My story (role reversal)

I was 20 years old, I had been dating Carla for more than a year, who after so many ups and downs is still my girlfriend today.

We had good sex and a lot of it. I used to put it in front and behind, so I used to buy extra lubricated condoms, those that come with extra lubricating gel sachet to make the tail.

One afternoon like any other we were listening to music while smoking and we started kissing, groping, hand in hand, hand in hand.

I got up to close the curtains and turn off the light, to get down to business.

We were naked on the bed, me already very aroused wanting to fuck her and she was turning me around.

She began to run her hand down my back caressing me, while with the other she held my cock.

Her hand reached my ass, I kept kissing and caressing it all over.

Slowly she moved her fingers to my virgin hole and began to caress it. I was surprised I let her do it, if I had fucked her in the ass so many times I had to at least let her see how far she wanted to go. Besides, I was liking it.

After stroking me a little she started to put pressure on me, wanting to put a finger in me.

It wouldn’t go in, but I was curious to continue.

-If we use the lubricating gels? – I asked.

-Come on, bring them,” she answered with her beautiful smile.

She put lubricant on her fingers and I put it at the entrance of her ass.

-Do it slowly,” I asked.

Lying on the bed on my side facing each other I lifted my leg exposing my virgin hole and he gently stuck a finger in me, opening not only my ass but also my head to a new world.

He played with a finger in my ass for a while and I was flying with pleasure.

-Do you like it?” he asked me.

-I love it, go on, give me one more,” I answered.

She put a second finger in and I couldn’t help moaning as she did so many times with me.

She put her fingers in me for a long time making me delirious with pleasure until she asked me to fuck her. In less than a few seconds, I had her on all fours and was thrusting hard, a couple of thrusts and I was done.

-I’m sorry I finished so fast,” I told her, “I really liked what you did to me and I couldn’t hold it in.

-No problem, we’ll have more later. I’m glad you liked it,” he said laughing.

We continued listening to music, fooling around and we fucked again. This time I only fucked her, but inside I wanted her to play with my tail again.

During the following days we repeated the sequence, first, she would finger me a little and then I would fuck her, we would have sex twice or three times a day. In my mind, I was only thinking about her penetrating me.

One night we were watching a comedy movie in which they make a porn strip, in one scene a woman was fucking a man with a harness and a dildo.

-I want you to do that to me,” I asked her.

-Well, buy it,” he answered.

And we continued watching the movie in silence. After the movie, he fingered me again and I insisted on the harness. After playing with my ass for a while I fucked her while I imagined myself on all fours and her behind me busting my ass.

Days went by and I looked on the internet for a sex shop with home delivery, I was dying of embarrassment to go and buy it.

It arrived and I was alone. I could not avoid the temptation and I put it in for a while. At first it made me uncomfortable, it was quite big. I played with it for a while and ended up jerking off with the dildo in.

That same night things were different, after fingering me for a while to prepare my ass, she put me on all fours, knelt down behind me and placed the head of the dildo at the entrance of my ass. She gently pushed in, totally invading my insides, officially taking my anal virginity until she was all the way in and stopped.

-It hurts,” he asked me.

-No, it’s a little uncomfortable, but stay still so I can get used to it,” I told her.

After several seconds I began to pull my ass and my body back, so she began to move and literally fuck me. At that moment I was passive, I was the female in bed, she was fucking me as I had fucked her so many times.

She fucked me for a long time while I moaned like a whore, but I couldn’t help it, the moans came out by themselves.

-Now you fuck me,” she said.

-Come on, but I can leave it in me,” I answered.

-Yes, come on. Put it in,” he said as he took it out and gave it to me.

I put the dildo in my ass and lay on my back. She climbed on top of me taking my dick and started to ride me. I felt the dildo thrust into me as she went up and down.

It took me a short time to finish and I finished so much hahaha.

That was how my mind opened up sexually.

Since that day I have had a fantasy of having a threesome and getting fucked while I fuck her. I confessed it to Carla, but she wants nothing to do with a threesome.

Less so with a trans, since I don’t like men, I’m not sexually attracted to them, but if I love getting fucked, maybe someday we’ll do it with a man, you never know.

I also started wearing her thongs, she gave me some as gifts. Feeling the thong tucked in my tail is something that drives me crazy.

When I’m alone sometimes I wear some of her clothes, she knows but she doesn’t like me doing it when we are together. She says she’s not attracted to me that way, but if it makes me happy to do it.

This weekend I was alone, Carla traveled. So here I am, sitting at the pc dressed in a lycra thong, a pair of tights and a t-shirt of hers, smoking and writing, totally aroused.

I can’t wait for her to come back and give me the tail I like so much.

If you are interested in what I did over the weekend, I’ll tell you about it another day.