My sister-in-law’s hidden skills

My name is José (Pepe for those who know me), what I want to tell you happened a few years ago with my wife’s sister, Roxana (Ro). I am from Argentina and I live in the capital city.

I’m not going to describe myself because I think you won’t be interested, I’m just a normal guy in his 40’s (when this happened I was around 35). Instead I am going to describe Ro, she is a petite woman, 1.6 meters tall, skinny, body worked and toned in the gym, brunette, dark eyes, a small but fleshy mouth, long black hair, quite wavy.

Since I met my wife and we were dating I have always had an excellent relationship with my sister-in-law, especially her intelligence always caught my attention, in addition to her physical virtues. I also always felt a special attraction towards Ro since she is really sexy and very reserved, I would even say mysterious.

Ro never introduced us to her partners, she always tries to keep everything in absolute reserve, I came to think that maybe she was gay and that’s why she was so reserved, but nothing is what it seems.

One day she sent me a message by whatsapp and that’s how this story I’m going to tell you began:

Ro: Hi Pepe, how are you? You know I need your help.

Me: Tell me Ro, you know there is nothing I can deny my favorite sister-in-law!

Ro: There are things that you would deny me but it’s not the case…, I’m bothering you because I have problems with my internet connection and nobody better than you to solve it, when can you come? This damn router doesn’t want to work.

Me: give me a few hours and I’ll come by, just in case I bring another router.

Ro lives close to home, about 10 blocks away and at that time she had recently moved and was having problems with her router that was not letting her connect correctly…

At about 6pm, having finished my work stuff (I’m an app developer), I stopped by a store that sold routers and bought one that I thought was one of the best. I paid and went straight to Ro’s house.

When I got there Ro was upset with the whole moving mess and she had not been able to work because she had no internet connection on her PC, she works remotely for some clients of her accounting firm.

I told her that the router she had was usually giving problems and that I had taken advantage of the situation and bought her a new one so that she would not have any more problems. Ro told me to do whatever was necessary but to please solve the problem.

Ro: with this one I am going to owe you a big one… think about what you are going to ask me in return.

I started to install the new router and she brought me something to drink, it was really hot in her apartment since the A/C had not been installed yet. I sweat a lot so I asked her permission to take off my shirt and she agreed.

Ro: I’m sorry it’s so hot, if you don’t mind I’m going to get more comfortable too, I’ll be right back….

Ro went to change in her room while I tried to get the damn router to work.

When I came back, I looked at her out of the corner of my eye and I had a wave of sensations, she had made herself very comfortable to tell the truth, she was wearing a pair of short sporty tights that showed her beautiful legs and a sporty top that barely covered her breasts (she had small breasts but they were very firm).

Me: Are you going to the gym in this heat?

Ro: no Pepe, I’m sorry I’m dressed like this but I can’t stand the heat.

Me: don’t worry, I wish I had a pair of tights or shorts to be comfortable like you.

Ro: if you want, take off your pants, I don’t mind if you stay in your underwear.

Me: are you sure, I don’t want to bother you.

Ro: I’m sure, take that off, I’m going to prepare something cooler to drink.

But I ended up taking off my shoes and pants and I was left with just a pair of cotton boxer shorts.

The work I was doing was almost finished, I was making the last settings when Ro came back with a pitcher of margarita (it was her specialty), she offered me a glass and she took another one.

Me: you know that with these margaritas you make I go crazy, you are the best at making this elixir!

Ro: yes, I know, just be careful because I think I put more alcohol in them than normal.

And they were really strong… Being a sweet drink you don’t notice it, but when I tried to stand up I felt a slight dizziness, I squeezed what was left of the glass and asked for another one, she also poured the second one.

Me: well, the router is ready but I have to reconnect your devices, which one do you want me to start with?

Ro: you can start in my room, there is my notebook and also the smart TV, if you have any problem let me know, by the way, those boxer shorts you are wearing look great…

Me: ok Ro, but don’t talk rubbish, you make me laugh….

