Layla, an angelic face, a divine ass

I met Layla in my second semester at the university and although she was not a student, she lived in the apartments where I had changed, because I never really liked to share a room with anyone else and I am an advocate of hygiene and order and my roommate was a bit messy and I also like my privacy.

Layla lived on the top floor and from the first time I saw her she caught my attention. She is that kind of girl who dresses sensually. She had a sensual figure and an angelic little face with beautiful blue eyes. She always gave me the idea that she worked as an erotic dancer or she was one of those girls who call herself an escort in a clandestine business so as not to be obvious the prostitution of the high class. She was really very beautiful, any man would be struck by the way she looked, because her ass and curves were really divine. Sometimes I saw her in the pool wearing a small bikini that left the rest to the imagination. She was a simply beautiful girl.

A few times she smiled at me and said a polite hello, but we never made small talk when we passed each other in the hallways or at the pool of the apartment complex. The talk came when we were in the laundry room, as she had noticed that Fridays at noon was when it was the least busy. On one occasion she let me know that the dryer she was using was now available. I saw her come out with her basket and as soon as I put my clothes in the dryer I noticed that she had forgotten an undergarment. It was a tiny striped bikini in shades of blue, which I kept just to let my imagination run wild.

I don’t know if I did it on purpose, but on another occasion the same thing happened and that time I had left a fuchsia colored thong, which I also kept, because this time I realized it until my clothes had dried. For these days we spoke little… it was a distanced friendship, if it could be called friendship, the truth is that communication was brief and I took the time to admire her from a distance, because Layla looked divine in her sport pants tight to her body or with those shorts, which were really short almost showing the curves of her buttocks. It drove many of us males who lived there crazy.

I don’t remember precisely how long it was, but one early morning I was awakened by Layla’s panting and moaning. I could hear the thumping of a bed that carried that rhythm of a back-and-forth of a tremendous fuck. I started to imagine the fucking Layla was getting and pulled off her forgotten panties to imagine the ass this lucky guy was fucking. This happened on several occasions and always at this time of the morning. I didn’t jerk her off because I never liked self-satisfaction and also for these times, I was lucky enough to have several girls to relieve these pressures with and I preferred to save my strength for these girls, rather than just jerking her off. That turned me on, but it only raised the pressure to look for a girl in college and let her go for a couple of sticks.

The truth is that I never saw her going up or coming down from the apartment accompanied by anyone. The few times I saw her go out she was always well made up, seductively dressed and that’s why I always had the idea that she worked as an escort. If I had been sure of it maybe I would have asked her price, but I never had the courage. In those days she was 22 years old, but her angelic little face gave her the youthful face of an underage girl. I knew her age because someone mistakenly arrived with a bouquet of roses and a birthday balloon with the number 22 on it, which she ended up leaving in my apartment, as Layla didn’t answer the door that afternoon.

Everything changed with a tremor or earthquake that also surprised us in the early morning, which left Layla frozen with panic, as she was the only one who did not leave her apartment at first light. We all remembered her and it was I who went up and assisted Layla down from the second floor of the apartments. She was in just a robe and her living room looked like chaos as a cabinet shelf came down with dishes and glassware and since she couldn’t find shoes, she couldn’t get out lest she hurt herself on the broken glass. I carried her and got her to her feet already outside her apartment and then brought her a blanket of mine, as it was a cool day in the San Francisco Bay Area that day.

Layla was so panicked about another earthquake that she ended up staying in my apartment, which was on the second floor. And it is in this way that I become closer to her. She sleeps on the couch, which also doubles as a bed, and bathes with the doors open and sometimes I watched her alone with a towel draped over her. He goes upstairs alone to take clothes, and regularly asks me to accompany him. I think all the other men around are envious of me, but to their bad luck, most are married and I am single living alone, and now accompanied by this beautiful girl. The first three days were routine, but the weekend came and on Friday I had no classes at the university and she would leave the apartment when I left and return when I was there. I remember asking her about her job and she gave me some sort of mysterious answer. -It’s better if you don’t know what I do! -she said.

She had a small suitcase that she regularly carried and on one occasion she opened it when I was present and had a bundle of bills that I could estimate at several thousand. She had no money problems and her spending habits were of the expensive kind. She had a luxury vehicle and her clothes were from renowned designers and so were her shoes and handbags. And that was why I suspected that she was a high-class prostitute, and her response hinted at it.

That Friday she invited me to breakfast at a restaurant and then we stopped by to get a cognac whose cost was about a hundred dollars in the late eighties. That afternoon we had a few drinks while watching television and perhaps because of the courage I got from the drinks, I let her know that I had two of her underwear that I had left in the dryer and that I had not returned them to her so as not to make her feel uncomfortable, but the truth was that I was embarrassed to mention or return them to her. She looked at me somewhat surprised and asked me to look at them.

