My sister-in-law Lola and her vices

My sister-in-law Lola is a 44 year old lady, very uptight, she has always looked down on me as if I were a child, I am 27 years old.

This year we both went to the villa they have on the beach and a few days after being there, a work call forced our husbands to return.the next morning today the door closed at 6 am and looking out the window I saw that Lola was leaving for the beach,I thought it would be a good idea to accompany her and went after her,I did not find her on the beach where we usually go because of the proximity,so I lay down on the shore enjoying that moment. It didn’t take long to hear some voices and laughter coming from an area that was difficult to access and where you had to go through some reeds, I didn’t give it any importance and soon I saw two guys coming out of there, a fat belly and a younger one but also about 45 years old.

They came laughing and passed behind me looking at me shamelessly, I got into the water and soon I saw another guy and my sister-in-law behind him, there was no doubt what that bitch had been doing, she soon realized my presence on that lonely beach and waited for me on the towel while the guy left, I do not know the excuse she had prepared but I attacked her – did you fuck all three of them?

No Mari, it’s not what you think, she said and left crying without me doing anything to stop her.

When I returned she was very embarrassed and asked me not to say anything, that she was just showing off and they were masturbating looking at her, I began to feel sorry for that splendid woman who was crying on my shoulder and I gave her a kiss on the forehead, to my surprise she responded by kissing my neck, little kisses that began to make me hotter than I was, when I wanted to realize I had her tongue inside my mouth and her hands on my thighs, I felt like he was giving me up and my feet opened by themselves to let two of his fingers in, he stopped kissing me to look me in the eyes and see how I was reacting to his double penetration, he was driving me crazy, in a few seconds we were both naked rubbing our pussies against our thighs and biting our nipples until we hurt each other, my fingers entered easily into that pussy and played with her anus that I could tell had been opened more than once. When she lowered her mouth to my pussy I was already about to cum but she prolonged it with kisses and bites, when she pressed her tongue against my anus I exploded in a shocking orgasm that left me defeated, I licked all the juices and returned to put on me, I dropped into my mouth a stream of saliva that I tasted while squeezing her clitoris, She was ready and I had not had a chance to taste that first pussy of my life, so I asked her to get on all fours and I plunged my nose between her buttocks, I got excited that taste and I put my tongue as much as I could making her scream with pleasure and then I applied myself to eat her anus while I introduced three of my fingers in her pussy.

She screamed in a wild orgasm that made her legs tremble and she fell on her face. We were on top of each other for a long time, until I decided to go to the shower, she soon appeared and got in with me – I’m pissing myself – I said when her hand returned to caress my vagina, and she smiled, “It’s okay,” she said and got on her knees looking at me while my pee came out against her face, when I finished she stood up and kissed me, I did it without scruples and with an unimaginable excitement, at that moment I felt that she also began to urinate against my thighs, I got extremeci of pleasure.