She broke up with her boyfriend and I gave it to her from behind.

Estela, that little brunette who is my friend to this day, I’m going to tell you about the time I gave it to her, taking advantage of the fact that she was sensitive.

I already told you about the time I ate her in the bathroom of Ivette’s house at her boyfriend’s party, but this time it was different.

It had been about three weeks since then, she told me that she had a lot of problems with her boyfriend and that finally led her to break up with him at that moment.

And even though at the beginning she was being so cool with me because of what happened at Ivette’s boyfriend’s party, I saw her so bad that I invited her to go out on the weekend to distract her a little from the bad moment she was going through.

We went out to eat, to the movies, to walk around the reform and finally to dinner, to go dancing and have a few drinks, everything was great, she laughed and seemed calmer, we danced and drank, the night was very good.
As time went by she loosened up more, we danced close, I caressed her legs, she sat on mine, we kissed, until I proposed to leave.

Even though she was hurt she didn’t get off easy and even though I appreciated her too much I wasn’t going to waste the opportunity.

T: Hey, we should go somewhere else, shouldn’t we?

E: Like this? and where are you going to take me!

T: Haha, to relax for a while.

E: Sounds interesting, let’s go then!

T: Ok baby whatever you say.

We left the bar and headed to the nearest hotel, in the room we were kissing passionately, we undressed each other and without wasting time we settled into a delicious 69.

I licked and stuck my tongue in her pussy and she started devouring my head and licking the shaft like a lollipop, I took my tongue to her anus and licked it while my fingers played with her clitoris.

She was taking my cock in and out of her mouth while her tits were caressing and masturbating all over my standing leg, the brunette was horny and the alcohol was my best ally to have her like this.

T: That’s great baby, uhm, don’t stop, uhm!

E: What a nice cock you have, I didn’t remember it was so big and thick!

T: Well it’s so big, just eat it up, uhm!

E: Yes, I’ll eat it all up!

I loved her slutty way of swearing and swallowing my cock like a good swallower.
We were sucking for a while longer until we were totally soaked with saliva, I settled her on the bed and lifted her legs, I started to penetrate her slowly while kissing her calves and feet.

I love that pose and I always fuck like that, I pushed myself in kissing her and biting her tits and her dark tasty nipple.

She moved her body a little which generated more pleasure in both of us, my movements increased and I accommodated her on her shoulder legs, I loved and excited a lot having her in that pose, my hard cock went in and out hard and then soft, she kissed and caressed my back, she squeezed my cock very well, she moved her waist to give me pleasure!

E: Ah, Tyson, that’s so good, uhm!

T: Uhm! How you squeeze, uhm, you feel me, uhm!!!!

E: Yes! How hard, uhm, more, keep going, don’t stop!!!

T: Take my cock, uhm!

I lay down and I put her to ride me, she moved her body very well, I caressed her legs and buttocks, she moved fast, she was beating deliciously my cock with her vagina, she also let herself fall in a sitting position which generated that my cock entered almost completely, she was biting her lips and I played with her vagina with my fingers to give her more pleasure.

E: Ah!!! Tyson, uhm, ah!!!!

T: Estela!!! Mmm, move over baby, uhm!

She settled on all fours, I grabbed her hips and started to slowly thrust into her, while my hands caressed her legs until I reached her neck, I increased the intensity of my penetrations.

She was leaning a little which made her squeeze harder, I squeezed her buttocks and to make it harder I leaned on her shoulder with one hand and with the other I bent her arm.

Although she always said she didn’t like it, this time she was very excited, she screamed and moved her whole body, I was excited to see how she asked for my cock and how she turned to see me with her look of pleasure‚Ķ

E: Fuck me, like this, give it all to me, uhm!!!!!

T: Take my cock baby, uhm!!!!

E: Like this daddy, uhm, how nice, agh!!!!

T: Yeah, enjoy it, take it baby, uhm!!!!

This was getting richer and richer, I sat down on the bed and she turned her back to me and let herself fall down in rich squats, I grabbed her waist to accelerate the speed, my cock was already scraping all over her insides.

E: Uhm, do you like it my love?

T: Very much, keep going baby!

She screamed I pulled her hair violently to let her fall richer on my cock, which was getting harder according to her movements, suddenly her screams flooded the room and I felt her wetting all my cock, she was convulsing with pleasure and felt her vagina throbbing!

E: I’m coming, my darling, I’m coming!

T: Yes, move, Estela, move more!

E: Ah, Tyson!

She finished cumming and having her rich orgasm, suddenly she threw herself on my cock and started sucking it again.

E: Stick it in me baby make me yours over there!

T: Sure baby now enjoy my cock!

E: Put it in me slowly, please!

T: There you go my love!

E: Agh! Slowly, it hurts, auch!!!

T: Uhm, take it, agh!

E: Ugh! it hurts, it hurts, ah!!!

T: What a nice ass you have!

E: Ah, I’m going to puke, uhm!

I started to put it in and out fast, leaning on her buttocks which I hit while she screamed when she felt me in her ass, she moved her hips a little which generated more pleasure, her scream and faces that made me very excited and generated that I rammed her harder and harder.

The force of my penetrations made her scream, I scratched her back and pulled her hair while she leaned a little and squeezed my cock more, suddenly I could not take it anymore and I came inside her, inside her rich ass!

T: Agh! Estelita, uhm!!!

E: How nice, uhm, how nice is your milk!

T: Take my milk, it’s yours!!!!

E: Tyson!!!! Uhm, that’s so good!

I filled her asshole with my cum, I took pictures of how I had left her all open and smelling of my cock, we rested for a while, we ordered some drinks and continued fucking, the next day she thanked me for the good time she had and we agreed to do anal sex again.