Love on the coast 2

The love aroused between Ana and Ema turns into a perverted sexual desire.

The next day Ana woke up, and next to her Ana, whom she woke up and enlisted to take to the foundation. When she arrived there she met in the direction of Rogelio.

-Rogelio, I need to confess something to you, but don’t let it get out of here, what happens is that I feel something for this girl Ema, I don’t know, it’s something strange, every time I see her I feel an attraction towards her and I’m afraid.

-Mrs. Ana, look what you are telling me is complicated, I keep the secret, don’t worry but you have to handle this with care, lest this leads to problems.

-I know, Rogelio, but what can I do?

  • Doña Ana, haven’t you thought about adopting her? I mean, if you think about it and decide to do it, I can help you with the issue, but you have to do the paperwork yourself.
  • Rogelio, don’t worry, I will talk to Ema and if she accepts I will do what I have to do.
  • That said, so that you can talk about it calmly, I give permission for the girl to spend the weekend with you, but you know, be careful.

That weekend Ema went to Ana’s house, on Saturday afternoon they went for a walk to the park, they ate ice cream, they went to the beach for a walk, they spent a nice afternoon and in the evening they arrived home and after dinner Ana told Ema about the situation:

-Ema, what happens is that I think you are a very beautiful girl and I like you a lot, besides I also like you and I have thought about adopting you and I don’t know if you want to, but you decide.

-Ana, you have done so much for me, I don’t know if I deserve this, but I really want you to adopt me, I want to be with you because I also like you.

Having said this, Ana was happy and stole a euphoric kiss that became passionate to Ana to whom she took off her clothes, kissed her neck and gave her a hickey, then began to suck her breasts, Ema was breathing heavily and began to emit small moans, then she went down her navel and soft to her vagina, which she began to kiss as if it were a mouth and then begins to suck, Ema moans delighted that Ana sucks her vagina and moves to the rhythm of the sucking until she comes in an orgasm.

Then she rests and Ana carries Ema in her arms to her room, there Ana undresses completely and sits on the bed opening her legs, inviting Ema first to suck her breasts which she did as if she had never breastfed, then she went down to her navel and then to her vagina, which she was kissing and sucking forming a mustache to Ema, Ana moans and moves to the rhythm of the sucking, then she stood up, made Ema kneel down and made her suck her anus, At first the girl didn’t like the idea but when she smelled it and felt something special there, her little face came in and she started to stick her tongue in and out Ana’s anus, Ana moaned and grabbed Ema’s head and moved according to the rhythm of the sucking, then Ana made Ema lie down on her back, Ema sucked with passion and Ana moaned in an incredible way, and moved to the rhythm of the blowjobs until she came in a white orgasm, which Ema drank all of it until she left her beloved’s vagina clean. After this they went to sleep.
In the next chapter I will tell you about the adoption and how a neighbor of Ana’s enters this story….