My platonic love is the huge ass of my best friend

I have known Maica since high school. She started dating Alberto, one of my class, the typical bully who didn’t pass a single test. He was a badass, and of course, the girls loved him. Maica and I met one weekend when we were all in the group. Maica didn’t attract much attention either; she wasn’t very pretty, she looked like an ironing board and it couldn’t be said that she was not very bright either. But there was something we all commented on; she had an impressive round and perfect ass. At the time it wasn’t very big, but compared to the other girls in the group it was a good size. Both she and Alberto were hooked. They hung out practically every day and when they were with us they were always glued together.

She was a goody-two-shoes because her parents were very catholic; the typical one who went to mass, convivences and stuff… The surprise was when our colleague told us that he had deflowered her; that we had no idea what a great ass she had and that on top of that she loved to fuck. The rest of the group couldn’t be more envious of Alberto’s bastard, who was already fucking while the rest of us were begging to make out with someone. And it got even harder when Maica put on leggings and we could get a good idea of what a great ass she had, we were going crazy. Always careful that Alberto or one of the other girls didn’t catch us looking, of course. We started to tell her a million times, when Alberto wasn’t there, what a great ass she had. This may seem strange, but we ended up having a lot of confidence with her, and the more confidence, the more things we said to her and she loved it. They dated for about 2 years, I think I remember. At that time we knew that they fucked and that they liked it, but we didn’t have much more information because Alberto was part of the group, but he wasn’t a good friend and she wasn’t going to come and tell us about the things they did. But eventually Maica told us that he always put her on all fours, and that she loved it because Alberto got so horny fucking her from behind and spanking her perfect ass.

When they broke up, Maica continued dating us, we passed Alberto because he was still a fucking pimp and we liked her better. In the group we were about 8 guys and her, imagine who all the sexual concerns and jokes were going to. I started to have a lot of confidence with her, we became best friends: from head to fucking friendzone. She told me everything she did. She was no longer satisfied with making out with other guys, she had tasted what it was like to get fucked hard on all fours and that’s what she wanted. On top of that, every guy she fucked was worse than the previous one, usually the dumbest ones in each house. The parents thought that their daughter, at the very most, had fucked Alberto but now she was with no one. Instead, she was gaining quite a reputation as a slut. She always wore leather or normal leggings, or tight jeans. The comments about her ass were already being made without any cuts. Besides, she started to grow a lot, her buttocks were two big perfect circles. When we went out partying, she used to doggy style us, she loved it, but we loved it even more. We all ended up fighting to dance with her, she seemed to love to feel our cocks against her huge ass, it was amazing how she rubbed it. She liked to dance more with Juli and Riki, the ones with the biggest cocks. She said that because they danced better than the rest….

Maica repeated the first year of high school. What luck the boys in her class had. Being used to always having the same prudish classmates, they were amazed by Maica. In physical education classes, when Maica ran, they were all attentive to see how her hips moved and how her huge buttocks bounced. In class the same thing happened to them, paying attention to any carelessness to see her thong. She always wore a thong:

  • It’s just that for my ass panties are uncomfortable because they don’t fit well, I have it too big, with the thong I have no problem because it goes in and that’s it, and the smaller the thong the more comfortable I go. – She told me once.

In our group that made us very horny. Sometimes she would show us the straps of the thong and tell us that today I wore the red one, the black one ….. The bitch knew how to make us suffer. I’m talking mainly about winter, but in summer she also wore amazing shorts. Personally I’m more of a leggings person, they never cheat. However, I am thankful to see how every year Maica’s shorts showed more and more buttocks, to her father’s annoyance. Her mother defended her and told her to do as she pleased. I still don’t know if showing more buttocks was because she shortened her shorts or because her ass kept growing. It was just amazing, it seemed like everything she ate went into her ass but it was perfectly positioned to give her that wonderful shape. I have to say that the ass attracted so much attention because Maica was not fat at all, on the contrary, she had a wasp waist, her tits were a little lacking, but she had a great body.

