Mariele hard at work

This time I will tell you the story of Mariele, a very attractive former co-worker.

She was a 44 year old Milf, single mother, short, with white skin and short V-shaped hair.

Undoubtedly what was most striking about her was the beautiful, huge ass she had, very well formed and firm that when she walked it even seemed that it was hard for her to move such a pair of buttocks, even if she wore not so tight pants it was quite noticeable and when she wore some tight pants or a skirt it was even more noticeable.

We worked in a store where she was the manager and in those days it was just her and me, we got along very well, she was a very educated and intelligent woman, she always had a topic of conversation, she was very pretty and very kind to me although due to the age difference I never dared to insinuate anything else, (I was 27 at that time).

I don’t know if Mariele did it on purpose or because she couldn’t do it any other way, she always delighted me by showing me her buttocks when she bent down in front of me because something fell or she was looking for something on the floor, when we were cleaning or arranging merchandise, I could always see her ass very close to me.

More than once I rose her buttocks with my hand by mere accident or my arm with her tits when we were arranging something, we never commented on that because sometimes the work was so busy that those incidents just happened….

And even though she was very open and sometimes we got to talk about sex as many other topics it was always a topic for friends and nothing more because even though on previous occasions I have related with a woman at work Mariele had something different, her class and intelligence made her a special woman.

Anyway, one day like many others we were delivered merchandise shortly before closing time so we stayed to put in the warehouse what we received, which was not much either.

I remember that day Mariele was wearing a pair of navy blue, very tight denim pants that I liked a lot because it gave a spectacular shape to her ass, a white short-sleeved blouse that looked very good.

We lowered the curtain and got ready to settle in and while we were almost finished, Mariele remembered an order we had to deliver in the morning so we went to the other warehouse, we had to take out some specific products that to top it off were in a box located right in the center of a block of boxes to be specific, ten rows on each side and 5 boxes above and below the one we needed….

Uff we were not going to move everything for one box, so she came up with the idea of me trying to lift the boxes on top so she could pull the bottom one and get it out.

So we did, she stood in front of me and took the box by the edges and behind her I started to push the boxes up, by inertia I pushed myself to the front while she pulled backwards, that caused that in moments her ass would roll with my crotch making the moment pleasant, because of the proximity I could smell her perfume that was quite pleasant and very soft…

I craftily did not lift the boxes at all so that it would be hard for him and I could continue giving him little snuggles obviously I could not help but get excited and I wanted him very much and being in that position made me even more, my member began to erect by the situation getting very hard and standing out in the pants, I looked down while I made the effort to see my ass wiggling in front of me, immediately my cock became like a mast forming that famous tent that we get when the penis rises under the fabric, just at that moment Mariele gave a hard pull pulling out the box and crashing hard against me and my cock that was lost immediately in that pair of buttocks.

Hayy!” she said with surprise and some nerves jumping forward as she felt my hard erection. She immediately turned around, still holding the box in her hands, looking at my member.

Mar: wooo… And that?!

The truth is that I was a bit embarrassed, I felt like a teenager when he likes his teacher…

-I’m sorry… it’s just… I…

Mar: don’t worry, but you surprised me.

-I’m really sorry, it’s just that you know… there are things that you can’t control…

Mar: And what things! -She said without taking her eyes off my cock.

-I didn’t imagine that I would provoke haha.

-Well, you can see that I did.

Mar: Well, I thought you liked women your own age, look that a woman of my age provokes you….

-Well… the truth is that… you’ve got a great body and you’ve got the edge over many women my age.

Mar: Oh haaaa! haha

-I’m serious

She let go of the box and glued herself to me looking directly into my eyes.

Mar: Did you really like it?

-Quite a lot!

Mar: Mmm and why didn’t you tell me?

-Well, I didn’t want to be impertinent, besides we get along very well and it wasn’t the right moment.

Mar: And is this the right moment?

I was very close to her, I was very excited and my mind stopped thinking?