-Yes. – she said to me. I liked that fuchsia-colored thong so much that I looked for it and looked for it without finding it… and look, you had it. -Then he asked me a somewhat mischievous and uncomfortable question: -And why did you keep it and not get rid of it?

-I don’t know! I thought maybe someday I could return it.

-Do you like girls in thongs? -he asked me right away.

-I think all men like them. – I answered.

-Do you want to see me in a thong?

-Who doesn’t? -I said.

-Wait. -He said, as if I was going to leave.

He got up, looked on the radio for music and started to give me a strip tease or dance while he undressed. I really couldn’t believe it. That girl I liked so much and wanted her so much was there undressing in front of me. She was wearing a cotton shirt of a well known sports brand, jeans well adjusted to her beautiful body, when she removed her shirt she was left with a black bra of a C cup. I had already seen her in a bikini at the pool and I knew her flat stomach, but it is a delight to see her undress. She removes her bra and throws it in my face… I smell the scent of her skin. She removes her tennis shoes so she can slowly and leisurely remove her jeans. She unzips them and I see a black bikini that contrasts with that white skin. She takes her time so that she is only in her bikini. She tells me she will go to the bathroom and the show goes on.

She comes out covered with a towel just showing me her breasts with a light areola and medium sized nipples which look erect. Slowly she gets rid of the towel and I can see that she is wearing that fuchsia thong that I have returned to her. She comes up to me and puts her buttocks in my face and moves them in a very sensual rhythm. She also shakes her breasts in my face. Layla smiles at me with that well made up, mischievous look. She sits on my legs and can feel that my package is tense and says in my ear: Your little friend is awake, he’s up! -I like her perfume, I like that erotic coquetry she shows. She feels very confident as if this is a well-rehearsed routine and that’s why I always thought this is what Layla was all about. She sat on my lap and asked me:

-Did you like the strip tease?

-I loved it! -I told her.

-Are you excited?

-I can’t tell? -I said.

-Can I see it?

By this time I was only wearing bikini style briefs, as several girls had told me that my package looked impressive. Layla removed my belt and then unbuttoned my pants and unzipped them. I still remember the words she said to me, because I think I have only heard this expression from her: “Poor thing, she’s crying! – It was obvious that she had already wet my panties, for seeing this girl dressed up excites and now you can imagine her wearing only a thong. She made me stand up and pulled my pants all the way down and released my cock, which was twitching upward from the blood pressure of my arousal. Layla took it in her small hands and gave me her surprised appreciation:

-You have a beautiful cock! I really like it and look forward to it.

-Could I see you totally naked? -I was still wearing my thong.

-I’ll give you the honor of taking off my thong.

I reached down to strip off her undergarment and I see a beautiful little pussy, fully shaved and with small lips and a hidden clitoris. She had also wet her thong, as a trickle of her juices spread when I removed it. She had a perfect ass, with that mark left by the bikini she wears. I thought about starting to give her oral and she sensed it, but she grabbed my hand and told me to take a shower first. She tied up her blonde hair and we went into the bathroom sink. We kissed and kissed and between soaping and scrubbing each other, once the soap was removed, we started eating each other. I enjoyed sucking her breasts, sucked her pussy and ass from behind, as she only bent her back to offer me that rich and perfect ass. She returned the favor and shoved my cock in as far as she could, which caused her to choke, but over and over again she repeated. She gave me a nice blowjob, which she extended to giving me a good blowjob on my balls. Layla is good at sucking and asks me to let my discharge go on her face as we continue into the bathroom. She gives me some kind of blowjob and handjob and makes me pop and I see my cum on Layla’s pretty face. She sucks me off until she leaves me with no evidence of sperm at all. She cleans me up and we go to my bed.

I don’t know when she did it, as I didn’t notice, but when I went straight to her rich pussy, it had a strawberry smell and taste. She had poured an edible cream which I consumed with pleasure until I discovered that natural salty taste of her pussy. Layla enjoys oral pleasure and I slide my tongue along the entire length of her pussy and plunge my tongue into her vagina and aggressively lick her clit which makes her moan and gasp with passion. I remember the moans I heard in some early mornings when someone else fucked her. You hear that snap of that throbbing in the sway of her pelvis against my tongue. She tells me in a desperate, erotic voice. I can see that glint in her eyes and I see her biting her lips from anxiety and the feeling that her orgasm is coming. She moans, “Tony, put your cock in me, I feel like I’m going to come.