One day when my parents were away, I invited her to sleep with me. We were going to make some dinner, watch a movie and so, friends plan we go. When we finished dinner we prepared some drinks. The truth is that we hardly drank and with a couple of drinks we were already happy. We started making confessions to each other. She told me that she was fucking a repeater in her class. As soon as she said it, before I knew the name, I could already imagine that he was the typical subnormal and crazy. I was right. And from what she told me, he didn’t care much about her, that is, he wanted to fuck her and that was it. Maica, very naive, didn’t realize or didn’t want to realize. As long as she was fucked, she was fine. She told me that he was obsessed with her ass, he was always touching it, even in class. She also told me that he had sent her dirty pictures. I was freaked out by this, and admittedly, I got horny. That guy could jerk off as much as he wanted with my friend’s pictures. At that moment, Maica was in leggings and with her thong out all the time, she had noticed and she didn’t care, and I was so happy of course. We said to go to bed, and to my surprise instead of going to the bathroom to put on her pajamas, she changed in front of me. When I saw her huge ass in a thong I almost had a fit. That ass was like a good porn actress. Although what she almost did was fuck me, more than make me horny. It looked like she didn’t have a dick, she was in total friendzone, or like I was her gay friend or something. And while she kept talking about the guy in her class, she even told me that he had a big dick, even bigger than Alberto’s. She said that what she loved was to fuck him. That what he loved was to fuck, but he also sucked it because it made his pussy wet and then he could fuck better. What I found strange, is that when she told me that, instead of telling her to shut up, I got even hornier seeing that for her, I was just another friend. Suddenly I told her that she had a wonderful ass, and she replied that the guy in her class loved to cum in it. With that comment my dick got really hard. The fucking bastard kept cumming in my friend’s ass and that made me horny. The worst of all was that she noticed my erection and said the worst thing she could have said to me: “aaayy how cute”. That’s when I realized that my dick, precisely, should not be big. I was certain that Maica, by that time, had already seen and touched at least 8 cocks, so she knew if a cock was worth it or not. My luck changed a little when she suddenly said to me:

– Hey, if you like it so much… Do you want to see it? I don’t mind, we have a lot of confidence.

I put on a mind-blowingly sick face. Just the thought of being able to see that big ass again, since the time she changed her clothes was pretty quick, drove me crazy. Although, on the other hand, there I already confirmed that I had no chance with her, I must have looked totally harmless.

  • Well, by the look on your face I think it’s a yes jijiji. – She told me proud of the look on my face.

She started to pull down her pajama pants little by little, my cock was going to explode. I started to tell her how amazing her ass was and what a great body she had. She said to me:

  • Turn on some music and come with me I feel like dancing. But put your pants back in place, you’re going to do something with your thingy, remember we are friends, and with friends you don’t do those things.

When he told me that, I even got a little angry. She was fucking the worst of the worst, that she was being treated like a whore, and I was a good guy and her friend for years, no fucking way. She started rubbing her ass against my cock. She was in a G-string and I was about to cum. I lowered my hands a little to touch her ass:

  • Be still, that’s not what good boys do. Oh, I’m so horny, take a picture of me with my ass in pomp to send it to my class.

And as a good obedient dog, I went and took it.

  • Let’s go to sleep to see if I get over my horniness – He told me.

I was there with my dick super hard and she with all her thong soaked and she didn’t even think of me as a sexual option. The worst thing is that it made me even hornier and I ended up cumming on her with my pants on. When Maica saw it she started laughing in my face and told me:

  • Thank you, with this my horniness is totally gone – She gave me a kiss on my cheek. – Come on honey, go to the bathroom to clean yourself and come back, I want us to sleep cuddling.

From that day on she treated me even more like her gay friend. I would go shopping with her and she would tell me all about the guys she was banging. I was like her dog, and as a reward she would show me every time she bought a pair of pants or a thong, and if I got a hard-on that meant they fit her. Although I have to admit that I got hard most of the time. That fat fucking ass of hers kept getting bigger and bigger, it was getting better and better and I became more and more obsessed with it. It was a work of art to see how her ass fit into her jeans when she put them on. In the group we were getting more and more horny, we were all jerking off thinking about her ass. We would tell her and she loved it; that we enjoyed it, she said.

Everything changed a lot when Maica started dating Jaime. She matured and stabilized. Although really, the only thing she did, was to go from doing a thousand dirty things with a thousand guys to doing them only with one. After they fucked the first time, before they were dating, she said to me:

  • God, Jaime is super fit and has a huge cock. It’s a big fat cock, it has veins that look like arm veins, I’ve never seen a cock like that. When he put it in me it looked like I was a virgin, you can’t imagine how it hurt. Then he put me on all fours, as they all do with me, and I could tell he likes the gym, he kept fucking me hard. I don’t even know how many times I came.

Our relationship cooled down because he stopped hanging out with the group, he only hung out with Jaime. Neither of them were very smart, they didn’t have much to talk about, so they fucked all the time. Whether it was at someone’s house when he was free, in the car or even in a park.

During that time I also had a girlfriend: Andrea. She was very pretty with beautiful green eyes, and a nice ass, not like Maica’s of course, but pretty good. Although her main virtue was another one, and that was that she was very slutty. And she hadn’t been with anyone else. She was a natural slut. I won the fucking lottery. She liked to be talked dirty to, to be ordered/prohibited, to just suck my cock for a long time, to have me cum on her face and swallow it, and best of all, she loved it when I fucked her in the ass. Among other things, here I tell you the main thing.

