Max’s Mom (VII): Sodomized

She was on all fours, steep looking up at her husband, the orgasm we had had earlier was phenomenal and after a good blowjob he was already harder than metal and determined to continue the masochistic act with Marlene, this time sodomizing her asshole.

I started licking the lacerations on his back slowly going down in the middle of his rich pair of buttocks, the cuckold looked sweaty and continued to be tied to the chair where Marlene put him.

M: Uhm, what are you going to do to me?

L: Shut up, just relax!

I put her on all fours I spread her buttocks and started with a good black kiss, while my hands squeezed her already very sore nipples, my tongue tasted the rich flavor of her anus, that flavor that true sex lovers enjoy, between sweat and cum, a real delicacy.

I squeezed the fleshy flesh of my friend’s mother, while her husband seemed excited, wanting to let off steam, but he was still tied up watching how his wife was giving me her ass.

L: What a nice ass!

M: It’s yours daddy!

L: You’re all mine!

M: Ah, your tongue feels so good!

Once and with my tongue scalded from sucking her ass, I took some lubricant and put it in her hole, she shuddered and her skin bristled, she was accepting what was coming.

I took the toy which has 5 hard plastic balls, each measuring different sizes, the first one measuring 1 cm in diameter and the last one the largest measuring 7 cm in diameter, a real instrument of torture for some and I was about to put it in Marlene.

I started by inserting the one centimeter one, I moved it in circles and then put it in and took it out, Marlene enjoyed it, she moaned slowly and seemed to like the stimulation, on the other hand, the cuckold was watching attentively and sweating to see how I was introducing the object to his adored wife.

I then decided to insert the second circle, this one was 1,5 cm in diameter, Marlene was moving nicely, my fingers were also playing with her clitoris which made her happy, I was enjoying inserting two spheres of this toy in her ass.

L: Do you like it little girl?

M: It feels good, uhm!

The third ball was 3 cm in diameter, bigger than the thickness of some cocks, I inserted it and she let out a loud moan, that even made her cuckold nervous, but I ignored it and continued inserting it.

M: Ah, it hurts already, ah!

L: That’s what it’s all about, pain!

M: It’s already three in, I don’t know how much more I can take!

L: And this is just the beginning, baby!

Marlene screamed, sweated and even writhed as if she was going to faint, I pushed hard while I pulled her hair and spanked her, all this to the desperation of the cuckold.

V: Let her go, you’re going to hurt her!

L: Of course I’m going to hurt her, you won’t even tickle her, old man!

M: Ah, what a pain, ah!!!!

L: That baby, scream, scream like a bitch, uhm!!!!

Without taking it out and continuing with the movement of the spheres, I positioned myself in front of her face and I put her to eat my cock, she was sucking me wildly, the pain and pleasure of having that device sodomizing her ass had her in a frenzy, she was sweating, screaming, biting my cock, it was so good!

L: Ah, that baby, yeah like that, uhm, suck, uhm!

M: Mmmm!!! Agh!!!!

V: You’re such a scumbag! Give it a rest!

L: Haha, come on old man, you enjoy seeing your wife as a whore, as a sex puppet, haha!

I grabbed her by the head and fucked her mouth, over and over again until my balls collided with her face, Marlene was my toy, with the balls in her ass and my cock in her anus, that had her well impaled.

Just at that moment I started to insert the penultimate ball, the one of 5.5 cm, it was very thick, it hardly went in, Marlene screamed and almost cried, she squirmed and asked me to take it out, I ignored and continued to introduce that object until she had it inside.

M: Ah, what a pain!

L: That’s it, scream, scream like a bitch!

M: Ah, Luis, it hurts, agh!!!!

I was super excited, so I lay down and put her on top of me and started to put it in her wet pussy, now I had my cock in her pussy and my toy in her anus, Marlene was screaming, sweating and moving rich, now she is enjoying having two big things in her orifices.

L: Move, uhm how nice!

M: Ah! Luis, uhm, ah!

L: You’re a great whore, uhm!!!!

M: Yummy, agh, yummy!

I bit her tits, caressed her lacerated ass and back, continued moving in circles the toy she had in her ass, the cuckold just watched and almost fainted from suffering from seeing his wife like that, or maybe from pleasure, but we continued in what we were.

I laid Mare down and lifted her legs and asked her to embrace them at the knees, her covered ass and her pussy opened up from so much cock, then I slowly started to introduce the biggest sphere, the 7 cm diameter one, it was something inhuman, but her ass received it perfectly well.

M: God, my ass, agh!!!!

V: Are you ok Marlene?

