My first time with a woman

I lost my virginity since I was 16 years old (now I’m 24) and I had always fucked only with men, one day I went out to a bar with some friends and we drank excessively, so we ended up at a friend’s house. There were 2 friends left, a friend and me, so we started to play bottle and truth or dare, because we were already very horny. My friend Daniela and my friend Oscar went into a room.

So Mauricio and I were left alone and since it had never occurred to us that something would happen between the two of us, we continued drinking, I called a friend named Fabiola who is a lesbian with whom I got along very well and who always went along with me when it came to drinking, so she came to my call.

Although I must confess that I knew Fabiola had other interests with me but since I didn’t, I didn’t care.

As soon as she arrived we started drinking and drinking more and more and the erotic games began. When we least expected it, the three of us were already in our underwear kissing so lustfully that we ended up in a room.

Mauricio wanted us to fuck first so that he could see everything from the sofa. So with a few too many drinks and zero inhibitions we started kissing very intensely, he kissed my neck and went down little by little he got to my nipples and started licking them, I was so excited that I screamed for him to bite them and he did, he obeyed every single thing I asked him to do. He went a little lower and kept sucking every single inch of me until he reached his target (and mine too) my vagina.

First he sniffed me and then he started licking between my labia, at the entrance of my vagina, my clitoris, my anus, UFFFF! It is worth mentioning that I had a tongue piercing so he told me to get on 4 so he could give me a better oral sex.

I like a submissive did it like that, I put myself in doggy position with my head touching the mattress so that all my vagina will be exposed, I was eager for it to happen, she with the help of her fingers opened my vagina and began to put her tongue so deep that I felt her piercing touch all my walls, I had never felt anything like that, so I began to pant and I helped her to open my vagina.

Then he sucked his finger and put it in my vagina, he took it out and sucked it again and then put it in my anus while he kept giving me oral sex like a kid sucking on an ice pop, then he took me by surprise because he took out of his bag a pack of Halls mint pills and put one in my vagina.

The sensation was burning and stinging for a moment but it was so pleasurable that I started to spasm inside me as she began to blow inside my vagina.

I was so excited that I didn’t even remember that Mauricio was still watching us while he was masturbating and his gaze was getting more and more intense, then Fabiola put her fingers in and took out the rest of the pill and started biting my nipples, then Mauricio decided to get into action and just like that he started to penetrate me like a beast in heat, I was very excited and excited because all the attention was focused on me.

One penetrating me and my friend did not stop sucking my nipples and pinching my big clit, to help Mauricio to help me reach my orgasm sooner. Which didn’t take long to come and I have to admit that more credit goes to Fabiola who did most of the work, after that to finish my friend came in my mouth while my friend grabbed my hair and spanked me.

I swallowed it, changed and went to sleep. The next day I went to the university and there was Fabiola as usual with her piercing as usual and we just gave each other some perverse looks, but so far I refuse to talk about it.

Do I like her?


Would I do it again?

YES but with another woman.