One day Maica spoke to me, she told me that she had left him with Jaime and that we could meet. Without hesitation I said yes.

  • We broke up over a silly thing, but I don’t want to talk about it – she told me.

He had put on a little weight. When he took off his coat I was shocked. That extra weight had gone mostly to her chest. What a pair of tits she had now.

Little by little we got more intimate, like before. And of course, we ended up talking about anal sex.

  • I have already done everything with Jaime jijiji. I have taken advantage of the fact that my tits have grown and I have done titfucks while I was sucking him. I have swallowed his cum and he has cum all over my body, especially in my ass. But I don’t really like swallowing it and I only let him if I’m really horny. Lately we had tried it in my ass, but I only got half of his cock in; that was the only time I wished he had it small because I was really liking it when he came up my ass. Aaaayy, I’m going to miss that dick, I’ll have to try hard to find one just like it hahaha. – Maica confessed to me.

Then I told her everything I was doing with my girlfriend, and she told me that I was very lucky, that I had found a good slut.

  • Although of course, your cock I also put it all the way up my ass, she fucked us jijiji. I’m kidding, don’t get mad – She commented, while I made an asshole face.

We said goodbye and agreed that we should meet again so I could introduce her to my girlfriend. A few days later she spoke to me again and told me that she had arranged it with Jaime, and that they had had a great fuck. He didn’t leave out any details. She told me that Jaime must not have been with anyone since he came in her mouth and had to swallow a lot of cum. As she was very horny and wanted to have a good reconciliation with her male, she really enjoyed that huge cumshot.

– Let’s go to my apartment on the beach to spend the weekend, if you want to come with your girlfriend so we can get to know each other. – She offered me. Which I accepted. I couldn’t wait to see her in a bikini and I knew my girlfriend would be excited to go to the beach.

I drove the whole way so when we arrived I went straight to sleep after dinner. Andrea was left wanting to fuck. Instead, Maica and Jaime were fucking pretty hard. Andrea was feeling envious of Maica’s screams of pleasure, and of the sounds that must have been the crashing of one body against the other. Probably because he was fucking her on all fours.

Saturday morning we went to the beach. The truth is that of the 4 of us I was the least fashionable, with my bermuda style swimsuit. Jaime was wearing a tight boxer style swimsuit with which you could see a lot of what was underneath.

  • Look at Jaime’s swimsuit, it shows everything. And what a great body he has, you can tell he goes to the gym a lot. – Andrea whispered to me when we were leaving the apartment.
  • I don’t know how he’s not ashamed of showing it all off. – I answered.
  • It seems she has nothing to be ashamed of. – My girlfriend ended the conversation.

Andrea had put on a full swimsuit in which the ass area was like a thong. Something that did not go unnoticed by Jaime, whom I caught several times looking at her ass. Maica, of course, was wearing a thong bikini. It was a spectacle to see how all the guys on the beach turned to see her big ass, until they realized that Jaime’s ass was her boyfriend and they cut themselves off. Andrea and Jaime went into the water. They seemed to be getting along quite well. I took the opportunity to talk to Maica:

  • Your ass is even better than before, and what a pair of tits you’ve got, my friend.
  • Aaaay, thank you very much. Be careful honey, you might get a hard-on looking at my ass and have to justify yourself to Andrea. – She answered me proudly laughing.
  • Don’t worry, with this swimsuit you can’t tell.
  • Yeah, yeah… because of the swimsuit… Look, another advantage. – She said smiling and ruffling my hair.

After half an hour they announced over the loudspeaker that it was forbidden to swim due to the strong waves. Jaime and Andrea arrived from the water:

  • We should go to the apartment, we won’t be able to swim anymore. – Jaime said. We all nodded.
  • What a great body your girlfriend has, you’re lucky. – Jaime told me with a wide smile.
  • What a handsome couple, I can tell you take care of yourselves. – Andrea answered without giving me time to say anything.

After lunch we found out that not many kilometers away there was a cove, which was practically a swimming pool due to its geography and that we could swim. The only downside was that it was a nudist beach. Actually, the only one who thought it was a drawback was me, the others didn’t care.

  • Come on, man, nobody forces you to take your clothes off. I’m not going to take off my swimsuit either. – Jaime encouraged me while he patted me on the back.

On the one hand, I really wanted to go because the girls would be topless for sure, and the idea of seeing Maica without her bikini top made me horny, and I would have enough material to give myself a good handjob.

It happened just as I had thought, but Maica hadn’t even put on her bikini top. When she took off her shirt I was staring at those beautiful new tits. I couldn’t explain to myself how she had gone from being an ironing board to having such a nice pair of tits.

