It happened on the way out of school

A 16 year old girl comes out of school, is persuaded by a much older woman and has the best experience of her life.

Johana is a 16 year old girl, she was in grade 10 at school, she was smart, vivacious and beautiful, she had cute hair, blue eyes, innocent look, budding breasts that looked big with her uniform, shapely legs and very pretty miniskirt.

Every day she went home alone, since her mother worked and traveled frequently and her father did not live with them, so she practically lived alone.

One day she left school and on the way a vehicle followed her, at first she was scared but she looked inside and saw a beautiful lady, white skin, black hair, brown eyes, full lips, dressed in a low-cut blouse and black pants, big breasts and shapely legs, tall woman.

-What are you doing here all alone? – asked the lady.

  • I’m on my way home, I just live there. – Johana said.
  • Get in, I’ll give you a ride. Johana got in the car and the lady drove her to the house.
  • Do you want to come in? – Johana invited.
  • Thank you. By the way, I haven’t introduced myself, my name is Arelys and yours? – Johana. – Johana answered.
  • Johana, what a beautiful name and you are also very beautiful, how old are you? – 14 years old, Johana answered.
  • What brings you here? – Johana asked.
  • I just picked up my niece and took her home and on my way back I saw you and here we are. – Arelys answered.
  • And what do you do? – I am president of an insurance company and how old are you?
  • I am 35 years old. – You look very pretty. – Johana said and blushed at the same time.

Then they spent a long time talking about banal things and they got to the sexual topic, which Johana didn’t know yet and was a little scared but Arelys said: “Don’t worry, these are things that are normal to talk about, in fact, I can help you with that.

And she started to caress her cheek, Johana felt uncomfortable at first and much more when arelys kissed her, at first, in a soft way but when Johana had confidence, arelys started to kiss her with tongue, Johana started to breathe heavily while arelys touched her breasts and kissed her, then arelys started to kiss Johana’s neck while she took off her blouse and bra, then she started to suck her breasts, Johana moaned, while arelys took off her blouse and bra, Johana opened her eyes in surprise to see big breasts with beautiful brown aureoles, Arelys offered them and Johana started sucking, Arelys was in heaven having a girl tasting her breasts, Arelys pulled Johana aside to remove her skirt, then she took off her panties with her teeth, Then, when she saw Johana’s naked vagina, pink, virginal and with just a few hairs peeking out, her eyes sparkled, she laid her down on the living room sofa and began to suck her vagina, Johana began to moan while Arelys sucked, and she did it with such passion that Johana began to feel contractions and finally had her orgasm, her first orgasm, then Arelys kissed Johana and gave her a taste of her juices, later Arelys stood in front of Johana and finished undressing, taking off her pants and dental floss, leaving her totally naked, Johana was surprised and excited to see a great body, but above all a hairy vagina and a pierced navel, then Arelys climbed on top of Johana, kneeling and placing her vagina at the height of Johana’s face, at first she was uncomfortable, but when she felt the smell of the vagina, Johana began to stick out her tongue and started to lick, the taste of it attracted her so much that she no longer licked but sucked, she was not uncomfortable with the hairs that entered Johana’s mouth, and arelys was in glory moving her pelvis over Johana’s face and she moaned and moved so much that she had a creamy orgasm over Johana’s mouth, which she devoured with pleasure, then she cleaned her vagina with her tongue and arelys got off and kissed Johana passionately.

Already almost at night, arelys said goodbye to Johana, and from there they continue to see each other for many sexual encounters until Johana enters college.