Sex in the car

Sex in the car is a great way to diversify your personal life. Moreover, this kind of intimacy can fill your evening with a considerable amount of pleasure and extreme sports. In parallel with this, you can try new poses, and your every “trip” will take place in a new place, which also excites.

How to have sex in the car

Before we proceed directly to the discussion of sex itself in the car, you must first determine the main advantages and disadvantages of such enjoyment.

Sex in the car
Sex in the car

Sex in the car pros:

  • As we have already said at the very beginning, sex in the car is a good solution if you need to dilute your routine in bed. In addition to fresh breath, such diversity can “infect” a person with adrenaline and thrills. Here the main thing that needs to be taken into account is the confidence and agreement of both partners in such an innovation, thus, for the first time not to get spontaneous, but mutual;
  • Such intimate activities can always take place in new and unusual places, anything will do: forest, field, park and much more. In this case, the pair will always have a secure roof over their head, and hidden from prying eyes. In the car, you can feel yourself young and incendiary, but make sure that your physical training will deign to it;
  • In the car, your sex can be beautiful and romantic. But this should take care a little earlier, for example, turn on your favorite music or fill with a pleasant aroma. In any case, best of all, if you get rid of all the excess in the cabin, especially if it can spoil all the romance. To make the girl more relaxed, you need to close the doors or hang the windows (especially if they are not toned);
  • Sex in the car is filled with thrills, which is transmitted to both partners. In the first times, the pair will reach orgasm especially quickly, and more often than not, it is several times stronger;
  • In the absence of personal housing – the car is a real salvation. Regardless of the weather and time of year, the car always provide you with a convenient and comfortable place. Without a doubt, sex in the car can give unforgettable memories that will warm the soul even in extreme old age.

Sex in the car cons:

  • The main disadvantage of sex in a car is the lack of any hygiene. There is no possibility of applying clean linen, to go to the shower or even just wash your hands. For some, these factors may be decisive articles, which is why they permanently postpone this kind of diversity. To additional minus can be attributed and unpleasant odors in the cabin: exhaust, gas, gasoline and the like;
  • The size of the car is still not equal to the place in the bedroom, which requires good flexibility and physical abilities. Without proper physical training, you can get several dangerous injuries and injuries. In addition, in parallel with all the inconveniences, the couple must also somehow achieve pleasure. The obstacle will be the absence of the possibility of folding seats or high growth partner;
  • In a small and compact typewriter it will be difficult to get rid of excess clothing, this applies to the winter period, when there are a lot of warm clothes on the body;
  • The inability to relax can be caused by the fear of peeping. Girls are especially afraid that someone might be tapping them, especially if the car is not tinted. But some – on the contrary, experience a stronger excitement from the fact that someone can see them, which is why a similar minus can turn with a solid plus.

Based on all the above, everyone will be able to decide for himself whether sex in the car is convenient or not.

Sex in the car
Sex in the car

Having Sex in the car

Many people may agree to such a step, but then they face a problem, because they do not know how to have sex in the car. For a start, it’s still worth deciding on the place, spontaneity is certainly wonderful and give special emotions, but you don’t want to be in a mess when your buttocks become the property of some local newspaper.

Do not forget to take useful things with you. In general, if you decide to have sex in the car, then consider these points:

  1. Before doing sex in the car, be sure to vacuum the interior of the car. Be sure to throw away dirty rags and bags (or move them to the trunk). Seats should also be wiped or covered with a rug, because a woman can carry various fungal infections.
  2. Plaid and pillows on the seat not only serve as hygiene, but also increase the comfort of your sex. Nothing will rest against the back and neck, which can kill the whole mood. After completion of the blanket can wrap up.
  3. Be sure to take more condoms. Not always a pharmacy or a store will be next to you, but for the sake of one passionate evening, you do not want to tempt fate in vain. Rubber protection is better placed in the glove compartment or bag, so as not to spend too much time searching.
  4. Ensure security. Ask your partner to be convinced of the reliability of the parking brake, so that at the most inopportune moment your car rolls. Also, be sure to lock yourself from the inside, at night unwanted faces can roam in parks and forests. It remains to be seen how such a meeting can end.
  5. Take care of a snack. This is not an “iron” rule, but will be very useful. Sex in a car requires the consumption of a large amount of energy, which can be filled with pleasure with tasty sandwiches or fruits. After a short snack you can go to the second round.
  6. Hygienic little things. Disposable diapers in the pharmacy can replace the bed, but wet wipes to some extent act as a “soul”. They can clean the intimate areas before and after intima. The main thing to take a big pack, so that was enough for many times.
  7. If you have specific plans for the evening, then in the daytime you can go to this area to study. Take care of a small parking lot or a safe place, make sure that there is no dangerous breakdown or zone nearby. And on arrival – go around so that there are no extra cars around.
  8. A girl should take care of suitable clothes. A skirt or a dress will do; there is not much space in the cabin to go for the removal of tight jeans or a thick jacket. Well, of course, you can get injured when careless movement.

Sex in the car
Sex in the car

Sex in the car poses

Partners will have to use all their imagination and ingenuity to get pleasure. We picked up the most comfortable postures for sex in the car.

  1. Woman On Top. The most popular position for sex in the car. To use it, the man is placed in the front or in the back seat, the woman sits directly on him. Moreover, she can sit down with his face or with her back. If you do it in the driver’s seat, it is necessary to move the steering wheel away. Movement as a whole should not have a strong amplitude, otherwise the girl risks hitting her head.
  2. Missionary position. In everyday life, this position is considered the classic and easiest, but in the car it is very difficult to apply. Here you can also do it in the front and rear seats. A man should sit on his knees, so as not to beat his head against the roof. For greater convenience, the woman is advised to throw his legs on his shoulders. True, not all cars are suitable for this, which will require a try.
  3. Doggystyle. After lowering the seat, the woman kneels, hands clasps the back of the chair. The man also kneels and enters the woman’s vagina. However, all the comfort of the position will depend only on how comfortable the chair itself is. It is desirable that the glass was toned, otherwise passers-by may be observed male buttocks.
  4. Blowjob. You can not call it a pose, but one of the ways to achieve pleasure. The machine – the perfect place for oral sex. Just do not make the man happy with a blowjob while he drives the car. Excited drivers scattered and dispersed. They follow the road badly and often get into accidents.
  5. The Pretzel Dip. In this position for sex in the car, the girl will have to show all her flexibility. To do this, she leans on the back seat back so that she can fully stretch her legs and spread them to the side. A man, with his pants and pants already lowered in advance, sits down on his knees and enters her. After this, sexual intercourse can begin, but again you need to be careful not to harm your partner.
  6. There are many more comfortable positions for sex in the car, as we have already noted, here everything depends on the imagination and ingenuity of both partners. And another major factor is the size of the car’s cabin, if there is room for extreme poses, then feel free to dare!

Sex in the car conclusion

Sex in the car is recommended for all couples who have this transport. He gives a lot of new sensations, which is especially useful for long-term relationships. The main thing is to be ready for it, both physically and morally. Be sure to take care not to get a lot of injuries and keep it clean, otherwise you will have to visit the gynecologist’s office. And of course – completely relax, because without proper emancipation you will not get any pleasure. If you find it difficult, then completely hang the windows with a cloth, lock the doors and do it in a quiet place. Then you will remember this evening forever.