Sex with a newly met colleague

We were working all day giving a lecture to a group of young people, it was a small town in the Amazon, hot and with high humidity in the atmosphere, which made the feeling always hot and sticky air on the skin, despite its proximity to the river.

In the evening we decided to go out for a drink and maybe dance, but the only open place in town was not playing such good music; still, we chatted and laughed.

There was someone especially interesting in the group, someone who caught my attention from the first moment, tall and silly looking, with a sense of humor very similar to mine, his double entendre made our colleagues blush on more than one occasion, but not me, who also enjoys planting double-edged ideas in the minds of others.

With him we bleated and laughed all night long, we made jokes and double entendre games that fell into the sexual, it was like a challenge for me not to be intimidated by this man.

On the way to the hotel where we were all staying, the jokes were getting louder and louder between the two of us as we walked behind everyone. He insinuated that I should stop by his room to continue chatting and maybe he would give me something more than a chat, to which I replied that if he dared to stop by mine so that he would know what a good chat is; so we continued laughing and tempting each other.

When we arrived at the hotel we said goodbye at the reception, he gave me a more than affectionate lascivious kiss, I felt the warmth of his lips very close to my mouth which left me a little excited.

I was lying in my room, thinking what would happen if I went to his room, I was caressing my breasts through the soft fabric of a very small pajama that allowed me to feel the hardness of my nipples. My hands flew just like my imagination and reached my crotch, it felt hot eager to be caressed, my mind imagined this colleague taking his time between my thighs, I slipped my hand under my panties and could feel how wet I was. This guy had me so horny. I was just caressing my throbbing clit when I heard the door open….

It was him, he was standing in front of me watching my hand caress my sex gently, he was there listening to me moaning quietly, watching me writhe with desire with my legs spread wide….

He approached me without saying anything, I without stopping touching myself looked into his eyes that were full of lust, he approached me and without a word he kissed me, it was a long and deep kiss, full of passion, I felt his tongue caress mine, his sweet lips greedily sucked mine and I surrendered to that kiss, to that man that awakened more moisture in my vagina that was still caressed by my hand.

He leaned on my bed without stopping kissing me, his lips descended down my neck and his hands lowered the straps of my pajamas, finally I felt his hands taking hold of my tits, he massaged them and squeezed them firmly but gently, I felt his fingers brush my hard and sensitive nipples, his mouth followed the path of my chest, he kissed and licked my breasts, his tongue drew arabesques around my aureoles, I felt his warm breath burn my nipples, I wanted more but my moans did not allow me to utter a word.

He continued with his kisses descending my abdomen at the same time that my only garment gave way to his kisses, he reached my navel that he licked and kissed to move then to my hips and thighs, each time he came closer to where my hand caressed, my pelvis, my mount of venus and finally with his hand he took the hand that stimulated my sex and kissed it, he licked my fingers and smiled looking me straight in the eyes…

Then he leaned comfortably on my groin and began to kiss slowly, slowly licked my lips that were very excited and ready for his caresses, opened with his tongue my lips in search of that little pleasure button, my clitoris that is very small was swollen, He put it between his lips and sucked it gently, he licked it for a long time, I felt his tongue penetrating my tight sex and sliding along my folds almost reaching my anus, I wanted more, I pressed his face against my throbbing vulva thus achieving that his tongue entered every corner of my soaked pussy and gave me more pleasure, I could no longer, a fire took over my sex and ran through my whole body, my abdomen my breasts, my nipples and exploded in my mouth as a moan, it was the most delicious orgasm I had ever felt, it lasted for a few seconds in which he was not separated from my grotto, releasing my juices as lost in the desert …

Now it is me who is standing in front of this man who just gave me the most delicious orgasm, he is sitting on the bed caressing me with his eyes, his eyes go from my eyes to my legs with emphasis on my tits and my sex, I just want to give him something back for the gift he has just given me… Anal.