I grabbed her shoulders and kissed her passionately, I thought she would pull away but to my surprise she responded in the same way, I felt her tongue enter my mouth tangling with hers, I lowered my hands to her hips while I pushed her against the pile of boxes behind us.

I caressed her hips brushing against her thighs as she wrapped her arms around my neck we stayed like that for a couple of minutes as if we both wanted to taste each other.

Then we separated looking at each other and smiling….

Mar: The truth is that I’m attracted to you too, I thought you wouldn’t take my hints she said smiling mischievously.

Then I understood that all those times had not been casual…

I kissed her again, going down to her neck, going over it with my tongue and kissing it in the same way

-How can I not like you Mariele, with this ass you have?

I squeezed her buttocks as hard as I could.

Mar: Do you like it?

-Yes, I love it.

Mar: Today you can do whatever you want with it….

I kissed her again biting her lips while my hands squeezed her buttocks, I was caressing them like desperate, I had dreamed so much about something like this that I kept fingering her ass and running my finger in the middle of her buttocks, the pants were so tight and being thin denim I could almost feel her skin.

Mariele started to pull up my shirt to unbutton my pants under the zipper and pulled down with my boxer shorts and my cock immediately came out like a spring, completely hard and already dripping from the excitement…

Mar: Wow! I wasn’t wrong…

-No, why?

Mar: I knew you were one of those skinny, well… armed!

I smiled at her and took off her blouse as I could, her bra fell to the floor leaving her with her tits in the air with those beautiful jeans, she looked like the cover of some dirty magazine…

I licked her tits, small but very rich, while she moaned and pulled my cock delicately.

Mar: Let me blow you….

I took a couple of steps back, while she squatted down (crouched as if to do a squat with her legs open). She placed her index finger under my shaft caressing it with her fingernail, then she lifted it with her fingernail while she brought her mouth closer and licked her lips.

Mar: It looks so good… let’s see if it tastes the same…

I was in a trance with such a scene.

Putting a little more pressure right in the lower center of my shaft she lifted my erect member a little more and started to run her tongue over the head.

Haaa it felt delicious, Mariele just smiled as she looked at me and caressed my tip with her tongue.

After a few licks she started sucking on the head, haa it was heaven a mature woman sure knows how to do those jobs.

She placed her hands on my buttocks, and took most of it in her mouth and started swallowing like a whore.

I could just hear her gagging on my cock as her hands were anchored to my thighs.

She pulled it out and pulled it with both hands as she sucked the rest, then leaned back leaning on her arms.

Mar: now you

She opened her mouth, I grabbed her by the head I started to put my cock in her at my pleasure she just lay still enjoying….

I put it in her mouth and with my hand I moved it inside of her…

It was fantastic but what I wanted was something more….

-Stand up, I want to fuck you…

Mar: I know… I’ve been waiting for that for a long time…

She stood up and turned around with her back to me, unbuttoned her pants and slowly pulled them down revealing a white lace thong that barely covered her anus, she reached down to pull her pants down to her ankles leaving me an impressive view of such an ass, it really is enormous…

She lifted it up and rested her hands with open palms on the pile of boxes.

Mar: Come on! What are you waiting for…

I immediately stuck to her, kissing her back, making the fabric of her thong even sideways, I could feel the wetness of her pussy with my fingers and I took the opportunity to put them in a little and make some space…

I prepared my cock and pointed it to her wet cave and started the job, I saw how eager she was for a good young cock so I just stuck the tip in, I put it in and took it out without putting any more…

Mar: Give it all to me!

-Isn’t it enough what’s going into you?

Mar: I don’t want to feel it all inside me!

I stuck to the back of her neck, squeezing her buttocks with one hand and her neck with the other…

-You want it whole then…

Mar: Yes, give it to me please, I want to feel it…

-Now I realize that all those times you used to push yourself up or put your buttocks on me to pick something up was just a pretext…

Mar Do you think so?