  • Cut yourself a little, won’t you? – Andrea whispered to me.
  • That’s what I said. – Said Jaime, who had heard her and had also noticed, between laughs. – Now when Andrea goes topless I’ll do the same as you, as revenge. – she joked.
  • I don’t think you’re going to see much. If I wanted to go topless I’d have to take off my swimsuit. – Andrea replied.
  • And what’s the problem?
  • Well, I don’t want to be naked in front of these people.
  • But what difference does it make? They don’t know you and we already trust each other. Look, if you take it off, I’ll take it off too. – Jaime challenged my girlfriend.
  • There are no balls.
  • Look if there are. – Said Jaime as he pulled down his swimsuit. Maica started to laugh; while Andrea and I were amazed seeing Jaime’s huge cock, and he wasn’t even hard. Andrea’s mouth dropped open.
  • Fuck yes there is, and not only eggs jijiji. – Andrea said without being able to help it.
  • Now it’s your turn. – And my girlfriend obeyed him like a good little bitch. She didn’t pay so much attention to me. While everyone was watching Andrea undressing, I couldn’t take my eyes off the body of Jaime’s bastard, how bad it made me feel. Besides, I noticed a little twitch in his huge cock, was he getting horny watching Andrea undress?

I wasn’t going to take off my swimsuit, if I wasn’t going to look good, compared to Jaime’s huge cock I was going to look ridiculous. Even being next to him made me embarrassed. He and Andrea went into the water. They were making jokes, telling each other how hot they were and how much they liked the nude beach. The only consolation I had left was to enjoy Maica’s gorgeous body.

  • Fuck, I can see that when you were telling me about Jaime’s cock you weren’t exaggerating.
  • I already told you he had a huge dick, perfect for my ass jijiji.
  • Actually, not for your ass, right?
  • No no, the truth is you’re right, your cock would be perfect for my ass, I’m sure I wouldn’t have any problems with that one. – I looked at her with a serious face.
  • Oh don’t get mad, it’s a joke. If I’m the one who gets fucked the most, I’d love to have a whole dick in my ass. But you can’t have everything, it’s the price I pay for eating that big dick, jijiji.
  • Fuck, don’t say things like that, it makes me hard, and even harder if I look at your ass.
  • Well then, take the opportunity to look, and then you make a good wank to my health, honey.
  • That’s what I’ll do. – I told him with my dick hard.

When it got late we went back to the apartment for dinner. Andrea and I were in the bedroom changing and of course she brought up the subject:

  • God, have you seen Jaime’s cock? I thought that those cocks only existed in porn movies. It was really thick. And his balls? They were really big and shaved, I freaked out.
  • Well, it seems that you’ve taken a good look at them.
  • It just came to my mind what you told me about Maica’s asshole not fitting all the way in. At the time I thought it was her fault, that she couldn’t hold anything. But seeing how Jaime’s dick is, I doubt if it would fit me.
  • And would you like to try with such a big one? It would hurt you.
  • Well, just to try… What a feeling it must be to have all that cock in my ass. If I could get it in, I’d come with pleasure for sure.

The girls didn’t eat dinner because we had eaten late. After the men had a bite to eat, we all had drinks. Andrea suggested playing I never. After a few normal, childish questions, the sex questions started. When we were a little drunk, Andrea asked the question for which she had proposed the game:

  • I have never put my whole dick in an ass.

I drank, although no one was surprised. Apparently we were all aware of what the others had done with their partners.

  • What a cunt, you said that to fuck. – Maica said.
  • Daughter, it’s not my problem if you can’t cope with your boyfriend’s cock. – Andrea answered. Maica turned red. It looked like the situation was going to get pretty complicated.
  • It’s normal, your boyfriend’s cock, anyone can put it in his ass, I’d like to see you trying with Jaime’s cock.
  • Well, let’s try it. – We were all flabbergasted.
  • Excuse me? – Maica finally said.
  • What you’ve heard, if you’re being so cool, try to put my boyfriend’s cock in your ass and I’ll put yours in yours.

Then I intervened, I couldn’t let things get worse. But before I could say anything Maica jumped in:

  • Fine by me, on top of that I don’t think the guys will mind. – She said with a half smile.

She didn’t have time to say more when Andrea was already taking Jaime by the arm to take him to one of the rooms.

  • No, no, pretty girl, if you want to win, I have to see myself how Jaime fucks you in the ass. – Maica jumped up.
  • All right, everyone in the living room. – And she gave Jaime a snog.
  • Come and take off my shirt. – Maica said to me.

I stood still. I was in shock. I couldn’t believe what was happening. He told me again. I watched as Jaime and Andrea were making out and getting naked. I didn’t think about it one more time. I went straight for Maica and took off her shirt. Her tits were perfectly positioned by her bra. I was already hard, it was exaggerated how horny Maica made me. Finally I was going to fuck her, and on top of that I was going to fuck her in the ass, I was so excited.

