Luisa, my aunt’s goddaughter (Part Two)

I sat there watching. Luisa got off the table, approached me, sat on top of me facing me, sticking her wet vagina to my already flaccid penis, placing her hands on my chest, she looked me straight in the eyes without saying words, I perceived satisfaction and rage, a mixture of both feelings.

My hands held and squeezed her big round buttocks, her back was arched, her breasts I pressed them to my chest leaning her head close to my shoulder, I gently caressed her thighs and hips, when I heard between whispers -don’t go, stay a little longer.

I replied as I stroked her hair. I can’t, I have to go, but I promise I’ll come back for you. She remained without saying anything, lifted her head from my shoulder, took my face and kissed me softly and tenderly, got up, took her shirt, put it on, while it was buttoned up she looked at me, then turned her back to me and left my room without making a sound. I fell asleep without going out to take a shower, I wanted to have his smell with me.

6:00 am. The alarm sounds, I wake up, I open my eyes and immediately came to my mind what happened last night with Luisa, I look at the ceiling thinking about every detail, I smiled, I stand up and go out to the shower, my body was still impregnated with the smell of sex, while the water ran through my body I thought of her, in every moment lived since I saw her for the first time. I impaled myself immediately, and began to masturbate, my cock was aching, it was a pleasant pain, soapy and I was going up and down the liner, when I feel the shower door open, I open my eyes and it was her with a tiny towel covering her body with difficulty.

-Good morning Alex, can I take a bath with you? I know that in a couple of hours you will leave and I won’t see you again, don’t make noise so my godmother won’t hear us. -When I was about to pronounce words, she put a finger on my mouth and said, “Don’t say anything, words are carried away by the wind.

Without letting me speak to say anything or at least a yes, she dropped the towel on the floor leaving me naked, I admired her nice tits, those wide hips and that fleshy pussy that let out the lower lips, she entered the shower, hugged me, and kissed me.

Again I turned on both faucets of the shower, the water ran down our bodies, I kissed her and pressed her against me, she had her tongue very restless and morbid, she carved all over my mouth and her hand pulled and squeezed my cock hard, that hurt me, but I liked to feel that pain, it reminded me of how I detached her from her virginity both vaginally and anally. Anal.

I ran the soap over her back, hips and buttocks, sucked her tits while my fingers did their job “index and middle finger went in and out, ring finger caressed the clitoris, and the thumb in a circular motion moved inside her ass.

She bit my tongue a little hard, when I tried to remove it she let go and began to suck it as if relieving the pain she had caused me, with my free hand I squeezed hard on her hips while I gave more rudeness and speed to my fingers, she pulled my tongue hard, I opened my eyes and spanked her hard, I felt how my hand turned red and burned, she let out a little cry of pain and her eyes filled with tears, I rubbed her buttock that was hot and wet, I told her I was sorry, but it was hurting me what she was doing to me.

-Sorry Alex it is the excitement you make me feel with your fingers inside me and licking my nipples, that my reaction was to bite you and suck your tongue hard while I was having a pleasurable orgasm. I finished divine with that thing you were doing to me, my buttock hurts, but I love this.

I turned her over and pinned her against the wall, got down on my knees and kissed her buttocks I had really fingered her! On that battered spot I rubbed, and licking I told her I was sorry, but she had asked for it. She nodded her head yes. Then I spread that pair of buttocks open and began to give her a blowjob on her ass that she writhed in pleasure, arched her back and bit down hard on one of her hands with a clenched fist, and with the other I squeezed her tits and at times pinched the hardened nipples.

In that same position I was licking her pussy that was dripping her own juices of excitement, I listened as she gasped and as her body shuddered, my phallus was expelling drops of lubrication, and Luisa was having another orgasm, but this time stronger.

With an agitated and tired voice she sobbingly asked me to penetrate her ass, to give it to her hard?

-Alex, I want to feel your cock entering like a torpedo inside my hole, do it NOW, I can’t stand it, you perverted bastard, I want that big head of yours to tear me more than last night.

Those words obviously turned me on more, I stood up and placed my glans all over her anus, trying to penetrate, but it was having some difficulty getting in, it was so tight.

She put pressure backwards helping it to enter, Luisa pushed her ass hard towards me in a straight line, and I at the same time gave a strong lunge, and at that moment all my cock entered in one complete stroke, leaving only my balls outside.

She again put her hand to her mouth to keep from screaming, clenched her teeth in her fist, and took a deep breath.

We stood without moving and before long she began to give slow hip movements, and to her rhythm I thrust my cock in and out of her tight ass, it was divine to feel her open up for me and how we enjoyed it, her buttocks slapped hard against my pelvis making that exciting sound of two sweaty bodies having sex.

My hands were clinging to her waist and she was masturbating with one hand and the other was on my right buttock squeezing and pushing into her.

I was giving with strength and I felt how she vanished in front of me, she let go of my buttock and took her hand out of her between her legs and with both hands she held tightly to the hot and cold water faucets, she sighed and started to pee, the jets came out like a spring, they ran down her legs, she was panting with lust, that smell of pee raised my morbidness more, I kept on giving her, but this time I had my hands on her tits, I squeezed them hard, the more I pushed it in and out, the more I squeezed her tits and nipples, my cock got harder and I felt the sensation of coming and that was when I exploded inside her, I felt the jets of cum enter her hole, I continued with a slow movement until I stopped, I pulled my penis out, I lay down on her back and kissed her neck.

She rejoined me, turned around and stood in front of me, we kissed and proceeded to take a bath.

When we finished showering and drying our bodies, she put on her panties and bra and said to me:

-Did you like your farewell? I may never see you again, I want you to keep these moments we spent together in your memory and not forget them. I won’t be able to forget them.

He kissed me goodbye and left the bathroom, I finished what I needed to do and went straight to my room.

I dressed quickly and went out with my suitcase, Aunt Mary was in the kitchen, I drank coffee and talked a little, I said goodbye with a kiss and a hug and I asked her about Luisa, she answered me -Mijo she left before you left the room. I simply said -OK, I said goodbye to her.

On the way home I couldn’t stop thinking about Luisa, remembering every moment I lived, from her spoiled brattyness to making her mine. Well actually, who made who mine? I had to see her again, I had to invent a pretext to be with her again.

I arrived at my apartment, tired from the trip, I took a shower and had a light lunch, then I started to pack my suitcase, what was my surprise? There was a little gift bag, when I opened it, there was a transparent black string of lace with a note that read.

“This gift is a souvenir of me for you, it’s sweaty from a whole day, it has my natural smell so you won’t forget it, every time you want me around just look for it, bring it to your nose and feel my aroma of passionate and desirous woman, I know you like it, by the way it’s the one I had on the second time you gave me the tail for high school, another thing, you will be missing in your luggage a long sleeve white shirt and a boxer of the same color, I stole them for you to also feel that you are by my side. Finally this is my number, you never took the trouble to ask me for it AND you want your clothes back. You know what you have to do. Goodbye.”

I sat on the edge of the bed and thought “I should definitely go back”.