Suddenly she pushed her ass backwards and stuck my cock in all by herself…

She kept burying herself again and again while I was enjoying the view, finally heavy at last!….

I felt her thighs bouncing against my balls as she held on tightly to the boxes to bury herself even harder…

Mar: Oh, it’s so good! You’ve got it huge!

-Mariele, this way it’s yours, kill yourself!

Mar: Hummm, it’s so rich! How rich!

How I love cocks like this

That’s why you wear those pants, isn’t it, to give me a hard-on?

Mar: Yes, I love to know that it gets hard….

-Haaa lady Mariele you can’t imagine how many handjobs I’ve had with the pictures I have of your buttocks…

Mar: haa you take pictures of me!

-And how could I resist this…?

I started to spank him until I left his buttocks red…

Mar: There you go, you little bastard! That’s so good, you bastard!

I grabbed her by her waist and grabbed the little slice she had and started to drill her as hard as I could.

Mar: ayy si así papito así….

-That’s what you’re looking for right, you love to tease me.

Mar: Yes, like this little fucker like this….

-Mmm all the clients want to fuck you and look how I’ve got you…

Mar: Yes, but I don’t like old men, I like this… this juicy cock you little fucker.

I kept drilling, until I felt her juices dripping down her legs.

I took it out of her and in order not to come I peed on the side, I thought it would bother her but she didn’t lick when she turned around and looked at me peeing….

I took her by the hair and put her on all fours on the floor, her face was close to my puddle of urine.

-Now yes, what I want so much…

Mar: I told you to do with it whatever you want…

I lowered her thong to mid-buttock and placed the head at the entrance of her anus, I started to push it little by little like this, without saliva. I think she likes anal.

As soon as she felt my flesh inside her, she bent her head resignedly, I was excited to know that she was smelling my urine…

As soon as the head went in, I put half of it in all at once…

Mar: ayy hijo de la chingada!

-Shut up so you can stop offering your buttocks…

I started to push in and out until I dilated her anus a little more and as soon as I felt that it was sliding better I got on top of her and let it all out…

Mar: hayy papitooo mmmm how hard it is!

-That’s the way you like it Mariel!

Mar: haa yes that’s the way you give it to me my little bastard!

I think I have rarely felt such satisfaction than fucking a big ass milf in the anus, I grabbed her buttocks hard, I squeezed them, I spanked them, while I got on her and buried all my cock in her, I wanted to let her go all the way to the balls, I wanted to put all my meat in that ass… I really wanted to break it so much that she would never forget it.

I watched as my member went in and out while at the same time came to my mind the times when she was getting hard or the days when she was wearing a skirt and her panties were showing on her ass….

That put me on full throttle, I moved a little more and leaned on her shoulders hard and started to give her as hard as I could.

Mar: haaa ay ay ay… like this… cabron… like this!!!

Mariele could hardly articulate a word, my excitement was at its peak, I pulled her hair while I felt my cock swell up to the point of exploding.

Mariele: -this is what you get for offering yourself, even you, who was so demure, ended up giving me your buttocks…

Mar: yes yes daddy

I buried my fingers in his shoulder and pulled harder on his hair, while I gave him the last thrusts a little slower.

Mar: Give it to me my little fucker give it to me!

I left my cock inside her as soon as I felt that my milk was about to come out, I emptied myself completely in her anus… and I didn’t take it out until it returned to its natural shape, I caressed her ass with pleasure and I bit it leaving my teeth marked on it…

Mariele stayed like that for a moment leaning on her elbows, then she asked me to help her to get up…

Mar: I don’t know how I’m going to leave right now, I won’t be able to sit down…

-It was for my delight, wasn’t it?

Mar: that’s right -she said giving me a kiss on the mouth…

We got dressed and I finished putting the things that were missing as I could while she recovered a little, then we left, I saw her get into her car with difficulty, but with a face of satisfaction while I and did not imagine how it was going to be the next time.