  • Come on, stop gawking and take everything else away from me. Your girlfriend hasn’t been so careful.

I turned around and saw how Andrea was on her knees and trying to get as much cock as possible in her mouth. She was gagging, but she kept going, she seemed unleashed. Jaime’s cock was making her horny as hell. In turn, he was delighted to have such a slut at his command. She was going to have her asshole torn up in no time. He took his cock out of her mouth and rubbed it over her face.

  • Put your hands on your buttocks and open your asshole, and don’t take them off until I tell you to. – Jaime told her as he slapped his cock in her face. Andrea couldn’t have been hornier.

It made me even hornier to see how Jaime’s cock subdued Andrea, he could order her whatever he wanted. I tried to focus on what Maica had told me. I took off his pants pulling them tightly because they were too tight. It was wonderful to see how those overflowing buttocks came out of the pants. I undressed while Maica watched as her boyfriend choked Andrea with his cock. That seemed to make Maica horny. She told me to get down on my knees, take off her thong and lick her pussy from behind. I loved the idea: eating Maica’s pussy and having her ass in my face on top of it. I knelt down and Maica brought her ass close to my face! My cock was so hard it hurt. I started to pull down her thong. I was nervous. When I pulled it all the way down I almost had something when I saw her anus and pussy, I wanted to lick them for hours. When I was about to help Maica take off her thong I noticed a small spasm. I took a breath and tried to relax. It was not possible, another stronger spasm. I was about to come. Fuck it can’t be, I have to hold on; I thought. And while I was trying to hold on, Maica put a hand on one of her buttocks and spanked herself, and said to me, “You like my little ass, honey?

  • You like my little ass honey. He likes you and he wants you to open it.

That was too much for me. A strong spasm came all over my body and I started to spurt large amounts of cum on the floor. Maica got mad at me:

  • Fuck, again… Although well, at least this time you didn’t cum on me. But you’ve left me all hot and bothered. Honey, you have to control yourself more, I know I make you very horny, but this way you’ll never get to fuck an ass like mine.

Andrea stopped sucking Jaime’s cock:

  • Mother of mine, you’re a disaster, look you could see you wanted to fuck Maica, but you’re not even able to hold on to touch her. Go and get some paper to clean the floor.

I was sunk. I didn’t know what to say. I hadn’t even been able to take the satisfaction of touching his ass and he was right in front of me. So I listened to him and went to get some paper to clean up my humiliating cum. While I went to get the mop they kept talking, thinking I didn’t hear them:

  • Ay Maica I’m so sorry. This was meant to be a good time for all of us and my dumb boyfriend ruined it. – Andrea said sympathetically.
  • Don’t worry, it’s not that I was looking forward to fucking him. But I did like the idea of getting fucked in the ass.
  • Well, we can do one thing. As I have more experience, although not comparable in size, I can give you some tips and try to get Jaime’s asshole all the way in.
  • Yes, aunt? Well, I would love to. We can both try if Jaime doesn’t object.
  • I don’t have any objections, but… What about your boyfriend? – He said addressing Andrea.
  • After the show he’s put on, if he wants to go on with me, he’ll do what I tell him to do.

Maica bent down, and got on her knees just like Andrea with Jaime’s cock at face level. They gave each other a hug. At that same moment I came in, playing crazy, I didn’t want them to know I had heard them.

  • Wipe your cum off the floor, sit on the other couch and watch how a male fucks. – Andrea ordered me. I obeyed her without complaining, I was pretty deep.

Seeing that I listened to her, they both turned to the huge job at hand.

  • Well, it looks like we’re going to have to cheer up Jaime, he’s been a bit down with so much talk. And I’m dying to try these eggs. – Andrea said as she bent down to suck his balls better.

Maica joined her. They were getting her eggs nice and clean. They looked up and saw a big bar of meat rising above their heads. Maica was used to it, but Andrea was still amazed by the size, smell and taste of that cock. She would have done anything that the owner would have ordered her to do. She couldn’t wait to get it all the way in. Andrea started sucking his cock again. Maica, on the other hand, continued with the balls. She seemed to want to let her new friend enjoy something she had every day. Jaime’s fucker was enjoying the hell out of it. He had them both by the hair and on their knees. He, standing up, was directing them as he wished: He wanted them to stick out their tongues to lick, deep throat until they almost choked, rubbing his cock all over their faces, the occasional hard cock…. Maica seemed to like all that, but Andrea was getting really horny because of those humiliations. She looked at me and said:

  • Honey, come and eat my pussy, while I eat Jaime’s cock. – And that’s what I did without hesitating for a second.