I went to her room and first set up the TV, to test it I entered the browser that comes integrated and clicked on the first link I saw, it was something she had in her favorites… And great surprise to see that it was a porn site of sado… to my innermost I thought: this one really has a good time alone watching porn and what a pleasure she has…

Then I continued with her laptop, I didn’t know the password so I asked her for it.

Ro: the password is efe, e, eme, de, o, eme all in lower case.

After watching the porn on her TV the first thing I did when I logged in was to go to her favorites, again…. This girl only watched porn… who would have guessed. At that moment Ro entered the room.

Ro: I see that you found my favorites and I also see that I already have internet, I don’t know how I can repay you for the favor you have done me.

Me: Ro, sorry for snooping around…. I was just curious

Ro: don’t make trouble, I just hope you keep my secret.

Me: sure, if you saw the porn I see…. Maybe you wouldn’t be so surprised now that I think about it…. Haha

She brought in her hand another batch of margaritas.

Ro hurried her drink and gave me mine, then jumped on the bed and turned the TV back on, put on a movie and waved me over to sit next to her.

I gulped my drink and stretched out next to her.

Me: I’m thinking of a way to pay you back….

Ro: let’s see, tell me…

Me: Can I give you a kiss?

Ro: Pepe…

Her silence was followed by a super passionate kiss, at that moment my penis took the initiative and came out of its lethargy, I felt it was about to explode… I was about to eat my sister-in-law…

Ro: what a nice kiss, but now it’s my turn, I just want to return the favor and it’s like doing it better than anyone else.

Ro took a blindfold from her nightstand and blindfolded me, I just let her do it, then I felt her tie my hands to the back of the bed. Suddenly I felt her go off to get something…. She came back in a minute and what she did filled me with pleasure, Ro had taken a big chunk of ice from the refrigerator and was rubbing it all over my body, the sensation was so good… then she took off my boxers and I was totally naked…. The ice went to my pelvis, then to the shaft of my penis and finally on my balls, I had the area frozen.

And then I felt his lips on my glans, he was giving me the best oral sex I have ever had in my life, I felt I could not last long like this…. I told him: look I’m about to come….

And then I felt his lips on my glans, he was giving me the best oral sex I’ve ever had in my life, I felt I couldn’t hold on for long like that… I told him: look I’m about to cum….

At this moment Ro stopped sucking me and put an elastic band around my balls and my penis and said in my ear

Ro: don’t think you’re going to finish so fast, it’s still a long way off…

Ro gave me a kiss and bit my lower lip producing a very rich pain that I had never felt before, I think maybe I drew a few drops of blood (I would check later).

Ro: now I am going to take off the bandage because I will need you to be able to see what’s next….

I took off the blindfold and what I saw was tremendous, Ro was completely naked except for a harness that was attached to her waist with thin leather bands, I checked what I always thought, what a great body this woman had!

Ro opened a dresser drawer and took out a small bag, like a vanity case where they keep their make-up, but there was nothing in there…

Ro: I always thought you would like to try my arts, my sister is a boring busty babe, it’s time for you to taste the good things of the family…

It was the pure truth, with her sister we had excellent sex, but always within the standard… If you know what I’m talking about, missionary, some blowjob, a lot of kissing and that’s as far as it goes…

I see that she starts to take things out of her little bag, a dildo of about 18 cm (a little bigger than my penis because I am not a stud), I take out some balls that are joined together, some oil or intimate cream, my face must have been surprised because she said to me

Ro: relax, you’re going to enjoy much more…

She hooked the dildo into the harness and boy was that an image to remember, it was taking on an unexpected tinge but I was anxious for what was to follow.

She stood in front of me and asked me to suck her “cock”, I looked at her as if asking for explanations….

Ro: come on you bastard, open your mouth and suck it and she slapped me in the face.

I opened my mouth and she introduced her “cock” inside my mouth and started to do the typical back and forth movements… She grabbed me by the back of my neck and with a slight pressure she made almost all of it go in, I was a little nauseous and the saliva started to come out of the corner of my lips because I couldn’t swallow with all that in my throat, she was like that for a few minutes and finally she took it out…

Ro: You really know how to suck it, brother-in-law….

