Pattaya, holidays with lady boy

Here is deserved vacation I received for three years. And during this time I have saved up money for a good vacation. Boldly flew to Taiwan. It’s been a long time since I wanted to go there and have a fun break from all this and try their flavor, Lady boy. Here arriving there, they put me in a regular hotel, economy class. like the seat on the plane. Waiting for the evening I went hunting, first of all rushed to the nearest bar and there drank to be sure a couple of bottles of beer. But as it was sour and I continued the evening walk.

Walking down the street I drank beer and smoked my favorite Russian cigarettes. Walking along the evening city, or rather the street. Looked at the beautiful girls who stand in front of the institution dancing call to go for a glass of good drink. Or the girls themselves approached and offered their services, but I had a goal and I did not want an ordinary Thai girl and the same or the same converted guy into a lady boy girl.

After a while and drank 5 bottles of beer, I decided to go to the last bar with thoughts that today I was unlucky. I go to the bar, I look and there are girls in underwear dancing, even in panties and panties through something bulges. Honestly? I was very pleased and revived. I immediately ordered a whiskey and sat down near the girls who danced on a table in shorts. My gaze did not leave her body, I looked at these proportions, beautiful Breasts, not a gram of fat and ass already lick. And panties well sticks out her dignity.

I sipped my whiskey and stared at her with insolent eyes. After a time, probably not long, she noticed me and bent down to kiss me on the lips. I was in shock and sat as if not restless to a chair. I realized that from this in my pants a little member stood up and a little bit it confused me.

It’s been half an hour since entering this beautiful institution. She finished dancing, probably went to her room, but never mind. It is important that after 10 minutes came to me and sat down. I immediately gave her a cocktail. We spoke some English. And like I seemed a great guy and she gladly agreed to spend leave time in my room. Fortunately I lived there myself and we rushed to me, while on the road still drank a couple of bottles of beer.

Opening the door to her room she pounced on me like a year, not since I fucked. I just barely closed the door and she was already on her knees and deftly took off my panties and already standing member took in his mouth. And began eagerly and completely to swallow and suck. I just leaned against the wall and got high from her mouth. But decided to interrupt the Blowjob and picked it up from his knees, we began to kiss passionately and at the same time stripped each other.

Rushed to the shower, there continued to caress their bodies. Turning her back to me, I started nadrachivat her cock and she rested against the wall. My lips walked on her neck and his hands skillfully massaged cock. yeah, I did not think that she would have such a huge and beautiful cock. Turning to him I squatted down and took in his mouth and also so eagerly began to suck. and my hands were on her ass. Less than half a year as the first sperm rushed into my mouth, mmmm… so much and so nice to taste it, already swallowed it.

After that, we moved into the bedroom and there I put her cancer, saliva smeared anus and went into her juicy hole and began to fuck so that the baby gasped and groaned. ) Her cock dangled between my legs and walked the full length in her holes. I was so nice and warm there that I quickly came.

We fell asleep together and cuddling and in the morning she again made me the first Blowjob I came in her mouth and again went to sleep. But when I finally woke up, took a shower well there did all their business. he wanted to go out for another evening walk. But decided to test how many I have remained and jumped in front of seek on pockets their money. One little thing found in his jacket but the green paper where it disappeared…

I rested with a trance who robbed me of $ 500. And I had 5 days of boring rest and did not find it in the bar.