My pussy was soaking wet, it was begging for cock everywhere. After a while licking, both them and me, I told Maica that if she wanted me to eat hers:

  • You are not going to touch me in your life, and less with your tongue. – She answered me smiling. The three of them started to laugh at me. I went back to licking Andrea’s pussy.

I couldn’t explain to myself how Jaime could hold on without cumming having those two horny girls at his command and eating his cock with great dedication.

  • I need to fuck. – Andrea begged. We all assumed that she didn’t mean me fucking her.
  • You first, you’re the guest. – Maica offered.

Andrea sat down on the couch and lay down to make it easier for Jaime. Meanwhile, I went to the other couch. I took my clothes so I wouldn’t be naked, since I wasn’t going to do anything with any of them.

  • Don’t even think about it, I want to have your dick in sight to compare it with a real man’s. That way I’ll get used to the idea of a real man. That way I’ll get an idea of what I’ve been missing. Besides, I’m sure Maica will be amused to see a cock like that, as she’s used to seeing this Greek god’s cock. – Andrea ordered me as soon as she guessed my intentions.

Maica got into the same position as Andrea and started rubbing her clit. The whole situation was making her quite horny. Seeing how her male was going to fuck a woman in need of a real cock. Jaime stood in front of Andrea and bent his knees to bring his cock up to her pussy. He grabbed his tremendous cock and started tapping on Andrea’s pussy:

  • Oh, don’t do that… Mmmm… God, you’re making me so piggy.

He ignored her and kept tapping her. He also started rubbing his cock hard on her clit and trying to push it in.

  • Fuck stop this torture. Put it in already, motherfucker.

At that moment, Jaime suddenly broke away and gave Andrea a tremendous blow to the face:

  • Don’t call me fucker, eh, bitch. I’m not like that fucker boyfriend of yours. I’m a gentleman and also your master.
  • Sorry, master. – Andrea said apologizing instantly. I couldn’t believe it. Maica laughed as she fingered herself. – Put it in me, please. – begged Andea.

And again, in one swift movement, Jaime bent down and shoved half of his cock into her pussy.

  • Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyy, godss, it’s fucking huge. – Andrea screamed.
  • Well if with half a cock in the pussy you complain… We’ll see in the ass…” said Maica laughing.

Jaime took it out a little, but when he saw that Andrea had relaxed he went back to the load. It was incredible to see how this mass of flesh was making its way into Andrea’s pussy. It looked like a tunnel boring machine doing its job. At least Andrea was very horny and that made things easier. Jaime pushed in more and more, little by little. Andrea went from suffering to pure pleasure. It was indescribable that feeling of being stuffed like that. She couldn’t believe it was a cock. She was loving it. Jaime had three quarters of his cock inside her when he stopped trying to put more in and started fucking her faster and faster. Andrea kept moaning and telling him how much she loved his cock. By the time she realized it, she had cum. With me she had never screamed like that, maybe it was because I had never been able to make her come.

  • Jaime put it in more, all the way in, there’s still cock out, please. – Andrea begged him.
  • Bitch, I can’t put it in any more, it won’t fit. Your mouth is too big, but your pussy is not so big, let’s hope the same thing doesn’t happen to your ass. Maica, get on your knees and give me a titfuck, now I’m going to fuck you.

Maica obediently did as she was told. No matter how much her tits had grown, they were not big enough for such a cock. She rubbed it a little on her tits, but immediately asked if she could fuck it. Jaime sat down and Maica started riding him. She cummed in no time, having been fingered, she was already very horny. Jaime was loving the situation and was very horny. But he was controlling himself to hold out as long as possible. He had the challenge of busting their asses.

  • Maica go get the lube, I want to open your ass. – Jaime ordered her while Andrea took her place and began to ride to not waste a second of that tremendous cock.

After a while Maica came with the lubricant. It looked like she had a hard time finding it. She started to pour it in her ass and to finger herself little by little as she watched Andrea ride her boyfriend.

  • Here aunt, the lubricant for the ass. If not, this bastard will tear it apart, jijiji. – Said Maica offering the bottle of lubricant to Andrea.
  • Don’t worry, I have my own natural lubricant. – Andrea and Jaime were surprised. I knew what she meant
  • Come on, eat my pussy and ass, and open my ass like you know how to do. This time put more fingers in because you have to prepare it for a real cock. – Andrea ordered me while I was pulling hard on Jaime’s cock.
  • I’m not going to eat you, Jaime has fucked you and rubbed his cock all over you. It would be like eating his cock. – I protested.
  • So what’s the problem? I don’t see what the problem is with you tasting some cock.
  • Andrea I refuse to do it.

She walked over to me, grabbed me by the hair until I was on my knees. She put my face very close to Jaime’s cock. It was even more impressive so close. The truth is that it was gigantic, I don’t know how Maica could fuck that monstrosity. On top of that it was so hard, it looked like a plastic dildo. I could feel it emanating heat, and a not so unpleasant smell.