He said laughing… I couldn’t get any more excited even though I didn’t think about finishing, even so I felt my dick jumping and I felt it throbbing because of the pressure of the blood and the elastic band doing its job, this also produced a pleasant pain in me.

Ro got in 4 position and asked me to stay still…. She took the balls, rubbed them with the oil and inserted them one by one into her ass. I don’t have a lot of experience but I would say that her little ass was more than used to all that hard work since the balls were disappearing in her body as if nothing…

Ro: now grab the string and start to pull them out little by little, don’t hurry, do it slowly…

I started to pull the string that joined the balls and I saw how her asshole was opening little by little as they came out, when I finished she asked me to introduce them again, also slowly, which I did without any hesitation, and again to pull out… I couldn’t wait to put my dick in there… But for that I was missing…

Ro turned around, put oil in his hand and turned me over, now I was the one in 4… he took my penis and started massaging it with the oil, then my sore balls, and finally he started kissing my anus, what a pleasure… I couldn’t take it anymore… But I couldn’t finish either…

First he introduced a finger in my anus, it was the first time someone did that… And it wasn’t bad at all… She began to give me a very pleasurable prostate massage, after a few minutes I began to notice that my little hole no longer offered resistance… She noticed it too

Ro: now I’m going to fuck you like no one else ever did… (She let out a naughty giggle) Anal.

She put her dildo at the entrance of my asshole and with a little pressure she started to put it in, again, I felt a pain and pleasure that I never thought I could feel… After a few minutes he had it in a little more than halfway and began a rhythmic thrusting in and out… we were both sweaty, oiled up, and we melted into a frenzy of lust… He turned me over and began to fuck me from the front, with my legs over his shoulders. As he grabbed my penis and slowly jerked me off. I still couldn’t come.

We were like that for about 15 minutes, I no longer felt so much pain, only pleasure remained. I was getting fucked by my sister-in-law. She still had 4 or 5 little balls in her ass.

Me: please, I need to fuck you and finish or my balls will explode.

Ro: you’re right, now it’s your turn… but you’ll have to try to make her experience some pain. You’ve seen how pleasurable it is.

I grabbed her by the waist and spun her around, now she was under me, I inserted my penis into her mouth as deep as I could, only my balls were left out. And she began to choke, her saliva was starting to drip from the corner of her lips, now it was my turn. I turned around and without taking the penis out of her mouth I started to jerk her off with my fingers, 2 inside her vagina and one attending her clitoris, it was emanating fluids that dripped down her little ass.

I took the penis out of her mouth and she took a big breath of air. She was agitated.

I stood over her and began to penetrate her vagina. She was tight. But she wanted to feel some pain so I took her dildo and inserted it into her vagina too, I had my cock, the dildo and in her little ass the little balls. She started moaning and grabbing my hips to make me do it harder.

I took the string from the balls and pulled them out with one pull… she screamed and then moaned… that was what she needed.

I turned her around and now she was in 4, I inserted the dildo in her vagina and put my penis in her anus, and I started to penetrate her, her anus was much less tight than her vagina. That began to please her, with my hand I put the dildo in and out of her wet pussy and while I put my penis in and out of her ass, from time to time I took my penis out completely and her asshole took a few seconds to close. What I had seen in so many porn movies. Now it was my own movie.

Ro: make me come you son of a bitch! I can’t take it anymore!

I took the elastic band off my penis and inserted it into her pussy, where the dildo was still, she had little room, it was really tight, but she liked it a lot, and I started pumping with all my strength, I felt her vagina swelling. She began to rub her clitoris. And… by god… this woman was squirtin’ exquisite… I couldn’t take it anymore. And I exploded inside her too….

Our bodies were a mixture of perspiration, oils, semen, saliva, and all her fluids with which I had literally bathed myself in.

We melted in a long and passionate kiss… and we started laughing like crazy.

Ro: I must put less alcohol in the margaritas…

Me: I must visit you more often.

Ro: you won’t tell anyone my secrets.

Me: neither will you. You busted my ass and I enjoyed it.

Ro: get ready. I’ve got some very hot friends who would love to meet you….