Staying at my mother-in-law’s house changed my life and I don’t know how to tell my boyfriend….

Steven is away at war in Iraq and has left me staying at his mother’s house, whom I didn’t know until two months ago, and by the way I had a weird surprise with “Her”….

It turns out that Mandy (Amanda) is a lesbian, very strong in fact, manly looking, tough, very tough!!!She is 46 years old, but looks like “a man in his thirties”…I am 21 and Steven is 26….

From the moment I arrived he did not hesitate to devour me with his eyes and constantly insinuated himself and touched me at the slightest opportunity…not to mention the comments about my “beautiful and appetizing tits” and my well rounded ass….

I had no choice but to live here with Mandy because I am alone in this country, I do not work and Steven gave me the apartment we shared before….

Being here I take care of the house and Mandy continues to work in construction and gardening….

The night that everything changed, Mandy arrived a little drunk, I was coming out of the shower and was walking naked in the room, she just passed by, she jumped on top of me and threw me on the bed, her strength controlled me, I wanted to get away but with one arm she was squeezing mine, while with her other hand she was already making her way to my pussy….

First she attacked my clitoris, she sucked my tits roughly and nibbled them, she also told me things like “what a rich bitch, delicious whore, beautiful gift that Steven left me”… she licked my face, my neck… I couldn’t do anything and now I was helpless.

I couldn’t do anything and now, without stopping working my clitoris, Mandy was now sticking two of her long, hard, rough fingers into my vagina reaching my G-spot….

I was no longer complaining, I had stopped struggling to free myself, intense and very deep sensations of pleasure were taking hold of me…electricity was running through my so far “abstinent” body and I was convulsing with pleasure…IT DID NOT TAKE LONG…THE ORGASM CAME AND HOW!!!, I had never felt anything like this before…no man, neither Steven nor my previous lovers, had ever made me feel what Mandy was giving me…

With her effective “ninja claw technique” on my G-spot and her work on my clitoris I had multiple orgasms, one after another that at first I thought I was urinating, I was scared, but it was a delicious ejaculation that for the first time I had thanks to Mandy, she was now sticking to my vulva to taste those fluids….

She was telling me that “squirting” was beautiful, that she loved to see all that delicious fluid coming out of my vulva and how she liked my taste….
Then she sat up and kissed me on the mouth, always leaving one hand on my pussy and making me cum over and over again….

We were kissing fiercely, I could not believe what I was living, with a lesbian, who is also my mother-in-law, and who was enjoying it as much as I was enjoying it, when I had never in my life thought about having sex with a woman!

After a while Mandy left the room, but she told me to stay there naked, that the party was not over yet….

After a while, she came in naked, just wearing a belt on her hip from which hung a huge dildo of enormous dimensions (30 cms.) and with which she would fuck me…
Her image is that of a strong man, his flat chest, super wide back, super defined abs, solid and muscular legs, arms of steel… and then that cock hanging with those dimensions… uuufffff!!!!!

He kissed me again, his hand went back to fuck my vulva and gave me other rich orgasms “ninja claw” style and the “squirting” continued, suddenly, he took his hand out, opened my legs even more, pulled me to the edge of the bed and pulled me in my wet and lubricated pussy all that huge rubber cock, then he kept a rhythm that drove me crazy, the pleasure was enormous, to feel me filled with that huge cock, much bigger than Steven’s, of course, and very well used by Mandy was a continuous ecstasy…

That night I didn’t want to end, we stayed up until the wee hours of the morning, I think I had a thousand orgasms and the huge cock penetrated my pussy and my ass at will…my balls were stiff as stone from the excitement…I couldn’t believe what was happening….

I enjoyed being dominated and possessed by Mandy, I had never experienced such pleasure….

She took a lesbian woman for me to discover such tremendously pleasurable sexual horizons…and I was no longer ashamed to think about it….

Since that night I am his always, I am “Mandy’s woman” and I don’t know what will happen when Steven comes back…I love him, but I love Mandy too and the pleasure I have now I don’t think I am ready to lose it…