In the office 4

At the employees’ party, Regina gives a private party to Karla.
After the experience in the plaza, Ines and her daughter Karla arrive home to rest and get everything ready, it is the week before the party, that party is on Sunday and although Ines did not want to go, she did not want to stand up Regina her employer, who was grateful for taking care of her daughter, Karla for her part, already liked the theme of sex and having been with 4 women, so it was all the same to her.

The day of the party, Regina was wearing a red dress, low-cut, with a spectacular hairstyle, she looked like the queen of the party, all the employees and their families arrived, the party lasted all day, and at the end of the afternoon, most of the employees were leaving and Inés was chatting with her colleagues while drinking, in that moment of distraction, Regina called Karla and the girl went with her to the boss’s office, Regina locked the office, karla was wearing a little green dress with a bow in the middle, her hair was in a ponytail and she was wearing sandals, Regina was excited to see this girl and proceeded to kiss her on the mouth, karla reciprocated the kiss and Regina took off her dress, karla instinctively took off her sandals, remaining in her panties, Regina began to suck her breasts and karla was breathing heavily, then Regina with her teeth, took off karla’s panties, she smelled them and then put them away, She smelled them and then put them in a drawer of her desk, then she proceeded to lay her down on her desk, first face down to suck her anus, then to put a finger in her, at first it hurt the girl but then she began to like it, and while Regina with one of the fingers of her hand was penetrating Karla anally, with the other hand she grabbed the girl’s hair and began to make her a metesaca at first soft but then faster and more violent, karla did nothing but moaning and exploring with pleasure for the fuck that Regina was giving her, then the finger passed it from the anus to the vagina, which also pumped violently, karla at first cried in pain, then began to feel a heat and small itching in the vagina and asked to give her more, Regina continued boleando finger to karla until finally the girl had her orgasm in the hand of Regina, who took it to the mouth of karla to drink her own cum.

Then, karla was ecstatic on Regina’s desk while she, did a sensual dance on her, and was stripping and taking off her dress, then she took off her bra and made karla take off her dental floss, after she had taken it off, she made karla bite it, then karla put the floss aside and started kissing Regina’s feet, she started to get excited, then karla went up until she reached her buttocks, which she started to kiss and with her little hands she opened them to put her tongue in Regina’s anus, karla licked the anus while Regina excitedly moaned- don’t stop karlita my love, don’t stop, I like how you eat my anus.

Then, she finished and Regina sat on the desk, karla kissed Regina, then went down to suck her breasts, Regina was breathing heavily again, then karla went down and kissed her navel, to finally get to her vagina, karla anxiously, started sucking, Regina felt on cloud nine, she even grabbed Karla’s hair and stuck it to her vagina, she moved her pelvis to the rhythm of Karla’s sucking, who was intensifying her speed, until Regina had her orgasm which Karla drank until Regina’s vagina was clean.

  • Thank you baby I loved it all.
  • Regina, I loved that little juice you give me – it’s all for you karlita, now we have to get ready because your mom must be looking for you, go with her and I’ll be right there.
  • Okay Regina and thank you.
  • No problem baby. And Karla got dressed and sneaked out of Regina’s office, when she arrived to where her mom Ines was, she was already alone but almost asleep because she was so drunk, after a while Regina appeared and when she saw Ines like that and Karla with her innocent face, she went with them in her car and left them in the house.

After leaving them in the house, Regina gave Karla one last grope, Regina left and Karla and Ines went to sleep, the next day ……..