A very young Vampiress lives a hot night of lesbian sex with her friends…
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Nikki Hunt was tired of waiting for Laura to reply to her message. she had written to her friend with the intention of going out for the evening to have fun, two hours ago, but she hadn’t given any sign of life so far.

She lay back on the pillow, and thought about how much she liked her new friend, while distracted by her thoughts, she tangled her index finger playing with her pink-tinted locks. A sound alerted her to a new notification on her cell phone,it was from Bite,an equivalent to our Whatsapp and Facebook,used by vampires.Bite means bite in English,and no human being knows of the existence of these applications,because they are heavily encrypted by vampire computer scientists.You could say that these applications are part of an intranet.

Nikki smiled, showing her delicate little fangs, when she saw that it was Laura who had answered her message. She felt an electric current run through her body, from her head to her crotch, she flexed her little pale toes, neatly painted black, and writhed erotically on her pink and black sheets, like almost everything else in her room.

She was in pink pajamas that matched her animal print mask, she brought three fingers of her right hand to her vagina to rub herself, imagining Laura’s lips and her friend’s alluring scent, she was so turned on, because she knew Laura felt the same way about her, and she couldn’t wait to mark each other’s fangs as they made love.

That night the two met on the terrace of their big old mansion,located in the woods outside of Arlington.Nikki’s parents would sleep for at least another hour.They had adopted her when she was 5 years old and now at 18,she was the oldest of 3 other sisters in the house.

The two melted into a passionate kiss, excited and eager to escape to the city, despite their parents’ warnings about the dangers of getting close to humans.Although the vampires looked exactly like them, the humans, and could blend in to go unnoticed as well, they ran the risk of exposing their world to them and being hunted or killed.Who knows…human evil knows no bounds and the vampires knew that all too well.

Together they flew together in their bat form, the form vampires take when they fly.they flew through the forest in the dense darkness above the trees, which moved in the cool breeze of that summer night.until they came to look at the city streets, the lights and the night life of the city, they were too excited and couldn’t wait to get drunk and do crazy things until dawn.
And that’s exactly what they did, they bought a few drinks in a small and quiet bar, and then went out to walk around the city, and with the alcohol taking effect on them, they walked awkwardly on the sidewalk. At one point in the night, Nikki’s friend called her to meet her at her house, and they ended their night there, drinking more alcohol and watching zombie movies, something they used to do quite often because it amused them how humans represent the stereotype of vampires in movies and series, even though it wasn’t that far from reality.

After that night Nikki woke up with a terrible headache from the couch, she was totally naked and her crotch was still wet, her memory began to piece together the hot puzzle of the night before.

Images of Laura licking her neck and biting her until she drank from a small trickle of gushing blood came to her mind.Nikki felt an erotic tingle throughout her body,then she remembered her friend,licking her anus and playing with tongue,as she lay on all fours on the couch enjoying how the beautiful Laura played with her ass hole desperately.

Her friends masturbated watching the scene. Her wet vagina spit two streams of hot viscous liquid over Laura’s mouth and part of her face,who was between Nikki’s legs,Lau laughed and licked her tongue as she savored the taste of that flow,a mixture of salty and bitter taste very strong but morbidly pleasant….