Open field

I used to accompany her to complete a project in a rural area near the city. On one of those tours, we ended up quite far from civilization and therefore, temptation manifested itself. We started kissing softly, we were unloading the suitcases, we increased the frequency and intensity of our kisses to what we began to touch each other, our hands went through our clothes, I held her abdomen, caressed her back, her abdomen, I began to touch her big round breasts, she also touched my back, she also touched my back, she grabbed me tightly and caressed my abdomen, she kept groping to lower her hand more. To which I responded by grabbing her breasts firmly and began to caress her nipples which were already very firm and sensitive, her breathing became deeper as I touched them.

She did not lag behind, she started to lower her hand, unbuttoned my pants allowing her hand to go down between my boxers to grab my penis that she wanted so much. Meanwhile, my other hand went down her back, until it reached her buttocks which I grabbed firmly, I decided to unbutton her pants to make my way between her buttocks and caress the entrance to her vagina, which was very wet… I wanted to caress more. So I decided to move my hand to the front and start rubbing her clitoris.

She starts to pause her kisses to sigh deeply while touching my penis with more intensity, after a moment, she decides to pull down my pants and boxers to start giving me a very intense oral.

I did it very, I did not use to do it deep, although that tongue and lips were phenomenal, and the desire was already very intense so I put her back to me, lowering her pants and underwear, just to see her buttocks and that by separating them I could see her anus and vagina.

Taking advantage of my penis wet from her saliva, I decided to insert it slowly and completely into her vagina. I continued to penetrate over and over again, increasing the rhythm at times while caressing her breasts and nipples or inserting my fingers into her mouth to moisten them and rub her clitoris.

Her vagina was getting wetter, with that I could increase the depth and move my penis more intensely inside her.

We continued like this until she had her first orgasm, her legs were trembling and she decided to get on all fours so I continued to penetrate her vagina slowly while I caressed her back, grabbed her buttocks, touched her breasts and moistened my fingers in her mouth. I brought one of my fingers to her anus and started rubbing it, moistened it again and introduced it slowly, while I continued to penetrate her vagina. I managed to insert my finger completely and we realized that she needed to clean up inside first, so I looked in the suitcase for the thermos with water while she kept showing me her genitals bent over.

I moistened her anus with the fluids from her vagina and brought the mouth of the thermos there (one of those sporty squeeze ones), she had no idea what I was doing behind her back, I didn’t let her know how I was “preparing” that situation, until I pressed that bottle and a stream of water came in through her hole. I withdrew it and she positioned herself in a squatting position. While she waited to evacuate everything, she was giving me oral and rubbing her excited clit.

We repeated the process, she cleaned herself well, kissed me and we returned with the caresses, and the penetration to her vagina, only this time I was lying down and she was on top showing me her almost naked body.

I was close to finishing so I put her back on all fours, I immediately took the lube out of my suitcase (I always carry it, she wouldn’t let me do anything if I didn’t have it), to apply some at the entrance of her anus, I started rubbing it with one of my fingers in circles as it was being introduced, while my penis kept going in and out of her vagina slowly, she was touching her breasts and her clitoris constantly. Little by little I was dilating her anus since two fingers were already inside, with a little more lubricant I separated them a little to dilate more and more that pink, lubricated and hot orifice. Then I managed to insert three fingers, so I took my penis out of her vagina, applied more lubricant at the entrance of her anus and began to introduce it slowly. Anal.

This work lasted a very short time and it became a constant movement although not accelerated, I continued this way again and again, my hands touched her breasts and her clitoris, I stayed there rubbing it to make her feel excited, the fluids of her vagina went down to my fingers, so I continued rubbing more fluidly, to which her moans and sighs were becoming more intense.

She was starting to contract her body, to which her anus also felt tighter, so it was time to start ejaculating inside, she was telling me not to stop, so I continued with the steady rhythm, kissing her back, touching her clitoris, touching her nipples and penetrating her anus, it wasn’t long before she had a new orgasm, her body was trembling, her anus was contracting and her vagina was well wet, I kept going a little more and started to ejaculate inside her, inside her anus, she lifted up a little and kissed me grabbing me by the hair, keeping my penis inside, while I kept pumping her with cum and my penis was throbbing inside her.

We sighed, kissed, caressed each other, feeling her skin and her wet private parts, she told me that she could take my penis out, to which I asked her to leave it there for a while, she settled down and accepted….

A short moment passed and I whispered in her ear that I had a surprise for her, without having any suspicion, although with that naughty curiosity, I would wait to see what happened, immediately after, I relaxed a little and started to urinate inside her, yes, inside her anus, I grabbed her hips, although she was not going to put up any resistance, She rather let out a sigh, while I unloaded everything inside, she asked me to take it out carefully, since she had her pants to the knee, so I was careful and I did it slowly while she was squeezing her anus to not let anything out, my penis was very sensitive so I was very excited to feel that.

Finally my penis came out and she again gets into a squatting position, I got curious and told her I wanted to see, I watched as that golden liquid came out of her anus along with the semen I had left there too.

We cleaned up, got dressed, kissed each other intensely and, holding hands, continued our journey.