My lover and me

Had never had an experience with a woman, being a woman. Although it is true that throughout my life I have felt attracted to women, I had never given free rein to my desires, so much so that I got married 5 years ago, during my marriage I have been unfaithful to my husband once with a man, and this time I will tell you about it with a woman.

Nayeli, my current lover, came into my life when I was not expecting her, I was already settled with my husband, the ideas of being with a woman had been away from my mind for a long time, but suddenly she crossed my path, I saw her and felt attracted to her.

As a coworker for a month, we crossed glances at every moment, they were glances that said something else… there was something hidden.

On one occasion we had to go out together, by truck, even though we were alone in the truck we sat next to each other, we had been driving for about 15 minutes, when she stretched her arms and stuck them to my tits, I felt electricity running through my body, she looked at me, smiled and that was when I knew that she wanted me as much as I did, I crossed my arm and grabbed her face, I looked into her eyes and smiled at her.

Later after we were talking she leaned her head on my shoulder, I began to caress her hair, always brushing her tits with my arm, I could feel her erect nipple, her hot breath, then I loosened my arm to put it around her, and she stuck to my chest, she put her hand between my tits and her face and began to play with them, the driver saw us through his rearview mirror, I didn’t care, I wanted to feel her.

That trip was just that, but when we got back, about two weeks later we went out to eat together, then I invited her home for a few beers, my husband was out fishing with his friends.

We went home and there we were talking, drinking, we sat in different armchairs, at the end I ended up sitting next to her, too close, then, she wanted to show me some new earrings she had bought, I got as close as I could to her, and kissed her on the neck.

She pulled back, as a sign of rejection, but I approached her again, this time to her lips, I put my lips on her lips, I began to kiss them, softly, tenderly, until I felt that she gave in, then I began to put my tongue and she released hers and began to kiss me wildly, she began to put her hands everywhere she could, we took off our blouse, We went to my bedroom, kissing on the way to her, and we lay down on the bed, it was then that I took off her bra and panties, I did the same with mine and started kissing her all over, her tits were big, beautiful, I ran the tip of my tongue over her erect nipple and she rolled over on the bed.

I went down, I started kissing her belly, and she put her hands on my head, pushing it down, she opened her legs, and practically put my head between them, I started sucking, sucking, sucking, she moaned and moaned, I put my tongue in her vagina and it felt slimy….

I ran my tongue over her big clit and felt her shudder, I began to put a finger in her vagina, I explored it, I looked for her pleasure points, I began to pull moisture towards her anus, I began to play there, she only said to me: So, so, so Lola, so, so Lola, I put three fingers in her vagina and started with the in and out, without getting tired, it slipped completely, she was soaking wet, I began to feel her vagina contracting and having the three fingers inside, I opened them.

We reached orgasm together without me touching myself, then it was her turn, she had more experience than me, she made me reach orgasm 5 more times.

Since then, we always look for moments to be together, as a couple we work very well, there is no jealousy, she has only me, I have my husband and her, I tell her about my adventures with him and she loves it.