In missionary position I let him go every inch of my cock and took position supporting myself with my arms to see how my cock went in and out of such a rich hole. I stopped for a few seconds, but Layla kept up the desperate back and forth, sensing my orgasm. Suddenly she said: “Fuck me with all your might! Give me with all your might, I’m coming! – I drilled her pussy incessantly for a couple of minutes and Layla exploded with such a tremendous orgasm that most likely my neighbors could hear the erotic scandal of the gasps of this pretty and beautiful woman. I didn’t let her round tits out of my mouth and so sucking her nipples and with a less violent drilling she comes again to her calm. She laughs and only says to me: -You fuck divine!

I did not take it out and so I continued with a semi-slow in and out and where she began to reciprocate the blow of my onslaught. Five minutes later she was again with that violent hip movement and I took position to drill her vagina more violently. I just watched her eyes lighten and her lips pucker from the joy she felt. I could feel her vagina contracting again… those spasms that instinctively squeezed my cock. I could see sweat on her forehead and that satisfied smile again. She asked me that she wanted to come on top of me… she mounted me from the front and I watched that rhythmic movement of her hips and how her tits moved to the beat of this sexual dance. It’s nice to see the face of this girl who, if she hadn’t made me come minutes before, just by seeing that pretty face and fucking me, would have made me cum easily. But again, it’s her who announces me that she’s coming. She shakes her pelvis violently and I respond with a few thrusts that after a few minutes she announces me that she’s cumming again. This time I can’t hold on and as soon as I feel her contractions squeezing my cock, I cum in that divine hole.

She has made me tired, but I want to try her ass and I don’t know if she is available to fuck it, but before that she has already allowed me to explore it with my tongue and I try again. As soon as we are cleaned up, I move to her buttocks, which I kiss gently until I reach the opening of her anus. I massage it with my tongue and she tells me I’m driving her crazy. She tells me again that I fuck divine, that I look like a man of experience, but I like her question, because it seems more like an offer: Do you want to fuck this little ass? – I didn’t even think twice to answer her: “I’d love to! -I told her and she just said: “It’s yours Tony! I want to feel your cock in my ass too.

The truth is that I think this is the first time I fucked an ass with an experienced girl, because all the other girls I had fucked in the ass, were contemporary girls who had come to anal sex by pure chance, but without experience. Layla, after a brief oral, took my cock inch by inch in doggy style. At first it was a slow back and forth, but then it took on the thrusts of a raw porn movie. I drilled her asshole with pleasure and I don’t know if she masturbated with those violent thrusts, but I announced the first, second and third cumshots in that position. Then he mounted me in reverse, letting me see how my cock sank into that rich, reddish ass of his. Her movements are sexual, you can tell this girl knew how to fuck and that anal sex was part of her routine and maybe her services. In that position she cums again and I again touch the sky with my third cumshot.

That evening I went six times and Layla I don’t know how many, as I lost her count. By nine o’clock that night we were exhausted. We tried different positions, but the one Layla likes best is doggy style or on all fours. Whether she’s getting her pussy or ass pounded, this girl enjoys every orgasm and she gets them as long as her lover is consistent with his onslaught. And that’s what this girl complimented me on. She told me that despite my age, because she knew I was 19, I had a vigor and that she admired that I was not a premature ejaculator. The truth that day was the first time I had ever eaten an ass and fucked it as I always wanted to do. Layla with her 22 years already had that experience and I have always thought that her profession was that, that of a whore of the high class.

She stayed in my apartment for ten days and two of those days we fucked as we pleased. She adopted as a sign of sexual encounters to leave her fuchsia thong hanging on the door pin. We may have had about six or seven fucks of that magnitude, but I know she lived on fucking and I had other girls to fuck and they gradually became a nice memory. I remember one day when I was taking the girl on duty to my apartment, Layla had left the same thong hanging on the door for me. I took it with astonishment, as Jacky had already seen it, and this girl whom I fucked from time to time just told me: It’s a hint, someone around here is throwing her panties at you.

Layla was a beautiful experience and I didn’t see her again since I moved out of the apartments a year later. I still carry her moans, her gasps… the memory of those lips puckering as she experienced an orgasm… I remember the smell of her skin and that pretty little pussy with a huge ass. She was a sexy, provocative girl… simply beautiful. I remember that in one of those sexual encounters she told me: You know Tony, you are a very handsome guy and you have a divine cock… I know you can bring to your bed whoever you want… I don’t know if you have been told, but I think someone else than me will tell you: You have a pretty face, that just thinking that the dick of that pretty face is fucking me, you make me have an orgasm.