Sex on the beach

Two weeks ago we went out to a ranch on the beach with two of my husband’s friends and their respective wives and it was a lot of fun they sipped drinks watched soccer games we cooked we took bikini pictures and so that weekend since we arrived at the ranch we drank we started talking very erotic things Fabiana and her husband went to bed very early my husband and paty’s husband stayed up drinking and playing pool I was already very horny and besides that I had a couple of drinks in me (if you can say couple) I was wearing a long white dress and my bikini underneath paty was wearing a very small skirt with her bikini underneath.

I had a couple of drinks in me (if you can say a couple) I was wearing a long white dress and my bikini underneath, paty was wearing a very small skirt with her bikini underneath, of course I started to see her with other eyes, eyes of passion, eyes of morbidness, I noticed for the first time that she has very small breasts and her nipples are very big, she was the one who brought up the fantasy conversation and I started to think that it was a good fantasy to make love with another woman.

I asked her to go for a walk to the seashore (I had to get her away from there) she agreed quickly as if she knew of my plans.

It was night time and we started walking each one with a beer in our hands after walking a long way I told her to sit on the sand for a while and she quickly agreed.

-It’s hot, isn’t it? Or is it the beer? haha, she said while she took off her blouse she was wearing.

-I said to her, “Ugh, it really is,” I answered, taking off my dress.
We talked a little bit when I kissed her without further ado and without letting go she climbed on my legs and continued kissing me, I only moved away to take a boob out of her bathing suit and massage it, she laughed and laughed and we kissed touching our tits until we fell on the sand without fear of getting dirty, she went down until she was mouth against my vagina, she only moved away from me to massage it.

She tried to take it all in and kissed it bit by bit until suddenly she focused only on my clit, she opened her hands to my lips and started to lick my nipple, she just said: “Scream mamy scream qita qita”:

-Cry mamy scream that here no one will hear you and so she sank her head between my legs and started sucking wooow that woman drove me crazy in minutes I had never been sucked like that I felt very easy that I got off something hot I started kicking and screaming but that woman would not let go rubbing my head more and sucking me harder we moaned and laughed -you like it bitch you are a bitch she screamed and licked.

-We are mamy we are bad and unfaithful little bitches but I like it.
I turned around to suck her pussy at first I felt disgusted but I quickly got used to the taste of her juices I wanted to suck her all over lick everything there I liked to suck her clit and bite her – so hard so hard she said between moans and groans and squirts started pouring out of that pink pussy I licked her anus I started to stick a finger in it she was writhing and screaming at me that she loved it we fell for a moment we both laughed like derogated from pure pleasure after a while we kissed and caressed each other like two teenagers We finished undressing and continued touching each other biting and sucking each other and soon we were vagina against vagina and even though it was my first scissoring I know there won’t be a better one our vaginas were wet our clits were super swollen and sensitive rubbing them gave us an incredible pleasure the more we rubbed each other the more we felt each other’s pussy and clit.

We were like that for a long time but I wanted to put something in me whatever we had near us and there was a bottle of corona beer that Pati was carrying and she put as much as she could in me it was exciting I was lying on the sand and paty was putting it in me while she was sucking my nugget until I came in her mouth.

I came in her mouth and she tried to suck me as much as possible then I put it in her and sucked her but it wasn’t enough she also asked me to put my finger back in her anus and there I was licking her nugget as hard as I could penetrating her vagina with a crown bottle and her anus with my finger…mmmm….yummy isn’t it?

Haha and that’s how she came we both hugged and kissed lying on the sand for a long time when we arrived at the ranch our husbands were still playing and drinking.

-where were you two ah said her husband we just laughed and sat down to watch the game.