  • See what a real cock must be like? If you don’t do what I told you to do, I’ll cut you right now and find me a cock like that. – As soon as she finished the sentence I turned to her and nodded.

She got down on all fours on the couch. I took the first lick and already I felt an unfamiliar taste in her pussy. Contrary to what I thought, though, I liked it. The bastard even tasted good on his cock. I did my best. I opened her little ass little by little. In the end, I even wanted Andrea to be able to take Jaime’s cock and Maica not. That way at least I could prove that my girlfriend was better at something, even if it was being a whore. Meanwhile, Maica was sucking her boyfriend’s cock and fingering her asshole. Trying to dilate it so she could cope with what was coming at her.

  • Well Maica, this is the main advice I can give you, find yourself a good dog like mine to prepare your ass well. Although going out with that man, it’s hard for him to obey you. But really the most important thing is to be relaxed when he is going to put it in you. I imagine that, being the first time in the ass, with such a big cock, it’s difficult, but that’s the key.

At that moment Andrea realized that I had a hard-on:

  • Well Jaime, looks like here’s one more who likes your cock. – They all laughed at me. – And that’s enough dog, let’s test if my little ass is up to the task. Jaime, will you fuck my ass, please?
  • I see you’ve learned how to ask me for things. All right, get on all fours. Let’s see if your dog has done his job well.

Andrea listened to him without thinking. She seemed to be nervous. Normal, tell me that I have to put such a monster cock in my ass and I’d be scared. Jaime’s cock looked shiny from the blowjob Maica had been giving him. So was Andrea’s ass, thanks to me. It was also quite open, I had never seen it like that. It looked hard but maybe she could take Jaime’s cock. He pointed to her ass and started to force. Andrea’s face changed from worried to relaxed, even pleased. She was enjoying facing that cock, which had never been defeated by any ass. Jaime made more force and it seemed that the ass gave in.

  • Well in the end it looks like it wasn’t that bad. – Andrea said.
  • Honey, he only got half of his cock in you. – Maica answered.
  • Oh, the way it is now is what I feel when my boyfriend puts it all the way in. God, I don’t think I’m going to like it next.

Jaime continued pushing until he put in a little more than half of his cock, about 14 centimeters I think. Although the most important thing was not that, but its incredible thickness and hardness.

  • Aaaaaaaaaaaaaah, it fucking hurts. Go slow, please. – Andrea begged.

Jaime told Maica to lick what was left of his cock out of her ass, and spit right between Andrea’s anus and his cock. She needed it to be well lubricated. He pushed again, and the asshole gave way more. The cock was almost all the way in. I as an asshole was even proud of Andrea.

  • Diooooooos, fuck, it’s huge. I feel like I’m being stuffed. It feels like it’s going to burst my asshole. Take a picture of me, I want to have a memory of this. – Andrea said turning to me.
  • I’m going to put a little more in. I feel like I’ve got it super pressed up your little ass. It’s making me so horny to pop you. – Jaime told her in a sick voice.
  • Okay, but slowly, please. I’ve got you deep inside me right now. I can feel the veins of your cock sliding into my anus.

The huge cock tunnelled a few millimeters again.

  • I can’t take it anymore, take it out, please, it’s blowing my asshole.
  • You weren’t being cocky, you could take my whole cock, now you can hold it in. – Jaime challenged her while he made tiny movements from front to back with his cock.

That order, being totally subjected to whatever Jaime did with her, made Andrea horny as she had never been before. She began to touch her pussy. Jaime took advantage of this to increase the rhythm of the penetration. I thought he was going to tear her apart. Instead, Andrea was getting hornier and hornier. At one point Andrea’s eyes almost rolled back in her head, she could only say a few words:

  • Aaaaah, diosss, jodeeer aahhh mmm, mmm, it’s huge ahhh.

She started rubbing her pussy even harder as Jaime fucked her. It seemed unbelievable that she was enjoying so much, Jaime barely moved. Just having that huge cock inside her was enough to make her go crazy. The screams of pain/joy increased until a last scream with which Andrea lost all her strength. Jaime saw that his job was done and took out his monster aiming at my poor friend Maica, who had enjoyed the show and had been preparing herself. Andrea lay on her side with her legs trembling, a huge hole between her buttocks and a face of indescribable pleasure. At that moment I thought it was impossible for her anus to recover its original shape.

  • Honey, let me open your ass, I want to cum. – Jaime said to Maica.

