My precocious neighbor.

Hi, I’m Carlos from Mexico. I’m going to tell you about my experience with my neighbor who I’ve known since she was a little girl and it never crossed my mind to end up like this.

her name is briss and she is 14 years old, she is short, I am 1.80 m tall and she reaches my chest, she is slim with small breasts but her buttocks are well formed for her age, very pretty light brown hair straight to her waist, I met her when she was 2 years old and I saw her grow, I have my business next to her house, everything changed when her father died, she was 10 years old.

She started to become rebellious and her mother worked and left her with her older brother and I would hear them fighting and I would run to my workshop and her brother would scold her and there she would stay with me until her mother arrived.

She did her homework at the desk in the workshop office where she kept the tools and I helped her from time to time and everything was fine until one day when I was sitting at my desk and her brother came running after her, I stood up and put myself in the middle of the two of them and she hugged me from behind and her brother yelled at me to let him hit her and I told him about me every time. he kept looking at me ugly and left.

little briss was shaking and hugging me crying, I picked her up in my arms and went to my desk and sat her on my lap, she hugged my neck crying and sighing and said you are my hero and I laughed and said you are crazy.

I asked her why I wanted to hit her and her brother blushed and hugged me and said he felt sorry for her.

Trust me I told him and in a low voice in his ear I told him I am not going to tell anyone, not even your mother.

He hugged me and whispered in my ear… his breathing was agitated my brother wants to fuck me…

I exclaimed thinking that I heard wrong… if he wants to fuck me when he comes home from school he grabs my breasts he squeezes them and wants to suck them… when I heard his words in my ear… I don’t know but he made my dick wake up and holding my erection I kept asking him what else he was doing to him…

He stuck his mouth in my ear again and told me in a low voice when I take a bath he spies on me holding his penis and masturbates and at night he goes into my room when mom is sleeping and he gropes me…. mmmm and me with my dick standing up when I heard her I asked her how she does it… she pulled me towards her and told me she grabs my froggy and my tail and I feel ticklish and I feel like peeing… and I already had my dick standing up just listening to her…. she hugged me and with her eyes full of tears she kissed me on my cheeks and I couldn’t resist and I also kissed her very tenderly on her cheeks and with my lips I wiped her tears and I couldn’t resist kissing her little mouth she hugged me and as I had her on my legs I pressed her to me and her pretty ass felt my cock… mmm she only sighed and we continued kissing each other hotter and hotter… I put my hand between her legs and put her on the desk and started rubbing her wet and hot pussy while I raped her with my tongue inside her mouth and with my hand I caressed her breasts and gave her a few bites over her blouse…. with my finger I masturbated her without inserting my finger I only looked for her g-spot and made her come and with my mouth I drowned her moans and my hard cock wanting to release my sperm… but I didn’t want to fuck her she looked so beautiful moaning enjoying her orgasms… at that moment I heard her mom screaming and she ran downstairs fixing her shorts and panties she gave me a kiss and went out to see her mom. I took a flannel to cover my erection and went out to greet her at the gate…that was the beginning of our forbidden love because I am 52 years old and she is 14…later I will tell you how I deflowered her from her little tail mmmm
I read from beginning to end and I couldn’t find the lesbian part of this story.

I’d love to be your friend.
where is the lesbian part.
I would like to be your friend.