I stand between his legs and with my eyes on his eyes I open his pants and I can finally see that beautiful penis, thick, long, furrowed with throbbing veins, with a glans that already asks to be kissed and I do not make him wait, I approach my lips to that huge phallus and caress it with the tip of my tongue, collecting the first drops of his pre-seminal fluid, I surround it with my lips while my hand moves up and down its entire length, I hear his choked moans and I see that he can’t take his eyes off me, so I give him a smile and once again I devour that delicious penis, so I spend a while but I already want to have it inside, I want that cock to fill my wet pussy, I want to have it all the way down…

I stood up and turning my back to him I approached him letting him kiss my hips and buttocks, while I took his member between my legs, I brought it close to my dripping sex and caressed with it my lips and my clitoris, then I let myself fall on it with a blow, I felt it enter me like a dagger of hot flesh, he took me by the hips with force to not let me move, I felt his glans beating on the walls of my vagina, I felt I could suck it and let him enjoy it for a moment, then I started to move slowly, letting his cock out almost completely and then slowly put it back in, his hands squeezed my breasts and pinched my nipples, they were as hard as I don’t remember ever having them, those hands traveled from my breasts to my clitoris, to my lips, to my back and buttocks and so several minutes went by, where only our moans and the wet cracking of my sex were the ambient music.

I was close to finish again, but I still wanted to feel the wild side of my colleague, I turned my face slightly and whispered “take me like a whore”….

He took me by the waist and glued his lips to my pussy soaked with our juices, he eagerly stuck his tongue in and ran through every fold of my vulva, then he dedicated a few seconds to my tight anus, the latter made me totally erect since I had never been touched in that way. He got behind me with his member like a spear and penetrated me in one stroke and continued in and out in a frantic rhythm, I was very hot and felt my fluids sliding down the inside of my trembling thighs, I clung to the sheet with hands and teeth while being punished by my lover ….

Then I found myself lying on my back with him pleasuring me standing between my legs, I felt each thrust shake my whole body, he kneaded my breasts and I accompanied him holding his hands, I was so excited that my moans were already screams of pleasure that I was sure the whole hotel would hear.

I don’t know how many times I had reached orgasm and if it was just one prolonged orgasm, but I was in the heaven of lust, wildly penetrated by an almost stranger of whom I only knew I wanted him to finish in me, I asked him to lie down to ride him like a wild horse, I climbed on top of him leaning on his chest and let his cock make its way inside me, which was not difficult at all since I was very wet and dilated, Once I had all his cock inside I leaned on him to kiss him tenderly while my hips danced a very slow and sensual rhythm, I increased the intensity of my kisses as my hips moved faster and faster, I felt his cock getting thicker and I knew that soon he would fill me with his ecstasy, but I wanted something more, this is a night that will never be repeated, I said to myself, so with my hand I took his cock and put it at the entrance of my tight but needy ass, I was pushing him gently and he as the gentleman he is, left all the control to me, millimeter by millimeter I felt how he entered me and every centimeter killed me with pain, but the pain was little compared to the pleasure I was getting from feeling myself submitted by him, so I did not stop, I kept inserting his hard penis until I had it all inside, I felt like I was going to break inside, but I knew there was only one way to get him out of there, so my movements began to mark a more intense rhythm, I went in and out gently and the pain was disappearing to give way only to the most exquisite pleasure I’ve ever had, I was still shaking but this time sitting totally on that monster that was invading my insides, I felt how it was becoming bigger and bigger, thicker, I felt that head of his penis like a huge volcano that was inflamed and throbbing faster and faster about to erupt….

Finally, gripping my hips tightly he thrust one last thrust that lodged his member deep inside me and I felt his fiery lava flooding my body, it burns me, I feel myself melting inside with every pumping of semen, I feel that soon it will be over and I can only think of tale I wish for another encounter….

Silently as he came, he kissed me and left, only until the morning when we left for the airport we greeted each other as if nothing, but our gazes had changed, we couldn’t stop thinking about that night and when we would work together again.