Morning Surprise

It was 9 a.m. and my apartment doorbell rang. It was a young neighbor I had only talked to once before, but it was obvious we hit it off. She is a brunette, with a gorgeous body, 26 years old, about my height, 5’5″, professional. I’m 31 and a theater major.

She came in with a mischievous smile and a lot of poise, wearing a thin T-shirt that showed she had no bra and a tight miniskirt, with high heels. She was obviously looking for an all-out war. I, alone at home, had on a long T-shirt and a thong, with low heeled sandals, also without a bra.

She said to me, “I came to talk to you:

  • I came to chat with you, because I see that we can be friends.
  • Nice to meet you, I answered, I already appreciate you enough. I don’t just want appreciation, I tell you right away because I know you are just like me, I want everything from you. I’ve noticed how you look at me and that you like love between girls.
  • You take me so much by surprise, but yes, I like women.
  • Neither your husband nor mine are home until the afternoon, the morning is ours.

She stretched out her hands and took mine, I surrendered immediately, there was no point in resisting what I had dreamed of doing with her since I met her.

The kisses started tender, but in seconds they would have burned the Titanic.

We stripped off the few clothes we were wearing and, naked, we gazed at each other with rapture, both of us. I don’t really know how we got to the bed, still warm and still disheveled, but LilĂ­ was already on top of me, running her lips and tongue over my body, her long nails marked my back and from her mouth came out words that drove me crazy.

He sucked, he bit, he caressed my tits while I heard my own moans that I let out without realizing it.

He moved down my belly, my navel was an important stop, my trimmed hairs on my Mount of Venus were a reason for play, his aggressive but sweet tongue opened my vaginal lips bringing me to delirium. His lips took power of my clitoris, of the labia minora they slurped, nibbled to exhaustion.

I felt the familiar heat in my kidneys, the familiar tension in my lower back, I knew that the orgasm would not take long to explode, but Lili made it harder for me, her tongue pierced my perineum and unceremoniously entered my ass, after opening my buttocks.

At that moment I couldn’t take it anymore. A real stertor shook my body and my soul, I arched in a delicious spasm and had an orgasm that I will never forget. It was miraculous that a young woman who had been married for such a short time and looked so angelic knew how to drive another woman crazy.

That first orgasm of mine (I like to say finished), that first finish was the reason to start an unforgettable sexual encounter. We writhed on that bed looking for every millimeter of our bodies, thirsty for women, the 69s were repeated, the fingers penetrated our asses repeatedly, the bites on our nipples were leaving marks that we could not hide, our tongues penetrated our shells and our asses without any modesty or subtlety. We had launched ourselves into an uninhibited battle.

Nothing marked any limits, we whispered dirty and lurid words to each other that told us of our unholy relationship. We crossed each other in a fierce sex encounter crossing our legs in scissors rubbing our sexes as we kissed and sucked each other’s breasts. I know I had repeated orgasms and Lili came several times.

From her purse she pulled out a harnessed phallus and fucked and fucked me until I was spent. It was almost noon, she told me to go to the bathroom, when we entered she started kissing me and ordered me to lie down on the floor, I did it and she squatted on my face, imagine what she did, she bathed my face, my mouth with her wonderful urine of hot and young woman. In a moment I opened my mouth and tasted that liquid that made me his mistress, his woman, his slave.

Since then, we repeat it whenever we can. I should clarify that our husbands know about our bisexuality and do not interfere in our love.