Morning whims of a kitten in heat

-Where are you going?

-What do you mean, where am I going?” I say, pulling up my underwear, turning my head and looking at her out of the corner of my eye. You know I’m meeting up with Róber. I have a game.

It was Sunday. We had had sex that morning. It was a little after ten o’clock, and I was starting to get dressed, sitting on the side of the bed. She was still naked, lying on her side, her back to me. She was trying to cover her breasts with a piece of sheet, but her legs were spread apart and you could see the hair on her vulva and the inner lips protruding slightly. She was still wet.

-You can’t leave,” she says sharply. I pick up my jeans from the floor to put them on.

-What?” I ask without turning around.

-You can’t leave, you can’t leave me like this.

Behind me, I hear the hiss of the sheets. I’m trying to slip one foot into my pant leg, but at his comment I stop. I turn back around and what do I see?

-I’m very needy,” he says. My eyes bulge out of their sockets. She’s on all fours, her back to me, and she’s spread her legs slightly. She’s rocking her body back and forth, her ass sticking out and wiggling sideways. And you can’t leave,” she keeps telling me.

She keeps squirming like a cat. When she moves back, her buttocks spread and she shows me her whole open pussy. Dark hair encircles the wet, pink slit, and the inner lips of her vagina open like the mouth of a hungry mollusk.

-Give me what I need,” she says.

I have my pant leg through my foot. There it stays, stuck, and I hold up my jeans, staring at the spectacle with a look on my face. My cock is stiff as a hoe handle and my underpants look like an obelisk. I instinctively reach for my package and grab it, cloth and all. “My goodness gracious me,” is what I think.

The cat continues to wiggle, showing me her piece of ass in pomp, wiggling it this way and that and swaying on all four legs, back and forth, hungrily. Her tits dangle provocatively, and her stiff, brown nipples threaten to spurt their milk right now and stain the bed. I see her grab a tit with her hand and start rubbing it.

-Oh,” she lets out a long gasp, “I can’t take it anymore….

And to think that until a few months ago she was a shy girl, who closed her legs when I approached my mouth to eat her. And look at her now, teasing me like that, without any mercy. It drives me crazy.

The blood is all over my face, it’s burning in two seconds. I take off my panties without turning my face, awkwardly, my eyes fixed on that fountain of sin. I’m hard as a post, and I think of nothing else but fucking her. I take off my underpants, climb onto the bed, on my knees, and grab my cock with my right hand. I start jerking off while watching the cat in heat.

I caress her buttocks with my left hand, spread them open and squeeze them hard, angrily, with an irresistible desire to put it all in her. She keeps wiggling and rubbing her tits with her hand. She puts her fingers in her mouth, soaks them with saliva and then takes them to her slit, which she starts to caress with long strokes. I watch her fingers appear and disappear from behind. It’s making my heart race.

-You can’t leave me like this,” that monstrous Eva keeps saying.

I can’t take it anymore either. I don’t even know where to look anymore. Without letting go of her buttock, I lean down and bring my nose close to her pussy. I inhale her fragrance strongly. I get even harder. I give her a lick all over her slit. She feels my tongue and opens it with her fingers.

-Oh, like this,” she says, “eat it.

And I eat it like a desperate man. My face is impregnated with the scent and fluids of her pussy. I suck her hard and stretch my lips with mine. When I release them, they retract and vibrate. I do it several times, but I can’t hold on much longer. The excitement is too much. Then I sit up, reach behind me with my cock in my hand and pull it in with one thrust. It goes all the way in, so wet it’s soaking wet.

-Ah!” the cat lets go, raising her head to the sky, closing her eyes.

I stay glued to her, feeling her big buttocks against me, warm and soft. I lean forward and grab her by the hair, hard. Her neck arches back. I lean in close to her ear.

-You make me so horny, you bastard,” I gasp, “I’m going to be late because of you, you know that, don’t you?

-I don’t care,” she says. Her face is contorted in a grimace of pain and pleasure, her eyes closed. Give me what I want.

My head spins, a thousand shivers run through me when I hear her talk like that. Without letting go of her hair, I speak in her ear again, angrily, in raspy gasps.

-So you don’t mind, huh,” I say, dragging my teeth lightly along her neck.

When I’m done saying it, I make a quick pelvic thrust, just one, back and forth, and thrust as hard as I can. The cracking sound floods the room.

-No… I don’t care,” she moans, exaggerating her disdain, “and you can’t leave until you give me what I need.

I make another sharp movement, stronger if possible, penetrating her as far as I can, forcing her head back and holding her hips with my other hand, squeezing her flesh tightly with my fist. I watch her buttocks quiver and her tits sway with the onslaught. I keep growling in her ear.

-What a bitch you are,” I tell her, “how you turn me on. I’m going to give you what you deserve.

