My aunt and me

One day I was in the cyber cafe that my uncles have next to my house and as it was my habit I liked to read stories to excite me and masturbate well rich, then as they cut the internet at home I went to the cyber with my uncles and took a computer there was my aunt Carmen who is very short very hip with a big ass and tits that make you want to suck them short hair and red hair.

In this cybercafe it was forbidden to watch pornography but I was very anxious to masturbate and then I opened the page of stories and started to read my face started to get red and my ass very wet, I was so concentrated that I did not notice when my aunt stood behind me and she was also reading and when she noticed that I moved she jumped and to say the matter to me said

-Girl, what do you see! You can’t open that here, you can’t see the children coming in!

-I saw that you are reading as well.

-Yes, but to see what kind of dirty things you do, go home, I’m going to close the door.

-No tia, I’d better stay and help you, come on yes

I was already horny and I knew she was too, so I started to pull down the curtain and wiggle her little buttocks. I was wearing a mini skirt with some white tennis shoes and a transparent white t-shirt that showed my bra and she was wearing loose pants with a t-shirt and tennis shoes like a big fat lady, but even so you could see what a great body she had.

When we finished closing the place I dared to talk to her again and ask her about the story.

-So what did you think of the story? It was hot wasn’t it? Hahaha

-Shut up you rude girl respect me

-I was so excited to see how my uncle has been giving you passion for a long time.

And she turned red when I was about to leave the place convinced that my aunt wouldn’t get rid of her complexes and wouldn’t want to give me a good fuck, she pulled me and told me

-Come on, I want you to do to me what I said in the story, just because my pussy is all wet and I know your uncle won’t fuck me.

So I sat her down on a chair and got on top of her and started kissing her pussy, then I took off her shirt and bra and started sucking her pink pussies until they got hard and I touched her pussy over her pants and she just moaned and said to me as if she was ashamed.

-I was so horny, I was so horny. I was so wet and I was soaking wet.

And I was getting wetter and wetter until I took off her pants and she was soaking wet! And I wanted to suck her big clit and I went down and kissed her and she started to scream

-I was so wet and I wanted to suck her clit. And I kept on sucking her pussy and I kept on sucking her pussy and I kept on sucking her pussy.

And I kept sucking her clit and with two fingers inside until she exploded in her orgasm and she kept looking at me I didn’t need to tell her anything I lay down on a sofa and started to pull up my skirt I was already very wet so I didn’t need to do much I sucked her tits for a while until she got angry and went down on my asshole she licked my anus so tasty that I couldn’t keep my mouth shut

-ssshhh there auntie how good you suck it! Mmmm ahh!

-You feel good my little slut, do you want me to stick a finger in you?

-Yes, put it in me

-oh I’d better put you my dildo that I have in my stash

-Oh yeah, that’s so good! Put it in me!

She took out her dildo and put it in my vagina while she was sucking my clitoris and I felt I couldn’t take it anymore, I was turned on by her calling me slutty oh bitch when I felt I was almost coming I asked her to make a scissors and she accepted and she went on

-I was so horny that I was so horny that I was so horny that I was so horny that I was so horny that I was so horny.

-I was in the middle of scissoring and she was like, “yeah just the stupid face I have, niece.

We were in the middle of scissoring and she was telling me things to make me come.

-Let go of my milk, cheap slut, I want to taste all those vaginal juices…. Mmmm ahhh that’s so good how do you do it move you little slut

  • I’m your bitch, tell me that I’m your whore
  • I want to see how you come, I want to see how you come.

And then I burst into an orgasm so rich! The richest I’ve ever had in my life and then I never repeated it again, not with her.