Maica poured more lube on her ass and put herself in the same position as Andrea did a while ago. When she felt the foreskin in her anus, she started to touch her pussy. She knew from experience, that the pain she was about to be subjected to, was best carried with pleasure. Jaime went back to work, he began to spread Maica’s huge buttocks apart little by little, opening himself up as he passed by with his huge cock. It seemed incredible to think that a few hours ago I would have killed to see Maica in a thong, her tits or to see her touching herself. And now I had her in front of me with her huge, perfect ass, being threatened by a meaty rod that was going to stuff her. Her ass held firm, she knew what was coming, but it would hold. Jaime spanked her, her buttock quivered. He gave her another spank, Maica cried out in pleasure. He began to grope her ass as he inserted his cock little by little. He put his fingers between her anus and his cock, and spread Maica’s buttocks apart as he applied more force. Maica already had half of her boyfriend’s cock inside her, about 12 centimeters. On the other hand, it didn’t seem to hurt, on the contrary, she had a face of pleasure that I had never seen in my life. At best it was close to the faces Andrea had made a while ago.

  • Keep going honey, mmmm, I love the way your cock goes in my ass. I love you opening it for me, it was so tight. I love to feel you inside me. God what a dick you have, aaaah. I love you my life, I love that my boyfriend is a real man. – Jaime thrust hard, three quarters of his cock was inside. – Aaaaah fuck Jaime, how rich, aaay godss, don’t put it deeper, just fuck me hard.

Jaime listened to her and started pumping with his cock. He kept spanking her and groping her ass. I would have done the same if I was worthy of such a female.

  • Aaaaahh my love, fuck me faster, goddamn. – She was rubbing her pussy hard.

Jaime was increasing the speed. That was really fucking, he was fucking her hard. He didn’t have his cock as deep as he did with Andrea, because that would have destroyed her. But he was fucking her with more rhythm. It was a spectacle to watch them fuck, better than a porn movie. Seeing how Maica’s buttocks were shaking, and how Jaime was punishing her with his cock.

  • I love your cock!!! Give me harder, aaaaahhh. Fuckeeer I’m cumming, aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah.

All the features on Maica’s face relaxed, and she smiled. She had had one of the best orgasms of her life. She didn’t know how she could have cut it with that stallion, even if it had only been a few days. When Jaime saw that Maica had cum, he pulled out his cock, and started jerking off on her ass. Maica’s asshole was spread wide open, just the way he liked it, and it was great to see Maica’s asshole like that! It was super open, although not as wide as Andrea’s, and it was perfectly round. Andrea, when she saw that Jaime was about to cum, went over to Maica’s ass for her prize. It didn’t take long for Jaime to cum. He was a god. He would cum whenever he wanted to. He spurted a huge amount of cum all over Maica’s ass. I don’t think I had ever seen a cumshot as big as the one that stallion had just had. Maica wasn’t surprised, it seemed to be the norm for Jaime. He also splashed Andrea in the face. My girlfriend was no longer holding back in front of me.

  • Can I clean up this mess? – Andrea asked smiling with her mouth watering at Jaime. He nodded.

Andrea started licking every millimeter of Jaime’s cock. She wanted to make it shiny. She did it conscientiously. She went over every vein of his cock with her tongue and squeezed out the last few drops of cum that remained. When he finished, he turned to Maica, who was still on all fours. Jaime, seeing her intention, went for the cell phone and started recording them. It took Andrea quite a while to collect all the cum from Maica’s ass, as it was so big and Jaime had cum everywhere. Once she finished cleaning up, she showed her mouth full of cum to Jaime’s cell phone. That was starting to embarrass me. Anyone could see that video and confirm what a slut my girlfriend was. Andrea, instead of feeling humiliated, was proud to have that guy’s cum in her mouth. She was licking her lips.

  • Tia, don’t be a bitch, I want some. – Maica told him as she got down on her knees next to him. Jaime couldn’t believe it. I couldn’t believe it.

When Andrea went to pass him half of the semen, he didn’t aim well and fell to the floor. Andrea licked her lips well and collected what was dripping. The rest of the cum she did pass it to Maica in a second attempt, who after tasting it well swallowed it.

  • Mmmm how tasty honey, have you been eating well lately or has today tasted especially good to me? Too bad you didn’t swallow anything Andrea, but at least you tasted it. I’m going to get the mop to clean up what fell out. – And as she said it, Andrea bent down, put her ass up high and scooped up all the cum on the floor with her lingerie.
  • Yes, it’s really good, I wish I had this every morning in my cereal. – Andrea said smiling after swallowing the cum of my best friend’s boyfriend.

Publius Cuckold Scipio.

I hope you liked the story. There are fictional parts and real parts. I leave it to the reader’s imagination and taste to guess which fact corresponds to which dimension. If you want more stories of my authorship I expect a lot of feedback from you, since the realization of them involves a lot of work, and that would give me strength to carry them out.