I start to move slowly with deep strokes, thrusting all the way in. My pelvis explodes against his ass, causing loud slams. I look down and see my cock glistening in and out of her slit. I release her hips and grab her tits. I grope them as I penetrate her. I slowly increase the pace. My body starts to sweat. I still don’t let go of her hair. I can see the expression on her face. Her mouth opens in a grimace of pleasure. His arched neck starts to become damp with sweat.

-Ah… like this,” the little bitch tries to articulate amidst the thrusting, “give it all to your little whore.

Now I’m moving faster. I feel so hard inside her. I want to get as deep as I can, fuck her furiously. I let go of her hair and grab her hips hard. From time to time, I whip one of her buttocks hard. The fingers leave a pink mark on the skin. I grab the flesh of her buttocks again with my fists, squeezing, as I continue to penetrate her with desperation. I see her take a hand underneath and go back to massaging her pussy. She starts moaning with pleasure. I grab her by the hair again and pull her back.

-You’ve got me where you want me, huh?” I say angrily, continuing to thrust into her.

-Oh, yes, give it to me,” she says in a breathy voice, “fuck your little bitch. Anal.

She drives me crazy. I’m about to cum. A few beads of sweat start to trickle down my chest and my thighs. Then she reaches back and pushes my thigh, trying to stop me.

-No, stop,” she says.

-Stop?” I tell her without letting go of her hair. Well, are you satisfied now, huh?

-No. Now for the ass,” he says in a honeyed voice.

A shiver runs through my body. His words take me away. I have to make an effort to keep up the game, to think about what I’m going to say. I let go of her mane and rest my hands on her rump.

-Now you want it up the ass, huh, little slut?

-I ask her without taking my hands off her.

-Yes… now I want it up the ass,” she says, putting a finger in her mouth, turning her face back, looking at me sideways, like a naughty girl sucking a lollipop. Stick it up your little bitch’s ass,” and she finishes the sentence with a little smile.

My eyes widen like saucers. I have to control my excitement. My pulses are racing. I pull myself off her, lean down and drop a trickle of saliva on her anus. I pick it up with my index finger and smear it on her. I push it in a little, scoop up more saliva and push it back in, enlarging it. I spit again, continue to smear it in, and push it in some more. Now I bathe my cock with more saliva and aim it at the entrance. I push slowly. The glans is lost inside.

-Ouch,” says the cat, “it hurts.

-Does it hurt?” I ask, imitating her cuddly tone.

-Yes, it hurts, but I like it,” she continues. More.

-More?” I tell him without stopping thrusting. When I’ve got it almost all the way in, I let go, “Like this?

-Oh, yes,” he says, moaning, but with a tone of pleasure at the same time, “like this, go on.

I start to move slowly. Her ass swallows my cock. It feels so tight, it gives me so much pleasure. I grab her hips again and thrust in. After a few movements, I pull out and spit into her anus again. I thrust into her again, she lets out another moan. Now it slides in better. I start to move faster. It gives me so much pleasure, I’m not going to last long.

-Oh… yes,” she starts moaning. Oh, how it hurts… It’s so good.

Her tits jiggle with the thrusts. She reaches a hand underneath and touches her pussy in desperation. Her fingers make splashing noises, she’s soaking wet. I start panting, I’m bursting. I lift my face to the ceiling, eyes squeezed shut, dying of pleasure. She moans and pushes her ass against me, rapturous. Her hand waves over her pussy. The smell of our bodies floods everything. She cums like crazy, her legs tremble, she shakes her head up and down, her hair sticks to the back of her neck from sweat. I cum inside of her, my hands are clenched on her buttocks, squeezing her flesh. I unload inside her ass, my pelvis and stomach contract, I gasp outrageously.

Slowly the bodies slow down. I let myself fall a little on her buttocks, breathing with fatigue. She rests both hands on the mattress and lowers her head, exhausted. Her belly swells and deflates in agitation. She slowly drops forward. My cock comes out of her ass, veiny, the glans very red. I lean back, resting my hands on the sheets. My belly rises and falls, searching for oxygen. She lies on her side and drowses into the sheets. She closes her eyes.

I look her up and down, with desire. I see her smile, her face resting on the pillow.

-Is the lady satisfied yet? -I ask with a twinkle, trying to speak as I catch my breath.

-Yes,” she says without opening her eyes, still smiling, “You can go now,” she says dismissively.

I feel a spark inside me again, “I’ll take her,” I think. I grit my teeth with desire and shake my head, still looking at her. I sit on the edge of the bed and lazily pick up my boxers. I put them on. Then, I grab my jeans and start to slip one foot in.

-Say hello to Rober for me,” she finally says, without taking her head off the pillow.

I leave my foot in suspense and turn my head back. I notice that I’m getting hotter by the minute. I can’t stop myself from smiling. I shake my head again. Then I know I have to stop looking at her, otherwise I’ll have to cancel the game.