My brunette mistress

That 2013 was a great sexual year, not only I was eating Ivette, but also my friend Estela from time to time gave me some rich moments of pleasure.
It had been a couple of weeks since the last fuck we had, that night had been very good, but the desire we had to be together was notorious, so taking advantage of going out with a group of friends, she and I escaped.

With Estela, the thing was that we would fuck, spend the night, and the next day she would tell me that it was bad, but even so, we continued fucking whenever we could.

We were horny as we had been sending each other erotic massages and naked pictures for weeks, when we got into the room I immediately laid her on the bed, passionate kisses accompanied us while we undressed each other.

I was already getting addicted to watching her naked, tasting her sex, and enjoying her rich body even though she is very easy going and I know she always ended up with several guys.

I went straight down to eat her pussy, she gasped, my fingers played with her vagina that was wet to the max, my tongue went in and out at the same time I took it to her anus where I delighted myself in the same way sticking my finger!

E: Uhm, that’s so good!

T: Oh Estela!! you taste delicious!

I was sucking her fluids, my tongue was scalded, the scent of her sweaty vagina was turning me on to the max, I was practically drooling with her fluids and she was moaning with the richness she was feeling.

I lay down on the bed and she went straight to my cock, she licked it like a lollipop, her teeth tore my shaft and gave small bites to my balls, her tongue went up and down and then swallowed most of my cock in one bite, with her tits she started to make me a Russian, I enjoyed it, I really loved it a lot.

She was very good at devouring my pole, I squeezed her head and guided her to swallow as much as she could, her mouth barely opened wide enough for my thickness, but she still gave me enormous pleasure.

T: Oops, yummy baby, uhm!!!!

E: I love your cock baby!

T: Uhm, I can feel it now!!!

E: I can’t get it off!

After her nice blowjob, I continued lying down and she came up to ride me, she moved very slowly but nice her hips, I caressed her nipples and her legs, she increased the speed of her rides, I loved to see her gestures and how her tits bounced, we settled in a pose sitting facing each other, we kissed and bit every part of our body.

I laid her down on the bed and opened her up like a compass, I began to penetrate her softly while biting her tits, my penetrations increased in speed and she enjoyed it.

E: Oh daddy! So good, ah!

T: Estelita, uhm!!!

Her words excited me more, I lifted her legs and let her fall hard, the sound of our bodies colliding accelerated everything, I felt her cumming as she was not only dripping but also convulsing…

E: Ah daddy! I’m coming!

T: Oh baby how you wet me, uhm!

She had a long-lasting orgasm, but I still wasn’t coming, so I put her on all fours and started ramming her while I squeezed her breasts, she leaned a little leaving her buttocks standing up, I thrust hard, I spanked her, she moved a little to squeeze my cock richer, her rich movements made me not hold any longer and I came filling her with my semen.

T: Take it mamacita, uhm!!!!

E: Yes, uhm, give it to me, uhm!!!!!

Only an asshole like me could think of fucking her without a condom and filling her fertile vagina with my cum, but it wasn’t over yet.

Once I came really good inside her pussy, she started sucking my cock again, cleaning our fluids with her tongue while I licked her anus, stimulating it so I could give it to her there.

I love anal, and I had been craving her tight ass for a long time, and I wanted to take advantage of the fact that she was giving it to me to make it mine.

T: Mamacita, are you going to give me your ass?

I: Uhm, I don’t know!

T: Still, I’ll take it haha!

I: God, just be careful, you have it so thick, I hardly ever do anal, but I’ll give you a taste.

After I was sucking and sucking, I had a good erection, I put her in doggy style and started to put it softly in her ass.

E: De… space! Agh!

T: Yeah baby there you go!

E: Oh, yummy, uhm, agh!!!!

T: Yeah! Yummy! What a nice ass you have, baby!

E: Oh, it hurts, uhm, phew!!!!

I started to move softly while she bent down and bit whatever was in front of her, I was slowly inserting my 17 cm of hard and fat cock, she moaned, I increased the force of my penetrations, I grabbed her waist and gave her hard, she screamed, she felt how I tore inside her, she ran out of air but kept asking me for more and moving very rich.

E: Ah! more! don’t stop! it hurts! but don’t stop!

T: What a rich little bitch, haha, ask me for more, baby, do it!!!!

E: Yes! give it all to me, yummy!

T: Your ass is mine now! Take my cock, uhm take it all!!!!

What a nice ass she has, I squeezed my cock spectacularly, I pulled her hair and spanked her, showing her who was in charge, she just moaned and moaned.

I sat on a couch and she let herself fall down, she squeezed me so rich with her ass, it was very wonderful, I was biting her back and caressing her tits, I was having pleasure with my brunette.

Then she got on her stomach on the bed and I would shove it hard into her, in that pose, she squeezed even better, she would push me hard, she would run out of air, but I kept enjoying her rich ass.

T: He doesn’t fuck you like that, does he?

E: Oh no, I won’t let him!

T: That’s good because this ass is mine alone!

E: Yes, uhm, ah!!!!

Estela was super devoted, I was moving like crazy, my balls were crashing against her buttocks, she wasn’t even breathing well, she started to get wet again, I couldn’t take it anymore, I was about to explode, I bent one arm, squeezing her and pulling her hair I moved quickly until I couldn’t take it anymore and I filled her ass with my thick and hot milk.

T: Mamacita, uhm!!!

E: Tyson!!!! Yummy, uhm!!!!!

T: Here, take it, take every last drop!!!!!

E: Fill me up, daddy!!! ah!

I filled her ass with my cum, that night became our day and when we left and after breakfast, I told her that I would like to have a threesome with her and someone else, she told me she would think about it, but I will tell her later.