My best friend

Hi I’m Fabiola, I’m 25 years old, I want to tell you how was my first lesbian time with my best friend, her name is Elena, we always walked together, to tell the truth she and I were more than friends, we were like sisters!

Since she was 17 she started to have an active sex life! With my boyfriend I dared to try everything and of course I shared my experiences with my friend…

One afternoon I was at his house talking about how we were doing in life, a glass of wine accompanied me, my friend told me that since I started to tell her about my experiences with Jose, my boyfriend, he got very excited and in fact he fantasized about doing it with a woman.

At that moment I had the brilliant idea of telling her that I would like to try it on Saturday, since I had been curious about it since I was 15 but I had never told anyone about it for fear of her reaction! In the end we both agreed that on Saturday we would have sex in her house ….

Saturday came, and before I left I took a shower, I shaved my hair completely, I didn’t wear underwear, I wore a mini skirt and a tight top, in a bag I put some sex toys that I used in my lonely nights!

I went to his house and rang the doorbell and she opened the door, the two of us went to the living room and sat down on a sofa that was there and I asked her, are you sure about that?

She answered me of course I was, I took the opportunity and told her ok look what I brought for both of us to enjoy, I took out a harness, 2 vibrators and a dildo that went around and around! In every way! When I saw her take all that out, her face was so excited.

It was unique, so unique that I succeeded me too and I started kissing her at the beginning it was a sweet kiss, which was taking shape and went from a sweet kiss to a passionate one, she followed me with her tongue and played with mine, it was a war of tongues! Inside our mouths felt so delicious, in that moment I lowered my hand to your big boob and started massaging and pinching her nipple, oh her delicious pink nipple!

I separated from her to intodrucir her nipple in my mouth and with my hand continue playing with her left tit, she only moaned with excitement and told me ooh sofia this is magical.

I lowered my hand to her ass and started to rub over her pantyhose and started to play with her clitoris, it was delicious to feel her sex in my hands, her hot and wet sex.

I removed her mantis and began to play faster looking at her face her face reflected pleasure and satisfaction in that she lowered her hand and began to touch me that excited me too much and I needed to feel her touch them with my fingers I introduced a finger in her asshole screaming like a whore!

But it was the most exciting scream, I was really excited she was playing with my sex in the same way, suddenly I told her to open more, I grabbed the dildo of the thousand turns and introduced it, mmm ah rich she was screaming with pleasure, oh yes sofia is delicious she kept inserting a vibrator in me it was really exciting I changed speeds and she reached her first orgasm oh god it was so big it was like she was about to pee her face reflected tiredness and satisfaction!

Suddenly she told me it was my turn to give you the pleasure you have given me!

She put on the harness and put me in 4 positions and introduced the harness in one stroke, it was exciting as she touched my anus and played with my clit while the silicone grab member was coming and going out of my shaved ass!

My screams were exciting for her and suddenly I was in a delicious orgasm, then do ub delicious 69 oh god her vaginal juices erab delicious tasted like glory, no doubt that was the best experience I lived with my best friend .!