I started and we headed towards the land where they were building, during the way which was not very far from his house, we only commented that during those days we had not had sex. When we got to the place, we realized that we could pass, without having to wait for the bricklayer, he was already there, so she gave him the money and told him that maybe his dad would arrive, he told us that it was fine and that if we wanted we could see how the construction was going, that it wouldn’t take long.

As soon as he left and closed the door, she told me, let’s go upstairs to see how it looks, so we went up the typical stairs of the construction, wooden and not very stable, I told her you go up first, I want to see your beautiful ass, while I go up behind you.

I liked very much to see her ass, round and well formed, whenever I could I grabbed her buttocks and massaged them, that’s what I did while I was going up.

I: wait for me, we may fall.

Me: ok but you know I really like your buttocks.

As soon as we went upstairs, I wasted no time and started kissing her and touching her all over, she responded in the same way and started rubbing my penis on my pants, while I grabbed her buttocks hard and pulled them apart, as I could I managed to get my hand under her pants to feel the skin of her buttocks, she started stimulating my penis more with her hand.

I: it’s already getting like that, mmm….

Me: and I like to feel your skin like that.

I: pull down my pants, quickly we have to take advantage of the fact that there is no one around, I need you inside me.

That’s what I did and while I was pulling down her pants, I was kissing her tits, I went down more and kissed her abdomen, a little more and kissed her crotch over her panties, she held my head and pressed it more towards her.

I: mmm… ah ah, let’s find a place to get comfortable….

Me: what do you think about leaning on that window, (which was under construction, there was only the space where they would put the window).

I: they will see us.

Me: stand as if you were looking towards the street, lean your arms there.

So she did, while I kissed her back, and went down to her waist and buttocks, I gave her a little nibble that made her moan very lightly, but very sensual, I pulled her panties down to her ankles and opened her buttocks, to have access to her vulva and started to run my tongue up and down, she tried to hold her moans and only lifted her buttocks more towards me, I continued to run my tongue up and down her vulva, I opened it with one hand and felt how it began to lubricate, she only contained her movements and her moans, since she was literally with almost half her body out.

Suddenly she turned around and told me to stop for a moment, someone was approaching in the street and coming from the side where we were, I didn’t pay attention to her, I just pulled her more from the waist towards me and started to put a finger in her vagina, she started to move her hips and moan a little louder, she bent over completely and I felt how she had her orgasm, Her legs were trembling and she lubricated very well, she wanted to feel her warmth and I wanted to watch how my penis entered her vagina, I took my fingers out and pointed my penis at her vulva, my penis also already had pre-seminal fluid, I just spread it over my glans and started to put it in little by little.

I: now put it all in, don’t do that to me, especially here, ahhh ahhh my legs are shaking.

Me: I like to see how you eat it, slowly.

She lowered her leg and left her ass standing so I could continue with the in and out, it was going in and out very rich, we both began to sweat and moan louder, I held her waist and the movements were faster and faster and the collision of my pelvis with her buttocks were heard louder and louder. Having her in that position, it was easy for me to get close to her neck and kiss her, I touched her tits even with her bra on, to which she helped me to free one of her tits and be able to play better. Her moans sometimes I held them back and sometimes I let them get louder.

I: give me more, don’t stop mmmm….

I started to move faster and she was moving her hips in a circular motion and up and down, I was in the middle of it when I pushed her a little more and with one finger I started to touch her anus.

I: Don’t start being naughty eh, mmm…. You’re going to have to put it up my ass, ahhh that’s nice…. I like anal.

Me: that’s what I want, I want to take it up your ass and fill it…

The smell of sex was delicious in that space, which at first was earthy and wet.

I: all right, give it to me in my ass, but now, the bricklayer may come back or my daddy may arrive.

I took it out and put some saliva on it, I placed it at the entrance of her anus, and she began to move towards me, little by little her sphincter was relaxing, I pulled her waist and she separated her buttocks with one hand and the other had her leaning against the wall, I was very excited to see her face of pain and pleasure when she received my penis in her rich ass, she knew it very well, and made a face of “I’m going to eat all of you”.

I: I love it when you fuck me in the ass, give it all to me now….

I put what was left in all at once and she shuddered, her skin became chinita and screamed, more of pleasure than pain, we started with the in and out, she tried to keep the pace, but suddenly I would increase it or take it out completely, to see her dilated anus.

I: don’t do that, you excite me and at the same time it hurts when you take it all out, aahh but go on, I’m all yours….

I pushed it in all at once and pulled her hair with one hand, with the other I pulled her waist, the movements were getting stronger and faster, I let go of her hair and started rubbing her clitoris, while she only told me to give it harder and not to stop, we were like that for a few minutes when I felt I was about to come, she felt it too:

I: leave them all in my ass, I want to feel them all the way inside, you are making me see….

At that moment she came really good, her wetness dripped down her legs, while I continued with stronger and deeper thrusts, her legs bent a little, when I also came, she squeezed her anus more, as if she didn’t want me to pull out, she kept it like that for a few moments and relaxed it, she squeezed it really good. When I pulled it out, I helped her so she wouldn’t fall down, her legs were trembling, she turned around and we had a very wet and long kiss.

I: you turn me on too much when you fuck me like this, in this kind of places or when they can catch us….

We were both still with our pants around our ankles, I was about to answer him, when we heard the door open, it was the bricklayer who had returned, we put our clothes back on, when he shouted to us that we were upstairs, to which I answered yes, that we were coming down, we shook our clothes a little and went down, he saw us with a face like we were doing? we were both still a little sweaty and she was still red in the face, for the rich sex session we had had.

We said goodbye to him and left the place, almost when we got to the car, her dad arrived, he saw us and told her to go with him, that it wouldn’t take long, she replied that she was fine and we said goodbye with a peck, kiss without tongue or anything, we agreed to talk in the afternoon, and I went home to have lunch and sleep for a while.