L: Haha, yummy, uhm, yeah!!!! Anal!

M: Ah, God, you’ll kill me, agh!

V: Let her go, let her go!!!

Once the sphere entered Marlene almost fainted from pain, taking into account the size of each ball and their separation, it could be said that she had a cock of about 26 cm inside, but it was there that I pressed the vibrator button that had that sphere and the pleasure began for my friend’s mother.

M: Ah, what’s this, ah!

L: A surprise my love!

V: Marlene, leave her alone!

The old man was moving roughly that he fell on his face, it was very funny and exciting to see him on the floor with his face on the floor screaming to leave his wife, I laughed and then I put my vega again in her rich pussy.

I moved fast trying to emulate the vibrations of the device, Marlene was drooling, moaning, screaming, but enjoying how I had her.

M: Yummy, uhm, this is glory!

L: That my love, enjoy, how insatiable you are, two huge elbows inside and you devour them, ah!

M: More, fuck me more, how rich, agh!

L: Yes, uhm, what a slut, really, what a slut!

I put her on all fours again, I rammed her hard, he pulled away to his role and I pulled her hair super hard, I pushed my cock all the way in.

Marlene began to come, her screams were very loud, her vagina was leaking, it seemed that her eyes would pop out, but my friend’s sensual mother was enjoying her orgasm.

M: Ah!!! God, it can’t be!!! So much pleasure, it can’t be!!! !!!!

L: Ah, yes baby, ah, that’s so good, uhm!

V: Marlene, you’re such a whore, you’re such a good fuck!

Finally, the old man accepted that seeing her with me had him at full, I gave her a sensual kiss and turned off the vibrator, she was very steep leaving her huge ass raised, it was then that, suddenly, I took out the sex toy, Marlene launched a scream of pain and relief at the same time, her ass was super red and hurt inside, besides being super open.

L. How good this looks my love!

M: Oh! Luis, that was delicious, agh, it hurts all over!

L: Worse, my milk is still missing in you, my love!

V: Put it in!

Her husband yelled at me as if in desperation encouraging me to stick my cock in his wife and I did not disappoint him, I grabbed her by the waist and shoved it in her already very battered ass.

M: Oh, God, no!

L: Ah, baby, uhm, ah!

V: Stick it in, you really fuck my wife!!!

M: Ah, uhm, Luis!!!!

L: Marlene, uhm, this is fantastic!

All of us present in that room enjoyed it to the fullest, I kept ramming her hard, I spanked her again and pulled her beautiful hair, I pushed hard, I pushed her all the way in, she only moaned and asked for more and her husband celebrated seeing her well skewered.

M: Fuck me daddy, agh, fuck me!

L: What a nice ass, uhm, what a nice ass!

V: Put it in her, fill her with your cum!

L: Man, that’s how you fuck your wife, like this!!!

I couldn’t take it anymore with the excitement, Marlene’s movements, what the cuckold was saying and my adrenaline were the perfect mix for me to explode in a tremendous orgasm, making her cum again and filling her delicious ass with my hot cum.

L. God, how delicious, ah, ah!!!!

M: Ah, daddy, uhm, give it to me, give me all your cum!

V: Luis!!! Fill her up, fill her up!

L: Take all my cum, take it bitch, take it, take it!

Just then Max, who arrived and we didn’t hear or notice him, opened the bedroom door and found his father tied on a chair, his mother on all fours full of cum and his until that day best friend naked and filling his mother’s ass.

Max: Luis, mom, dad, what the fuck is going on here?

M: Son let me explain!

V: Max, you shouldn’t have come!

Max: You son of a bitch Luis, fucking my mom in front of my father, I’ll kill you!

Max ran to what was his room, Marlene told me to get dressed, I did it at top speed and took my things, she still naked ran after her son, I was leaving, but I went back to untie the old man and that was my mistake.

Max: Say goodbye to this world, you son of a bitch!

He pulled the trigger and shot me, before he did it again his parents grabbed him, he shot me in the arm, so even bleeding I ran, and left his house, I took a cab and went to my aunt’s house, who is a nurse, then I fell unconscious.

I never saw Max again, in fact, I found out that his father passed away last December, I still had contact with Marlene, she visited me when I was injured, she told me that her children no longer spoke to her, especially Max and that she separated from her husband, the last I heard she went to live in Jalisco with a sister of hers.

That’s how it all ended, we went from moments of rich sex to me being hurt and a broken family without a member, the truth sometimes I feel bad, but I do not regret anything, enjoying that woman until today, has been the best.

Soon I will come back with more stories, because with everything and wounded, I did not learn.